Theme: 56. Danger Ahead
Pairing: ZekuShion (ZexionxXion)
Summary: "You should be more careful. What would happen if you were to vanish?"
Rating: K
Timeline: 358/2 Days (before the C.O team gets killed)

AN: I'm sorry, but I can't do this anymore. I haven't played anything of the Kingdom Hearts series in six months or more and I'm losing my drive to keep this up. This is the last theme I can do. Thanks to everyone who reviewed and stuck with me for these themes. Good luck with all your stories and hopefully you'll see me writing for Kingdom Hearts again someday.

Wonderland was certainly the strangest world Xion had ever experienced. Her mission today involved teaming up with Zexion to take down an Emerald Serenade that had been sighted recently. If she could deliver the final blow, it would add another heart for Kingdom Hearts to grow. And the Organization would be closer to achieving their goal of getting their hearts back.

She wasn't nervous about this mission. But the fact that the Emerald Serenade was going nuts in the Heart Queen's maze garden was a little unnerving. Xion had seen just how mad the fat lady was and she personally hoped she'd never have to come face to face with that woman again.

With her keyblade in hand and her mentor by her side, Xion rushed into the hedge maze gardens with enough adrenaline to swipe away any heartless with one shot.

"Hold, Xion."

Xion paused as a sharp page from Zexion's lexicon flew by just inches from her face. A cry from a Sapphire Elegy arose and Xion realized how close it was to her. She hadn't been paying attention and if Zexion hadn't attacked the Emblem Heartless, she would have suffered a bad wound.

"You should be more careful. What would happen if you were to vanish?" Zexion said, coming up beside Xion and frowning.

"I'm sorry..." Xion whispered.

"Pay more attention. There is much danger ahead, Xion. I can't protect you all the time. Now let's hurry and track down this Emerald Serenade," Zexion said flatly. Xion nodded in response and they moved into the hedge maze.

It didn't take very long to find the large Emblem Heartless. Xion noted that there were no guards around, which meant she and Zexion could slay it without fear of being thrown out. Zexion's magic helped to slow down the large heartless and Xion put everything she had into attacking it. It seemed to be weak but it only moved faster and both Nobodies had a hard time keeping up.

"It moves in a pattern," Zexion explained. "It will only go around in circles. We can wait around a corner and ambush it when it appears and that should finish-"

"Watch out!" Before Zexion could finish his sentence, Xion lept over behind him and struck the Emerald Serenade. A bunch of Sapphire Elegies also appeared and Zexion didn't think twice. He unleashed a Thundaga spell and sent the Elegies packing, but the Serenade was still moving. Xion ran after it and a red heart appeared a few seconds later, signaling she had destroyed it.

"Well done," Zexion said when Xion met up with him again. The girl smiled coyly at Zexion, making him raise an eyebrow.

"Danger ahead, right? Seems that danger is everywhere, Zexion."

For once, Zexion didn't have anything to say.

I picked Wonderland because I recently saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and OMFG it was awesome. I want the DVD. DX

Again, a big thank you to everyone who reviewed. I'm really pleased to see this finally end. Now I can focus on the last themes on Fire Emblem and Super Smash Bros. As I type this, this is only the sixty first theme out of one hundred. So you see, there's still so much to do! Once Fire Emblem and SSB are finished, the rest of the themes are all Pokemon (one of two fandoms I really enjoy writing for nowadays).



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