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Chapter Thirty-One

13:64 AM

I didn't moved. Just fixed him. He let go of my hands and washed away the tears falling from my eyes. All the way, I hadn't noticed I was crying until he told me, my breathing was still normal, my throat was not hurting, only my eyes had felt like crying. Once he judged me okay, his hands left my face for his lap.

"I'm Itachi." He told me. "Come with me, I won't do you any wrong. I'll bring you and your friend back to your house."

I couldn't help but smile. "You love men." I told him, I just needed a confirmation, just to believe what he had told me. Not just because of what had happened, but I also wanted to know if he was Sasuke's brother. And then everything would be fine.

He frowned and looked down. "You have a sharp eye." He posed and looked back up at me. "Or your boyfriend just speaks too much?"

"Sharp eye."

He nodded, clearly not believing that it was that but he said nothing. He told me to wait there and came back not long after with a shirt. I hadn't noticed my t-shirt was ripped apart, I hadn't feel Deidara ripping it. I put on the shirt, it was too big but I was not going to complain, and redid my pants. Not long after, Suigetsu was with us and we were sitting in Deidara's car.

Itachi drove slowly and in silence out of Ame. He had cut the music and Suigetsu sure looked puzzled. I didn't knew what he had learned and he didn't knew what had happened to me. Itachi had made me sit in the front, so we didn't talked.

Once we were back in Oto, he asked Suigetsu for his address. He didn't wanted to tell so Itachi left him at the park were Sasuke and I had met the other day, before the retirement house. He waited there until Suigetsu was out of sight, when he turned the corner, Itachi turned his head to me.

"Mom keeps talking about you." He said. "Sasuke is back into therapy. He didn't wanted you to know but I guessed it would be better. He is truly sorry and he said that he's not going to speak or see you until he's healed."


Ino was sitting in a small café, waiting for Shikamaru to arrive. She had ordered her first coffee as soon as she had arrived, which was twenty minutes late, and she was now drinking her third. She had sent him a text message, demanding explanation. Turned out, Shikamaru was there on time and had gone back to his house. He needed to come back and that was really troublesome. For Ino as well.

The cakes in display were teasing her. She was, once again, on diet and the pudding next to the Reine Élisabeth cake was screaming to be eaten. She took another sip of her coffee trying not to smell the sweets. It was not enough. She stood resolved to buy that sinful pudding.

When she returned to her table with her pudding, someone was sitting there.

"How come we don't see you at school anymore, Sasuke?" Ino asked him, sitting back.

"I've been following you all day, we really need to talk." He told her, looking around.

Ino sighted, it was not really her night.

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