Summary: Kakashi doesn't need his Sharingan to see how his students truly feel. All he needs is a well-thought out plan.. And maybe Konohamaru.

Genre: Romance/Humor

Playing Matchmaker

"Naruto has a brave heart, don't you think?" The jounin's sole eye trailed off into the horizon, his soft tone lingering between him and his student. The kunoichi stared off into the glistening sunset, a warm smile gracing her lips. She looked up expectantly at her sensei, finding a sincere smile beneath his mask. She couldn't help but smile wider in silent agreement.

"Yeah," She voiced. "There's no one quite like him." The man nodded faintly and put on a sly smirk.

"It's good that you agree." He ventured. "What do you think, Konohamaru?" Kakashi announced inadvertedly to the bushes. Sakura whipped her head, from her sensei to the shrubs behind them. Someone was there? How could she have not noticed? I need to train more.. She sighed.

"You can come out, you know. We don't mind." He announced warmly. Faint murmurs and an audible 'Oh, man.' filled the silence before a head poked out, cheeky grin and all.

"Darn it." The young Sarutobi muttered. "I need to master chakra suppression if I'm ever gonna be Hokage." The two senior ninjas smiled wistfully. He's like a mini-Naruto. Konohamaru pouted, plopping down on the ground between the two.

"I'm sure you'll be a great Hokage." Sakura encouraged, resting a friendly hand atop his head. The genin looked up at the warm smile issued towards him, responding with a toothy one.

"Thanks, Sakura-chan!" He uttered before shifting to the jounin on his right. "Hey, Kakashi-sensei?"


"What did you mean about Naruto-neechan's heart?" Kakashi looked down at the genin and smiled.


"Naruto! Hey, Neechan!" Naruto spun towards the call, finding Konohamaru waving at him, gesturing at him to wait. He put on the cheesy, foxy grin that only he can manage.

"Hey, Konohamaru!" He greeted. "What's up?" Konohamaru stopped at his side, smiling up at his fellow genin.

"I have a question, Naruto."

"Ask away." Naruto urged, gesturing for them to walk together towards the ramen stand.

"Why are you trying so hard to bring Sasuke back?" Naruto's face softened sadly at the name. A lot of people has asked him this. He wasn't surprised Konohamaru would be curious about the same thing. But he doubted that the people who he's responded to with the same question solemnly understood him. They still looked down upon him and would often discourage his determination.

But once again, the question presents itself. So, Naruto thought, maybe he could put a little extra effort, just so that he could prove to his friend the true strength his and Sasuke's bond held.

"He's my brother." He started. "Maybe not through blood, but he was one of the few first real friends I had. I like to think of him as family.. Since I never really knew how it was to have one. And I know he betrayed Konoha and joined Akatsuki but.. I know Sasuke. He has a good heart, despite everything, and-"

"But what about Sakura?" The young genin cut off. Naruto gaped at the boy.

"Sakura-chan wants Sasuke back too." He announced.

"No. I mean, doesn't she love Sasuke?" Naruto shivered as he felt his heart break and fall. He's learned to accept that fact long before, he was sure. He guessed it just still really hurt, considering he never really stopped loving Sakura himself. He gathered his bearings and mustered a nod.

"She does." He added a little sadly than he liked. Konohamaru, though, continued bombarding him with questions, ignoring Naruto's glum tone.

"And you love Sakura?" He urged on. Naruto's cheeks went pink once more, choosing not to fight off the sad smile creeping up his face. He nodded his confirmation.

"Then you're setting yourself up for heartbreak, neechan!" The boy echoed the words Kakashi had spoken during their talk. "If you're gonna bring Sasuke back, then at least try to get Sakura-chan to like you." Naruto's cheeks had turned 11 shades of red by then. He never thought of Konohamaru to be such a love guru. Still thought, Naruto wasn't one to take love advice from an 11 year old. He shook off whatever hint of sadness there was in his expression and replaced it with a cheesy grin.

"You've got a point there, Konohamaru." For a second, the little genin brightened. "But besides the fact that Sakura-chan will probably never like me, she.. Well," Once again, that sad smile crept up his face. He felt his heart being strangled as they paused on their walk, a heavy hand finding rest on the young Sarutobi's shoulder.

"Let's put it this way, Konohamaru." He began, crouching down to the genin's height. "Sometimes it's just a whole lot easier seeing the one you love happy with someone else.. Than seeing them unhappy with you." Naruto finished with that forced grin on his face. Konohamaru faltered for a minute, gaping at his rival. Quickly though, he recomposed himself and attacked the blonde with more questions.

"Does that scary woman really mean that much to you?!" Naruto sighed at the genin's restlessness.

"Didn't I tell you already? I love her!"


Suddenly, amongst the cloud of smoke, a pair of welcoming, soft lips captured Naruto's own. Naruto panicked though, despite the lusciousness of it all. He quickly pushed off whoever the hell it was who'd attacked him.

Whoever it was, he very much hoped it was a woman.

"K-k-Konohama- SAKURA-CHAN?!?!? WHAT THE HELL?!?!" And there Sakura was, clad in her casual clothes. A heavenly giggle emanated from her lips, guiding a shiver throughout Naruto's body.

"That was really sweet, Naruto." She complimented, risking a step forward and not bothering to suppress the urge to hug the boy in front of her.

"S-Sakura-chan, ummm.. D-did you-?"

"Yes, Naruto," She whispered through the hug. "I did kiss you." And to prove this, she kissed him again. She grasped control, tightening her hug around his neck in an effort to pull him closer. But as quickly as she gained control did she lose it when Naruto kissed back a little more aggressively. After registering everything, Naruto softened his kisses, as if making up for his aggression. Sakura's knees gave away at the gentlest nip at her lip, giving Naruto all the more reason to hold tighter.

After what seemed like the shortest time, they pulled away. Their visions were hazy and their heads were light.

"Sakura," The lack of honorifics when he said her name was enough to make her go crazy. "You already know I love you." She swooned. He wasn't afraid to admit it too. It was true.. So true.

"Now I want your side of the story." Sakura smiled at him, choosing her words carefully.

"Naruto, do you know why I pretended to be Konohamaru-kun?" She asked. He raised a brow at this. He was patient, he knew she would get there.

"Not really." He shook his head. She snaked her arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

"I wanted to prove something Kakashi-sensei told me." She smirked now, uncharacteristically gleeful with Naruto's confused expression.

"What'd he say?" She tilted her head, adorably too, in Naruto's opinion, and smiled softly, warmly at the boy.

"That you have a brave heart." She stated wholeheartedly. "One I'd like to exchange with mine, if you let me."


"You knew all along, didn't you?" An amused Konohamaru looked up at the jounin.

"For a while now." Kakashi muttered, a satisfied smirk beneath his mask.

"Now," He heaved an arm around the young genin's shoulder, walking opposite Naruto and Sakura's direction.

"About the little Hyuuga girl," He began.

"She has a strong spirit, don't you think?"

A/N: Just so it's clear, Kakashi knew that Sakura's had a crush on Naruto. Yup!

I finally have a Naruto fic! (Yes, this is my first!) Not sure if I like it or what but I very much hope you do! I tried to make them as un-OoC as possible. Please tell me if they ended up that way. Please also note typo's or any other mistakes in a review. I just really, truly hope to improve as a writer. c: Thanks for taking the time to read this!