Bellas point of view

"Isabella I told you if you wanted to continue cheerleading then you have to get perfect grades." My father said sternly tsking at the B in math on my latest report card. I had straight A's other wise.

"Im sorry, and its not cheerleading its dancing."

"With pompoms?" My mom giggled from the couch.

"Yes!" I defended.

"Dad, im sorry." I said sincerely. I didnt really care about cheerleading, but my two best friends were there with me and we had fun.

"Daddy." I said in a tiny voice puppy dog pouting.

He groaned and rolled his eyes.

"Look, your getting a tutor. Then if this doesnt clear up then your out of dancing/cheerleading, whatever the hell it is." He said and waved my report card in front of me. He slammed it down and went into his office.

"I have to get a tutor for a damn B?" I whispered to myself incredously.

"Bella dont swear!" My mom chasled.

"Sorry." I murmured and went up to my room for bed.


Edwards point of view

I gathered my stuff together and headed for the door of the classroom as the bell rang.

"Mr. Cullen wait!" The teacher said. I turned around not interested and annoyed.

"Yes?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"I was wondering if you would be able to do a tutoring job for this math class?" I stared at him like he was stupid.

"Um, I dont know." I said. I wanted to be polite. Damn why did my mother teach me manners?

"Edward this will look good on your college applications." He said smiling. I hate teachers.


"Extra credit." He sang.

"Fine." I growled. I gritted my teeth as he told me what to do.

"The student will meet both of us here after school." He said. I nodded and walked out of the classroom to my locker.

Bellas point of view

I walked to classroom 310 and checked my watch for the time. 3:24. Crap, I was late.

I sped up and accidently bumped into someone, knocking both of our books to the hard tile floors.

"Oh! I am so sorry!" I appologized. I bent down to pick up my books and he did the same.

When I straightned back up I realized I ran into Edward Cullen. He is very handsome with his wild bronze hair.

Nobody talks to him, he's known as the schools emo kid and hates everything. I think theres another side to him though...

"Im sorry." I appologized again. He nodded and hid his eyes behind the black sunglasses he had on.

I looked to my side and realized we were in front of room 310. As I reached for the doorknob another hand beat me to it.

"Are you going in here?" I asked. He nodded.

"Crap, your my tutor!" I sighed.

"Thanks." He said sarcastically.

"No! Not like that! I meant I was hoping for someone I knew, so I could annoy the hell out of them!" I defended trying to make him laugh. He just held the door open and motioned for me to go in.

"Thank you." I muttered and walked in.

"Your late." Mr. Pullano said and tsked us.

"Sorry, I ran into him in the hallways. It's my fault." I said taking the blame.

"Alright, your tutoring sessions will last a month." He started. I gaped at him.

"A month?!" Edward and I said at the same time.

"Yes, that is what your father said." He shrugged. Edward slammed his books down on a desk and sat down. I just stood there, nervous.

"So, for the next two weeks you will have the sessions here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. An hour each, then the last two weeks you will have them wherever you both are comfortable with." He left the room without another word. I slowly turned around and saw that Edward had a pissed frown on his face.

"Look im sorry you have to do this." I appologized he looked at me and nodded mutely. I sat in the desk in front of him and turned around to look at him.

"I thought you had perfect grades." He spat.

"I got a B. So my dad is being an..." I sighed and didn't finish my sentence.

"Wow, I didn't plan on tutoring a cheerleader." He addimited coldly and took off his glasses looking away.

I took one glance in his eyes and got stunned by the emerald green swirling around in them. He looked back at me expecting a reply.

"Hey! Its dance! Not cheerleading!" I defended. He snorted without humor.

"With pompoms?"

"Those are only for practice."

"You cheer at the sidelines of football games."

"I dont."

"What do you mean?"

"I dont, me and my friends dont do that crap. We do it for the dance. Not for the attention, and the shaking asses by the football players." I said coldly.

"Lets just get started." I sighed and opened my math book. He followed my lead.

Today we got down to the basics. He learned what I needed help with, and how he could help me.

When he was talking to me things changed. It sounded like he had on a charade when he was talking earlier, now he, I dont know, opened up?

"I'll see you tomorrow." I said as he opened the door for me as we left. He nodded mutely. I turned around and got scared the shit out of by a pixie.

"Ah!" I screamed and almost fell backwards but strong arms steadied me by my shoulders.

I blushed looking down after embarrasing myself in front of Edward.

"Thanks." I murmured. He nodded and went out into the parking lot.

"Bella, Bella, Bella." Alice tsked at my balance.

"I hate you." I said.

"Haha!" She laughed and linked her arms through mine, skipping out to the parking lot, pulling me along her side.

Edward was out there in his car and I smiled slightly. What is with me?

"Edward Cullen is your tutor?" Alice giggled.

"Yeah." I sighed. Happily?

"He seems nice, even though his rep says other wise." She noted. I leaned against my car and smiled a little more. He has been into two fights since i've been here, but, i've been here for two years. That didnt mean anything, people just need to leave him the hell alone I guess.

"He is. When we talked during the tutoring thing he didnt act like I suspected him to. He was a real gentleman." I sighed and got into my car driving home.

When I got home my dad opened the question box.

"How was tutoring?"


"Who is it?"

"Edward Cullen."

"Good kid. Strange, but a good kid none the less." He nodded and went back into his office to work. He worked at the local hospital in Forks.

I went upstairs and collasped on my bed. Edward Cullen. What a mystery he is.

A mystery I want to figure out. Really bad.

Once again I repeat.

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