A/N: I was a little bored, and decided y'all could use a cute little sequel

I struggled not to fidget in front of the reporter. It was considered a sign of discomfort, and she would assume I was lying. She had already been in the Manor for ten minutes, agape at the sheer size of the rooms. Since moving in a month ago, my influence had changed the feeling in all of the rooms. They weren't cold anymore, and Draco was a little more comfortable in rooms beside his own. They were, however, still quite large. I sighed, waiting for the inevitable questions. They weren't too long in coming. "Miss Gwendolyn Hawkins, this is the Malfoy Manor."

I nodded. "Yes."

Sharp, impersonal eyes fixed their gaze upon me. "So you are in an intimate relationship with the young Mr. Malfoy?"

I snorted. "Everyone knows that, Miss Taylor. He made his intentions very clear before we even had our first date."

The reporter's lips twitched. "You mean the incident by the fountain. Well, you do realize that the Malfoys are some of the most notorious Muggle-phobes in Britain?"

I frowned. "Narcissa Malfoy died very soon after the Dark Lord's defeat, and should Lucius Malfoy ever escape from Azkaban and come here, he will find out exactly what it means to face the fury of a Healer. As you can tell, Draco is a little more open-minded than his parents."

Miss Taylor adjusted herself in her seat, attempting to conceal her shock at my passionate reply. "So, you have heard the rumors . . ."

I shook my head, aggravated. "I did not seduce Draco when he was vulnerable, slip him a love potion, or anything else of that sort. He had been out of St. Mungo's for a month and a half before he made any move to court me. All contact before that point was strictly professional, as all my colleagues would tell you. Unless you believe that Mungo's would discharge a patient lacking full mental capabilities?"

I smiled again as I heard the front door slam. I got the weekends off now, and it was Saturday morning. That would be Draco, arriving from the market. He walked into the formal reception room and kissed me on the forehead. "Another reporter, darling? You are far too generous." He set his gloves on the coffee table and sat down next to me. "Are you accusing Miss Hawkins of seducing me, Miss Taylor?" Miss Taylor gaped at Draco, unable to respond. "She didn't, Miss Taylor. Anyone who knows me would assure you that I'm the one who seduces girls, Miss Taylor, not the other way around." He leaned closer to my ear, and whispered in a voice that we both knew Miss Taylor would hear, "Would you please send the pesky reporter away. I bought you a little blue surprise while I was out."

I could not withhold a giggle. "Miss Taylor, I think you may want to leave. Draco has no regard for anyone's sensibilities. I'll see you to the door."

I had barely locked the front door when Draco pushed me against the wall, trailing kisses along my neck, talking between each. "That was ridiculous. You seduce me." He chuckled.

I slipped my hands under his jacket and pulled his hips closer to mine. "Draco, just give me the blueberries."

Smirking lips met my own. "That depends on how you intend pay for them."