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Canada x World, America x Canada

Okay, Matthew Williams was really tired of his life – really annoyed with being ignored all the damn time by his fellow nations. How could people forget him so often? His country was peaceful and a very beautiful place to live; hell, it was one of the top ten countries to live in the damn world!

Was he ignored because he was quiet and didn't like to speak up that much? Or was he ignored because of his southern neighbour of America? Matthew could recall a few times where some nations said that they had felt sorry for him since he did have to live next-door to Alfred – sometimes he felt sorry for himself, but he wouldn't change it for the world.

He did love Alfred – but his insistence on being the centre of attention at all times was getting a little tiring (for both him and the other nations), and he wanted to change that.

But how?!

A few ideas popped up into his mind, and Canada narrowed his blue-violet eyes in concentration as he went over the ideas in a list in his head.

Idea # 1: He could always dress up as Alfred or impersonate him...

No way in hell – that would accomplish absolutely nothing. People wouldn't notice the difference between himself and America (people couldn't even tell the difference now, never mind when he dressed in Alfred's clothing). It'd probably make his problem even worse now that he thought about it...

Idea # 2: Increase Trade-Ties to other nations...

Nope – Canada really doubted that would accomplish anything either; he already had strong trading-ties with numerous countries, and they still could barely remember him...

Idea # 3: Start WWIII...

He wouldn't even go there... (even if the world would remember him for such a thing...)

Matthew sighed in frustration as he fell back into his bed, curling up into a little ball. What could he do to get the other nations to remember him? "Kumajirou..." The Canadian called out, maybe the polar bear had some ideas? Kumajirou was a lot smarter than he looked (considering he always had that clueless expression to furry face), so he may be of some help.

"Who?" Kumajirou muttered as he slowly padded into the room – coming at his master-friend's call. Matthew smiled a bit at the white bear – Kumajirou was just as loyal, if not more, than any dog, and always came to him – even if the bear could never remember his name (Canada wasn't actually sure if it was a part of Kumajirou's game or if the bear couldn't really remember his name; he actually doubted the latter...).

"Kumajirou – how should I get people to remember me?" Canada asked, dipping down in the bed to pick up the white bear, and cuddled him to his chest. "Do you have any ideas?" The Canadian asked brightly as Kumajirou looked suddenly thoughtful.

There was a comfortable silence, but it was broken by Kumajirou's small voice. "France." The snow-bear muttered, burying his head into Canada's chest, yawning cutely.

"France?" Matthew repeated dumbly, blinking his blue-violet eyes in surprise. How could France get him more recognised? (though it was true that France was one of the few who could recognise him on the spot; America, Holland, and Ukraine were the other few).

Kumajirou shook his furry head, obviously not sure on how to put his idea in words (Canada was unsure if Kumajirou could speak in full sentences), and crawled and wiggled his way up Canada's chest. Matthew blinked in surprise again as Kumajirou lightly licked his cheek, tapping his lips with his large paw. "Love." The bear muttered, hoping that Canada would get what he meant.

Matthew blinked up at the ceiling with a thoughtful expression, blue-violet eyes immediately lighting up and brightening as he finally understood what Kumajirou was talking about.

"Thank you!" He laughed as he suddenly sat up, squeezing the snow-bear tightly to his chest; the bear merely snuggled in his embrace. "That's a great idea!" Matthew's eyes flashed in determination, knowing he would have to forget about his shyness (it might be a hard thing to do, but he wanted to be noticed more at any cost).

Yes, he was brought up to be British (and the British rarely demonstrated their emotions, or so Arthur insisted on saying), but he was also part French. Canada would use that to his advantage...

Idea # 4: Lightly tease and seduce the other nations into remembering him.

Oh yeah, Canada would make sure that no one would ever forget him again.

It was too bad, as he would learn not-too long in the future, that America would be less than pleased with this idea...

"Mattie – how have you been?" Alfred grinned widely as he gave Matthew a friendly-like slap on the back. "I haven't seen you in a while." The American stated, and Canada only nodded absentmindedly – looking around the conference room with sharp eyes.

He was extremely nervous – at least judging by his shaking hands – but he didn't want to back out of this so quickly. Canada cursed lightly in his mind, wishing he could be a little more confident (something more like France – but then again, he didn't want to be that confident).

It would have to be light and sensual – not like France's slightly overwhelming and heavily seductive teasing and flirting. 'I need a guide for this.' Matthew thought with despair, slumping slightly as Alfred blinked at him with his bright blue eyes, lightly calling out his name in concern. Canada didn't notice as he dragged himself through his internal misery.

Matthew was suddenly taken out of his dark depression when Kumajirou bit his head rather hard, looking at him with intent black eyes. It was obvious that the polar bear wanted him to go through with his plan.

"Are you okay, Mattie?" America repeated himself, watching as Canada finally shake himself of whatever he was thinking. His younger brother turned to him with a small smile, nodding.

"I'm fine, Alfred. You should go greet the other nations." Canada said, trying to shake off America so he wouldn't find out what he was about to attempt. Alfred, with no doubt, would not like his plan, and would put an end to it himself – so Matthew simply wouldn't tell Alfred of his plan.

"Sure, the meeting will start in half-an-hour." Alfred casually said, walking away to converse with some random nation. Matthew grinned lightly, blinking at a suddenly-squirming Kumajirou, who jumped out of his arms and padded off somewhere.

Canada sighed, rolling his blue-violet eyes. He leaned against a wall, waiting for Kumajirou to come back from whatever table of food he was eating from. The Canadian lightly closed his eyes, thinking of what he could do to catch the attention of the other nations.

He didn't notice that Alfred seemed to be watching him from the corner of his eyes, even as the American was arguing with England at this point.

Only a moment later, Kumajirou padded back up to him, a little black book clutched firmly within his mouth. "What's this?" Matthew mumbled, bending down to take the black book from Kumajirou's mouth and picked up the polar bear. He flipped open the little book, widening his eyes at the writing contained in the pages – it belonged to France, without any kind of doubt.

"Oh...!" Matthew gave a sudden smiled, squeezing Kumajirou tightly. This book would help him immensely as there was no way he could do this without something like this. "Thank you." He snuggled the bear while flipping through the pages.

It was on all the countries (excluding him, though that was because he had always politely denied France), and their special kinks and turn-on's!

Canada licked his lips, reading through it eagerly – not missing the little scribbles of what-to-do, though the Canadian felt his face grow slightly warm at the not-so-innocent writings.

"Okay, the meeting is starting!" America's voice boomed throughout the room, and all the nations sat in their designated seat – Canada sat in his seat next to America. Alfred eyed him a bit, before turning his attention to the quiet nations.

Matthew, for once, didn't pay attention at all to Alfred's ramblings, eagerly reading the book under the table (it was rather easy, few nations noticed his presence, so they didn't ask questions).

That only made things easier, and Matthew looked up brightly as he flipped the book shut. He glanced around the table – watching the bored nations with a predatory look. The very first page in the book was all on America (and Matthew completely skipped that part; not even wanting to know when Alfred slept with Francis), so he immediately went to the second and third page.

Those two nations would not see what was coming to them...

And Canada, lost deep within his thoughts, certainly didn't see America looking at him suspiciously.