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Part 2/2


Ducky shrugged on his jacket, saying his goodbyes. "Good game, my Dear. I do believe I'll be prepared better next time," he said, placing a kiss on Jenny's cheek. "Gentlemen," he gave a nod to Franks and Gibbs before making his exit.

The bar was windling down some and the lights were dimmer, the neon blue seeming to be the only source of substancial light in the place.

Jenny leaned against the pool table, her eyes squinted from all the alcohol she'd been consuming. Gibbs had already been past his limit also, but he knew he could hold his liquor better than Jenny ever could.

She reached out for him, yanking on his shirt lapels to pull his face down to hers, kissing him hungrily. He moaned into her mouth and pressed himself more firmly against her.

"Can't ya'll get a room or somethin'. Or at least wait til I walk 'way," Franks slurred as he pushed himself up from his bar stool.

Jenny pulled back with a smile, running her fingers through the hair on the back of his neck. Gibbs looked over at him and smiled sheepishly, having forgotten he was still standing there.

"Don't 'pologize and stop lookin at me like that, Probie. I'll catch ya'll later. Got a woman to woo and a fresh bottle- a tequila waitin'," Franks smirked and slapped Gibbs on his back before stumbling over to the bar.

Gibbs shook his head, amused at the older man.

A seudctive smile came over her lips as she pushed away from him and started to head to the bar.

"Where do you think you're going?," Gibbs began to follow her.

She held up her hand and motioned for him to wait there.

When she returned she was holding a bottle of tequila, two shooters, some salt and a tray full of sliced limes.

"So much for staying sober for that press conference tomorrow," he commented.

Jenny chose to ignore him as she kept her eyes trained on him. She flicked her tongue along her finger then dipped it lightly in salt. Bringing her finger back to her mouth, she bit her lip, watching his face as she stuck her finger in her mouth, pulling it out slowly. She took the shot and grabbed a lime.

His eyes followed her every move, watching as she teased him with her tongue against her finger. He half-snapped out of it when he realized she was speaking to him.

"Hmm, what?"

"Come here, Jethro," she purred, eyeing him.

As he made his way to her, she sat up on the edge of the pool table, coaxing him towards her. She flipped her head to the side slightly to move the hair from her face, exposing her neck. He stood in front of her now, his eyes glazing over.

Without hesitation, he leaned down and ran his tongue along the spot on her neck that made her weak in the knees. He placed a little salt on the spot, then slowly removed it with his tongue, nipping slightly before he pulled away. She gasped as the cool air hit the spot on her neck.

She grabbed a lime slice as he reached for his own shot, placing it in between her teeth. He used his mouth to take in the lime, biting it to get the juices, removing it from her mouth when he was finished. She laughed when he spit it out off to the side and licked the corner of her mouth to remove the juice that he'd cause to drizzle down her face.

She turned her head to the side and captured his lips with her own. She prodded his mouth with her tongue and let it slip inside when he parted them. Their lips crashed together hungrily, their tongues dueling each other.

His hands ran up her thighs, bunching her skirt as they went along. Her legs parted and he moved in between them.

Suddenly she remembered where they were and though the bar had only a few patrons left in it, there were still people around.

She felt herself being pushed back onto the pool table when she had to stop him before she also was beyond the point of no return.

"Jethro," she broke the kiss, placing her hands on his chest to stop any further advancement.

"What?," he breathed, the tone of his voice sending shivers up her spine.

She pushed him away from her fully and jumped off the pool table, slightly glancing around to see if anyone had noticed the heated session going on in the back of the bar. If anyone had noticed, they were all too drunk to care for no one was looking their way at all. She stopped for a moment and contemplated continuing what they'd started, then shoved the thought from her mind.

Smiling, she grabbed the limes and the salt shaker and headed toward the door.

"Hey, where are you going?," she heard him run up behind her.

"Don't forget the tequila," she tossed over her shoulder, making her way outside, stiffling a laugh as he turned and ran back into the bar.

She shuddered as the droplets of water began to hit her, watching the sky light up. A loud crack of thunder followed causing her to step back under the auning close to the bar's entrance. It was extremely loud and she was surprised she hadn't heard it inside.

"Got any plans for that?," a voice came from the left of her.

She turned her head and only saw a shadow standing there, leaning up against the brick wall. The figure nodded to her and she looked down at her hands and could only imagine what she looked like standing there with only limes and salt.

Suddenly she felt two strong arms wrap around her from behind. She jumped slightly, when she realized it was only Gibbs. He looked at her, surprised. Surely she wasn't that drunk that she'd forgot he went back inside for the tequila.

Gibbs followed her gaze and he spotted the man in the shadows leaning against the building. He stood up straighter, the downpour sobering him up a little and wrapped his arm around Jenny's shoulder, turning her down the street the other way. She leaned her head against him, relishing in his warmth and the safety he provided.

"Come on," Jenny smiled up at him and pulled away. She grabbed his hand and started to run, spotting her driver waiting on the next block. The rain was drenching them both and they slowed upon reaching the vehicle.

