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Canada x World, America x Canada

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"Onwards to Denmark! And Norway! And Iceland!" America pointed out ahead of him in a very dramatic fashion, causing Canada to sigh and shake his head. However, he allowed his lip to curve upwards in an affectionate smile.

He really hoped America would never change (though, his 'reading-of-the-atmosphere' could be a lot better).

"But, Mattie!" America blinked, looking like he suddenly realised something important, "Should we even let Norway join in?" His voice lowered quickly, as if he didn't want anyone else to hear what he had to say, "Cuz if you really think back, Norway just ain't as good as other nations when it comes to hockey."

Canada sighed, "He tries hard enough. And I doubt that other nations would want to play. Do you really want Belarus or Switzerland on our team?" He asked with a raised brow, watching as Alfred shivered at the mention of the former, "But it is too bad that Slovakia couldn't make it to the meeting. Or the Czech Republic." Matthew muttered, looking upwards so he could glance around for Denmark, Norway, and Iceland.

"Belarus really should go on Russia's team," Alfred smirked, almost darkly, "Then we wouldn't even have a problem winning!"

"That would be like cheating," Matthew deadpanned, rolling his eyes again, "C'mon, let's just go find them." The blond nation tried to recall where the 'magic' room was where England and Norway practised their 'hobby'.

"Mattie, where are you going?" America blinked, seeing as Canada suddenly went down another hall, seemingly looking at a specific doorway, "I've never seen this room before." The American examined it curiously, a bit weirded out by the rather intricate designs.

"This is where Arthur practises his magic," Canada said grimly, trying to ignore America's sudden burst of laughter, "And you know Norway also believes in it, so he might be here." He shrugged, a bit hesitant to open the door because of what he might find beyond it.

"This is definitely a hero's job!" America grinned, rolling up his sleeves (for no apparent reason as he merely kicked down the door like it was nothing), and was completely oblivious to Canada's loud gasp.

"Dammit – what the hell was that?" England's enraged voice called out and America could not but help to burst into another fit of laughter after seeing the thick black cloak England was wearing, "America! Are you nutburgers?" The Brit snarled, obviously a bit peeved that his former colony decided to interrupt in such a barbaric fashion.

Canada allowed America to get into a loud verbal argument with England, and went up to Norway instead. He tried to ignore how Norway was dressed in a similar way as England, "Norway? Do you have a moment?" Matthew asked politely, still unnerved by the Norwegian's dull stare, "You may have heard this from Sweden and Finland, but my team is short of players for the game against Russia. I know it's little notice time, but could you possibly play for me?" Matthew pleaded.

Norway stared for an awkward moment, seemingly thinking about it, "You have not come to our meetings," He finally said something, gesturing to himself and England, "I will play if you come to our meetings." The Nordic compromised, missing Canada's internal despair.

"Uhh, I suppose I could," Matthew winced slightly, looking around warily for Norway's glowing green... creature, "After the game. Oh, and do you think that Denmark and Iceland would be willing to play?" He asked, blinking when he spotted a sulking Iceland in the corner.

That's right, Iceland had said that Norway often dragged him to attend 'magical meetings'...

"I will convince Iceland to come," Norway nodded, looking at Canada sharply, "And you will hold up your end of the bargain." He said in that same impassive tone that still kept Matthew unnerved.

"Yes, of course," Canada smiled nervously at the nation, saying a polite farewell so he could turn back to America and England, "Alfred." He sighed, seeing how vicious the argument was getting.

"I don't see how Matthew can stand living beside you!" England muttered, snorting unattractively as America glanced up to smile brightly at Canada, "You poor lad." He said sympathetically, giving Matthew a pat on the head.

"Cuz Mattie loves me!" America slipped an arm around Canada's shoulders, pulling him close and causing England to raise a thick brow and Canada to stutter a bit, "Right?"

"Yeah," Matthew muttered, pushing Alfred away because he wasn't so ready for any public displays of affection yet, "I've convinced Norway. Now, we've just got to find Denmark."

"Oh, you have finally confessed?" England looked amused, directing the question to America, "Well, then, I simply cannot wait to see France's expression of despair after he finds this out." Arthur chuckled with dark gleeful bemusement.

"Yeeeaaah," America raised his own brow, "Seriously – you should confess yourself to France." He snickered, running out of the room with Canada in tow before England exploded with rage.

And sure enough, only a second later...

"America! You bloody twat! Get your ass back here!"


"Denmark might be in the bar with Prussia," Canada supplied helpfully, though he looked over his shoulder with paranoia. Arthur's revenge was always swift and hard-hitting... "I'm sure he would be happy to play."

"Hmm," America agreed absently as they headed to the bar, "Hey, Mattie?" He asked, not waiting for an answer, "England told me back there that you can see his faeries. Can you?" Alfred laughed lightly with a disbelieving tone.

"N-no!" Matthew was quick to answer, "I just said that to appease Arthur!" He laughed nervously along with America.

"Momma's boy." Alfred teasingly accused, earning a swift kick in the shin, "Oww, what was that for?"

"There's Denmark," Canada ignored America as they arrived at the bar, seeing Denmark drinking alone, surprisingly. However, he was flirting with some girls, "C'mon, let's go and convince him now."

"And I'll just keep an eye out for Prussia," Alfred muttered, looking around and ready to scare off Gilbert should he feel the need to try and take away Matthew again, "You go ahead."

Canada sighed with sadness as America mentioned Prussia, but tried to focus on Denmark, "Hey, what's up, Matt?" Denmark immediately grinned as he spotted Canada, forgetting about the girls instantly, "Want a drink?" He offered, but Matthew declined.

"No, Denmark, I want to ask a huge favour," Canada began, watching as Denmark offered him a seat, "Thanks. Anyways, well – my team for the game against Russia isn't coming and I was wondering if you would be willing to play on my team? I mean – Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Iceland have already agreed!" He nervously asked, fiddling with the threads on his red hoodie.

"Sure, sounds great!" Denmark easily agreed, surprising Canada with the quick answer, "You're just so cute that it's hard not to!" Mathias said with a teasing grin, causing Matthew to blush and stutter as the Dane laughed.

"Yeah, back off there, Romeo," America, who wasn't too far away, stepped in with a neutral stare, looking at Denmark with hard blue eyes. The Nordic nation simply smile and put his hands up in a surrendering motion, "Great, meet us tomorrow at eight in the lobby." Alfred said quickly, grabbing Matthew and rushing out of there before Denmark could say anymore.

He just didn't want to risk the chance of possibly meeting Prussia again.

"Thank you, Denmark!" Canada called out, giving America a deadly passive stare that made him freeze in his tracks.

"How do I put up with you?"

"Mattie ~!"


Kumajirou huddled along the wall with Tony, taking a break from following after his master because they walked too fast, "That fucking song!" The alien kept on grumbling, though something else caught the polar bear's eyes. He growled, as evil red stared back at him as two nations walked casually past him.

"Fucking koala," Kumajirou muttered, taking Tony's habit for his own and bared his teeth as Australia and New Zealand came closer to them, "Should have taken a fucking ear off."

Tony watched New Zealand specifically, "Fucking androgyny," He mumbled, unable to tell New Zealand's gender from first glance, "Girl or fucking boy?"

"Dunno," Kumajirou shrugged, "Canada doesn't know. I don't think anyone knows New Zealand's gender other than Australia and maybe England."

"Them fucking Limeys!"

"And Kiwis!"

Nutburgers – heh, sorry, couldn't help it!