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MWAHAHA. SasuKarin again! FEAR ME!!! So this one was started to write long ago, I found it today and decided to continue it. 3 This is the prologue. The story contains SasuKarin, stalker!Sasuke, waitress!Karin, waitress!Konan and other crazy stuff that remind me of the good old High School day (food trowing, teacher hitting, dirty rumor and all). I'll try not to get too OOC. :)


You certainly know about the prestigious upper secondary school of Konoha. If you don't that's must means you are now from the area.

Most of the lower secondary students dream about going to that school, the parents even more. The rules there are really strict, the teachers are the best of the area, some say they are the best of the country, the sports are greatly praised. The best school of all the area.

Me, on the other hand, I never dream of entering it. Nor did my parents. For the simple reason that they died in a car accident when I was two. I have no other family so I grew up in an orphanage. The child who grow up in this orphanage never go to the upper secondary school of Konoha, unless they are genius who stand out lucky enough to find a Messene. I didn't had that chance. I'm particularly intelligent, always the first in class, but nobody thought I was worth it.

So, why Am I talking about it?

Without us thinking it possible, the life in this school greatly changed ours, in our school. When I say ours, I talked about me and my friend, I grow up with most of them in the orphanage. They are more my family than my friends if you ask me, but I would never tell.

I'm going the Oto upper secondary school. The alternative for those who don't have the grade or the money to go in Konoha's. Our school is really poorer, the fees are near zero and the drug is no big deal, if you want some just ask Kabuto, the assistant chairman, and last year somebody killed an other student with a gun in the alley behind the school. No one would left Konoha's to enter our school. But still…

Everything started the second week of the third semester of my first year. I was sixteen and I was having good time with Tayuya, my best friend and mind twin, and our other friends. Nothing was letting predict the next event. Nothing.