Jenny threw herself back against the black SUV, pulling Gibbs with her. She attacked his lips, wrapping one of her legs around his waist as they kissed in the rain, groping one another. Reaching behind her, she fumbled with the handle of the door and grabbed the bottle from Gibbs, tossing their items into the car.

She crawled into the SUV backwards, gripping a fistfull of his shirt in her hands, she pulled him in right behind her. The divider was already shut. She made a mental note to give Stan a raise as he already expected the need for it to be up.

Placing her hands on Gibbs' shoulders, she pushed him back against the seat, climbing onto his lap. His hands went to her hips and he pulled her against him, grinding his hips into her. She moaned and fumbled around behind her for the bottle.

Gripping the bottle, she brought it to her lips, tilting it to take a gulp, grimacing at the burning sensation, then handed it to him. He took a swig then dropped the bottle back onto the floor, burrying his face in between her breasts as she arched her hips against him.

His hands were all over her body, running up the back of her shirt, grabbing at her ass, pulling her against him. He tangled one of them in her hair, pulling her head back slightly for better access to her neck. She threw her head back, her hands tearing at his shirt.

"Oh God, Jethro," she moaned. She felt her skirt being pushed up around her waist roughly, then felt him pause. Without looking at him a grin formed on her lips.

He had seen.

She had went to the bar. Commando.

The smile fell from her lips and she felt her eyes rolling into the back of her head as his hand lightly grazed the inside of her thigh, slowly making its journey up her leg.

She drew in a sharp breath when she felt his cool fingertips touch her warm center, caressing her. His calloused hands teased and taunted her as she arched into his hand. She gasped and tossed her head back so roughly that she felt his other hand come up behind her quickly, bracing the back of her head to ensure she didn't hit it on anything.

Not missing a beat, he slipped two fingers inside her, using his thumb to enhance the sensation. She began to moan louder, ripping his shirt open, sending buttons flying all over the vehicle. She ran her hands up his chest, scratching slightly with her fingernails, then lead them down to the seam of his pants where her fingers fumbled with his zipper.

The car came to a halt and he held her there, his pace quickening as she propped herself up a little better on her knees.

"Oh don't stop, don't stopppp...," she trailed off, on the bridge of her climax. She ground her hips into his hand one last time before falling against him, resting her forehead on his shoulder.

Recovering, she lifted her head and met her green, lust-filled eyes with his.

"Get inside. Now." Without waiting for him to respond, she pushed her skirt down and opened the car door, yanking him out roughly.

She fumbled for her keys as he pressed up against her, bracing his hands on either side of her shoulders against the door. "Hurry up," he groaned, his voice low in her ear.

"You're not helping," she mumbled, feeling how ready he was as he pressed up against her backside. Still she fumbled with the keys as he began to kiss her neck, moving her hair out of the way. Finally finding the right one, she opened the door, pulling him inside and slamming him against it.

Her hands roamed down his body, rubbing him through his pants. His head fell back against the door and her hands removed his half-ripped open shirt, throwing it to the ground.

She popped the button to his pants and grabbed the zipper, stopping only as his hand covered hers.

He looked down at her, then swooped low to kiss her. She hooked her fingers in his pants and led him to the stairs, walking up them backwards as he followed, their lips parting no more than an inch at a time.

They reached her bedroom, the door swinging wildly open as she finished tearing at his pants, pushing them to the floor. He lifted her before she could get a chance to get at his boxers, and walked with her to the bed, falling carelessly on it.

Slipping her hand inside his boxers, she stroked him, hearing his breathing getting heavier. He lifted her blouse over her head, then fumbled with the clasp of her bra. His lips nipped at her breasts as he flicked his tongue across her nipples causing them to harden under his touch.

"I want you. Now." She pushed his boxers down his legs as he worked at removing her skirt.

Bracing himself on his hands above her, he pushed into her, letting her adjust before he began to thrust into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her hips matching his rhythm perfectly. He leaned down to kiss her as she met him halfway, her nails scratching down his back.

She knocked his arms out, getting leverage to reverse the position as she flipped them over, straddling him. His fingertips pushed into her skin as he gripped her hips, grinding himself upwards into her as she placed her hands on his chest as she continued to lower herself onto him.

"Jen," he moaned, his breathing harsh and heavy now as he lifted her, slamming her back down onto him.

"Oh, oh.. ohhhhh," she gasped. He looked up at her, his eyes searching her own. She knew what he was searching for, she knew he could see it in her eyes when she was ready. Just as she knew when she looked into his.

Finding the answer he was looking for, he waited until he felt her body begin to quake before letting himself go, letting their climaxes merge together.

She fell against him, both pausing for a moment to let their breathing return to normal. He slipped out from under her only to pull her against his side as he wrapped her in his arms. With his feet he grabbed the blanket and pulled it up to where he could reach it, wrapping them both in it.

Gibbs smiled and placed a kiss behind her ear as she reached her hand around, pulling his face against her neck. He nuzzled her hair and mumbled, "I love you, Jen."

"I love you too, Jethro."

They laid there in silence, comforted in each others arms.

"I just want to know one thing."

"What's that?," Gibbs asked, feeling his eyes becoming heavy.

She turned slightly in his embrace and with a raised eyebrow she looked at him.

"How the hell did that waitress know your name?"