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"Sasuke the Homicidal Maniac"

'Chapter Eight'

Naruto was going to fix him.

He was going to be fixed.

Sasuke was normal.

Sasuke was going to be more normal when Naruto fixed him.

Sasuke kept mulling over the details of the night, over everything Naruto said, the man's voice vibrating in his head and Sasuke was trying to figure out exactly what he was feeling.

He'd be able to remember things.

He'd be able to stop killing people.

He'd be able to be alone.

Naruto would get rid of Itachi and Orochimaru.

Sasuke grinned, the expression taking up most his face in an almost deranged manner as he stalked down the street like a wraith coming upon his home. His boots crunched against the broken walkway, reaching for the handle of the door and sliding it open effortlessly.

Naruto was going to fix him.

Fix. Fix. Fix. Fix.

Sasuke shut the door, feeling for the light when the first voice hit his ears.

Hm. Where have you been?

You didn't bring back anyone.

Where did you go? You don't smell like blood.

"No where." Sasuke hissed, flicking on the light and illuminating the space around him. The walls were dingy, almost looking like they were leaking; the entire space was dank and empty. Only a couch skewed in the middle of the room, a t.v. in front of that, the kitchen off down the hall. A stair well was behind the couch; it led down into the bowels of the manor where the corpses and torture devices were.


How unlike you little brother.

Sasuke frowned, his good mood squashed as he walked towards the sofa and laid himself down on it. He lifted the remote and started to flip through the channels.

Ignoring us now?

Sasuke didn't say anything; he just kept staring intently at the t.v., his black eyes reflecting random images as he tried to ignore the pulse in his temples and those horrid voices as they whispered to him.

You can't ignore us.

We're never going away.

Never, Sasuke.

Sasuke started; his body felt like ice and he jumped up, swearing he felt a hand on his shoulder, felt it on his neck. "Stop it!" He snarled, remote clenched in his hand as he glared wildly at the empty space around him.


He heard laughter.

He held his ears in an instant, the remote falling in a crash as he doubled over, his eyes clenched shut.

"Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!"

It didn't stop.

Orochimaru was laughing.

That shrill condescending laughter.

Sasuke growled to himself, pinching his eyes open as he glared hard at the space in front of him, "I said stop it!"

You want me to listen to you when you don't listen to me?

Sasuke seethed.

It's not very polite little brother; ignoring us like you were.

"I won't have to listen to either of you anymore." He finally said in a deathly cold tone.


Sasuke grinned at their confusion, "I'm going to be fixed, I'm going to get better." Sasuke had no thought to keep this secret to himself; it didn't matter if they knew.

They were stuck in this house.

They had to be.

Sasuke didn't hear them outside, so what did he have to fear? If he could keep going to Naruto's, the man could fix him and they wouldn't be able to do anything at all.


"Fixed." He said, feeling a little more full of himself as he got up off the ground, his posture rigid. "I won't have to listen to either of you anymore."

No one can fix you.

We'll never leave.

"That's not true."

Isn't it?

"It's not true." Sasuke turned from the couch, walking to the kitchen, wanting to be somewhere but knowing it didn't matter where he went in the house, they would still talk to him.

No one can fix you.

"Naruto will."


Ohoho, that boy you tried to kill? The boy you let get away?

"He's going to fix me." Sasuke murmured, leaning up against the counter and looking down to his feet, absently staring at a dark spot on the tiled floor.


"What?" Sasuke glanced up despite himself, glaring off into the living room.

Why is he going to fix you?

You tried to kill him.

"He said he was going to."


Sasuke bit his lip, looking back at his feet. "He said so."

It doesn't make any sense.

You try to kill him and he decides to be a good neighbor and fix you?

Orochimaru was laughing again.

"Stop it."

You're just adorable Sasuke. So very adorable.

Sasuke glared hard, his lips pinched into a hard frown.

He's playing you for a fool.


He's deluding you. He's telling you, you can be fixed but we both know you can't be, isn't that right?

Sasuke was silent.

He's going to give you to the police. He's going to have you caged forever.

"That's not true."

Isn't it?


See what happens when you leave us? When you start believing people on the outside?

Sasuke stared hard at the tiles, trying to keep his thoughts on the hope that Naruto would fix him but it was getting harder and harder to do. They kept talking to him, kept whispering these lies that were starting to become truths.

Why did Naruto want to fix him?

Sasuke had threatened his life if he didn't, but what did that matter?

Why did Naruto feel so compelled?

It was true then, wasn't it? That Naruto was using him, going to make him trust him and then he was going to hand him over the police, wasn't he?

They all just want to hurt you.

We want what is best for you little brother.

Only what is best. We know how other people are. They only want to hurt you. That's why you have to hurt them first, why you have to stay with us, forever.


Sasuke sunk down to the kitchen floor, his body curled in on itself, his arms wrapped around his legs as he buried his head in his knees. He pinched his eyes shut, wanting to believe in Naruto but it was getting harder and harder to do.


Naruto. Naruto. Naruto.

Naruto was going to fix him.

He said he was.

He said he was normal.

Sasuke wanted to be normal, he liked being normal.

He was going to be normal like Naruto.

Naruto. Naruto. Naruto.

You can't trust people.

"I want—"

It's not about your wants.

When did you become so selfish?

Sasuke tried to hide further, only the mess of his hair being seen as he nuzzled hard into his bony knees.

It's about all of us. About all of our existences.

We're just doing what is best for you.

Don't you see that?


He's using you.

He's going to trap you.

He wants you dead.

"That's not true." His voice was muffled.

You tried to kill him. Why should he protect his murderer?

"I don't know."

Why should he care about you?

"I don't know."

Why should he fix you?

"I don't know!"

You don't know anything Sasuke.

That's why we're here.

The light in the kitchen was flickering, the snap and pop adding another noise to the background of voices and the mindless drivel that was on t.v.

All the sounds were blurring together, pounding in his head, making it hard to think.

Don't you believe us?

"I…" Sasuke shook his head, unable to speak.

You need to believe in us.

Sasuke felt the ice on him again; feeling hands on his shoulders, on his head. He felt like he was suffocating, it was getting hard to breathe.

We love you.

Sasuke gasped, trying to find his voice, trying to breathe, his lungs felt like they were collapsing.

Don't believe those lies.

Naruto hates you.

Sasuke's head felt like it was filling with water. Sounds was exploding into a hiss of static and his body was shutting down. He couldn't move, his muscles felt like jelly and even though his eyes were open all he saw was black.

He hates you.

He wants you dead.

Sasuke felt cold, intensely cold.

We love you Sasuke.

We want what's best for you.

Sasuke felt himself sliding against the cabinets, felt himself fall against the floor.

Sleep Sasuke.


We'll take care of you.

We love you.

Everything exploded into nothing; Sasuke's senses failed. He felt nothing, a numbing sensation, feeling like he was submerged in a thick jelly. Thought, sound, sensation, it was all gone.

Nothing but darkness.