Okay so the beginning/majority of this fanfic sucks really bad (I was in middle school when I started this so I am sorry and I suck at updating so yeah) but it's not as poorly written closer to the most recent chapters. I was planning on rewriting the earlier chapters so that they wouldn't suck as bad but I came to the conclusion that I am lazy and that I also enjoy reading my old writing regardless. So if you do decide to continue reading plEASE BEAR WITH ME THE WRITING GETS BETTER I PROMISE PROBABLY.

Chapter 1:

Amu quickly looked at herself in the mirror and smiled.

"Amu, honey, are you almost finished in there?" Midori, Amu's mom asked. "You've been in there for a while hun and we have to get you to the airport soon."

"Yeah, one second mom." Amu mumbled loud enough for her mom to hear. She quickly put some clear lip gloss on her plump, pink lips, checked herself in the mirror once more, and opened the door.

"How do I look mom?" Amu asked, twirling for her mom to see. Midori rolled her eyes.

"You look beautiful honey, you always do, just make sure you cover yourself when you get off the plane so your dad doesn't freak. I may not mind what you wear honey, but if your father sees you wearing that tight, little white shirt and that skirt, he'll freak out."

"Is it too much?" Amu asked looking down at her clothes. Her shirt was a bit small, seeing how it showed her bellybutton, and it certainly was tight. Plus, her blue, ruffle skirt wasn't any longer than her shirt. It came higher than her knees, right between her thighs.

"Honey, you father would freak out if you were wearing high heels alone. Don't worry about it, and plus," Amu's mom said and winked. "You'll knock the boys dead."

Amu giggled and hugged her mom.

"Alright, alright! Enough of the chit-chat, it's time for us to go. You need to board the plane at 5 a.m. and it's almost 4! Hurry and grab your carry on, I had the neighbor put your bags in the trunk yesterday night." Midori said and threw somewhat long, black, satin trench coat to Amu. "This is for when you get off the plane, to make sure you dad doesn't freak."

Amu quickly caught the coat before it hit the ground. "Thanks mom."

"I'm gonna miss you honey. Your dad's so mean, taking you away from me. Doesn't he see that you leaving me is well…leaving me alone?" Amu's mom said then sighed. "Be nice to your step-mother, step-brother, and your father of course."

"'mkay mom. I'll miss you too." Amu said and hugged Midori.

"Make sure to call as soon as you can! 'Kay honey?!" Midori yelled, waving as Amu entered the gates.

"Promise." Amu said, waving back.

"Terminal 7 may now board the jet from Tokyo, Japan, to Coshi, Japan." said the lady in the intercom.

"Jet?" Amu gasped. "No one told me I was going in a jet?" Amu quickly grabbed her carry-on that was on the chair she was sitting on and headed for the jet entrance.

Amu quickly found her assigned seat in the jet and sat down next to the window since no one else was seated there. The seat was large and was made out of black leather. She was glad that she'd already put on the trench coat, because she never liked it when her legs got suck on the seat. Before she knew it, the jet was taking of.

"Sugoi!" Amu gasped as she saw the sun rising. The sky was different hues from orange to pink to purple.

"Young lady, would you like something to eat and or drink?" Amu turned to see who it was. One of the airport waitress' or whatever they were called looked at Amu.

"Um…yes please. Can I have a Blue Mountain Milk Shake?" Amu asked. The airport waitress giggled.

"Right away," The lady said and mumbled into a little microphone. "While we get that prepared for you, would you like us to get you anything to eat?"

Amu nodded. "Can I have waffles please?"

"Sure, how many?"

"Two please." The waitress giggles again.

"Don't be so formal hun. We're here to serve you. It's our job." The lady said walking away. "I'll get your waffles right away too."

The waitress came back less than five minutes later with Amu's order.

"Here you go. One Blue Mountain Milk Shake and two waffles." She said holding it out while Amu folded over the table and grabbed the plate and her drink. She quickly ate the waffles, having not eaten breakfast and slowly drank her milkshake while looking outside the jet window.

I must be getting close, Amu thought as she looked at land below her. The jet was slowly lowering and she could water in the horizon.