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Hm. Yes, the note is at the top of the page, kind of strange? Ah well, I just wanted to get everything out of the way right now. Just so everyone is aware, the setting is sort of in the JTHM universe, sort of. It's in Japan though, just the main people in the world are 'stupid' or 'unobservant' just like in the JTHM universe for the sake of plot. So, please don't keep yelling at me saying how they should just go to the police or get forensics to catch Sasuke or whatever the hell. If you're familiar with the JTHM comics then you'll understand and get over it.

Don't beat me over the head with the obvious plot-hole, the point is Sasuke can't get caught and I'll try to carry my own plot through so it'll make sense. It's going to be a long, long road so just stick with me and hopefully you guys' like it. Some Naruto characters will pop up, but probably not many, more like faceless people Sasuke will kill, not many canon characters. Gaara might make an appearance. The only constant Naruto characters will be Sasuke, Itachi, Orochimaru, Naruto and Kyuubi. Also, this fiction won't be following JTHM – maybe in certain instances it'll seem parallel, but Sasuke isn't supposed to be 'Johnny' he's still Sasuke, just with insane tendencies in the world. If that makes sense? Sasuke is still going to be in character as I can make him given his situation. Of fuck, yes, I am still talking, I'm sure you'd like me to shut up now. Well, you can always skip this can't you? Anyway, the author's notes won't be this long for every chapter, thank god; I just wanted to get some things sorted before you went on your journey.

Yes, this chapter is super short. They're going to be long, I promise. This one is just sort of the teaser, to see if anyone will actually want to know what happens. Please leave a review!

Disclaimer: This fiction is inspired by Masashi Kishimoto's 'Naruto', Jhonen Vasquez's 'Johnny the Homicidal Maniac' and Zarla's 'Vargas' fan fiction – she is a god, read her work, I demand it! I make no monies off anything written on these pages so don't sue me.

Rated: M … Almost all chapters will contain Violence/Language/Mature themes. This rating will not change; it'll be constant in almost every chapter. Get over it, or don't read.

"Sasuke the Homicidal Maniac"

'Chapter One'

By: Emo Fox

No one gives much thought to how they're going to die or when. They might think about it, but it's always in the future or some other far-off place, never really the now. Well, unless you're suicidal but even then you might screw up and end up living anyway. Point was, Uzumaki Naruto didn't think walking down this street and this particular time of the night would be the last moment of his life. He didn't think this would have been the last time he inhaled fresh air in his lungs or looked up at the bright silver moon.


He had finished work, decided to take the long way home on the outskirts of town, thinking a nightly stroll would ease his nerves from another long day. Naruto really hated his job but it paid for the apartment in the city and his cheap ass car, which actually broke down the night before. Kind of funny, if he had asked for a ride home, or if his car wasn't broken, maybe he wouldn't have had to die that night, maybe he would have side-stepped fate.

Naruto didn't know why he took extra notice of the moon, the way it made everything have an almost silver glow. He could see every ivory star in the black blanket above him, not a cloud to be seen. It was a perfect clear night, one he hadn't seen in a while because of the volatile winter storms. It was easy to see the stars this far out of the city mainly because all the lamp posts were broken out here, and no one built homes this far out. The sidewalk under his feet was cracked; abandoned houses lined the side of him.

One stood out in particular and for some reason Naruto stopped.

It was weird, like he was compelled.

He had taken this stroll many times in the past, never realizing the danger, not even realizing it in this moment. He didn't know why his eyes stuck to the features of the compound, didn't know why his eyes lingered on the boarded-up windows or the foliage-free front lawn. There was a sign out front that read 'condemned' and Naruto didn't understand why a rush of fear ran up his skin.

The Uchiha Manor.

It had been abandoned since the murder.

Ten years ago the whole Uchiha family had been murdered there. There had been a single survivor, Uchiha Sasuke; Naruto remembered hearing about this when he was in high-school, Sasuke was his same age, they actually attended the same school. There had been some confusion as to who actually killed the clan, reports mentioned that Sasuke's elder brother had been the blame but his corpse was found right alongside the other bodies.

Sasuke had snapped, or so the report said.

He had been deemed mentally unstable and sent to a mental institution in the city.

Naruto guessed it was from some trauma, or maybe it was because Sasuke was the real killer, whatever the reason didn't matter. It was anyone's guess.

Naruto could vouch Sasuke had never seemed like a sane person to begin with. In school he had been quiet, reserved, and stand-offish. He didn't talk to anyone, only his brother was seen with him, and that was rarer still. Whatever happened from then to the summer of the murder Naruto hadn't an idea.

Naruto remembered Sasuke had escaped.

But, well, the facts were a little fuzzy; it had been so long ago since he had heard the reports, everything long forgotten now. Only the Uchiha Manor was a reminder of the past, sitting on the edge of town, almost like a little shrine of how evil people could really be.

You couldn't even trust your own family.

Naruto had nothing to fear in that respect – he had no family.

Pull it together Naruto!

Naruto's skin still felt cold, but he knew he was probably just creeping himself out, he had to be.

No one lived there.

It was just dark, there were no lights, and he was standing in front of this creepy house in the middle of nowhere. That was all it was; rational thought was on Naruto's side and finally the man was able to tuck his hands in his pocket and take the first steps towards the city.

Too bad Naruto didn't turn around.

Too bad he didn't see the shadow looming.

Someone was behind him, right when Naruto thought he was safe, right when he turned his head back to the stars something smashed into the back of his head.

Naruto couldn't even make a sound, couldn't even figure out what had happened before his body fell to the cold unfeeling pavement; limp and lifeless.