Act 1:The Girl from the Legend

Sakura Kinomoto is your average 11-year-old student:loves sports,hates Math and likes someone much older than her-the best friend of her elder brother.Her life seeoms so ordinarily ordinary until one fateful day..

"Big Brother,wait up!"Sakura skated beside him."Why didn't you tell me you woke up extra early today?"

He narrowed his eyes at her."I don't want to be late today."

"Oh really?Why?"

"We have a big soccer game today."he replied.

"Will Yukito play?"she asked eagerly.

He smirked."Maybe yes,maybe no."

"Big Brother!!"

"Of course!He's the next best player in the team after me."

She scowled.She hated to admit it,but her brother was right.He's a popular campus figure because of his awesome skill in soccer.

"Good morning Touya.Good morning Sakura."a voice greeted.

"Y-Yukito!"Suddenly Sakura was seeing angels everywhere.

Yukito Tsukishiro kneeled in front of the girl."Ogenki desu ka?"

"I'm fine."she stammered,her cheeks glowing.

He smiled,almost taking her breath away."I can see that."

Touya began pedalling away."Hurry up,Yukito or we'll be late for the game."

"Hai!"He turned to Sakura."Let's go?"

She nodded."Hai!"


Sakura turned around and saw Takashi Yamazaki running towards her."What is it?"

He tossed her a thick red book."Can you return this to the librarian for me?Chiharu's after me and I got to hide!"

"Why don't you just return it tomorrow?"she asked.

"I can't!The book is due today!"he replied."Bye Kinomoto,and may the good Kami-sama bless you!"

She looked at the book curiously.Inscripted on the cover are the words "The Clow".She sighed."I better go to the library before it closes."Tucking the book under her arm,she hurried away.

"The library's empty."She looked around,but found only one dark-haired lady reading a fashion magazine.She looked at the librarian's desk but no one is sitting behind it.

"Maybe I should just read the book while I wait."Just as she opened the book,she was enveloped by darkness.

"H-Hey,what's going on?"She frantically searched for the familiar desks,chairs and shelves of the library but failed to see them.

The next thing she saw was a wide circle with a sun and a moon on it full of signs,then suddenly,she fell down.

"Haah?!"She looked around and found herself amidts a green field with a dusty road dividing it.She sat up.

"There it is!Catch that demon!!"voices shouted.

Sakura turned around and saw a white creature heading towards her.It jumped on her arms,cowering.

The mob stopped."Will you look at that!The demon is tame to her."

"Then she must be its mistress!"one yelled.

"Kill her!!"

Sakura screamed."M-Matte!!!"

"Time Card!!"

Suddenly she felt a strange sensation around her.When she looked up,she saw everyone stop.The silence was defeaning."H-Hello?"she called out.

"You're moving?!"exclaimed a voice behind her.

She turned around and saw a boy slightly taller than her.He has brown hair and amber eyes,and was dressed in chinese clothes.He was holding a sword and a red card."O-Of course."she stammered.

"That can't be!"He suddenly drew out a sword and pointed it at her.

"Iie!"She shielded herself with her arms but she saw the creature she was holding bark at the boy furiously as if defending her.

"What the-"He paused to think."If you are not affected by my Clow card and the Dash card is tame to you,that must mean-"

But then the Time card's power ceased.Everyone began to move again and was advancing towards them.

The mysterious boy stepped in front of her and protected her with his sword.In seconds,every one of the attacking people were unconcious.

Sakura applauded."That was great!"

He glared at her."If I were you I will not be too happy.You may not be as fortunate next time."

She smiled."Then I will stay with you so I won't get into trouble!"

"And you'll drag me into your trouble instead."He sighed."Alright,do what you want,but I'm not making concessions for you just because you are a girl."

She clapped in joy."Understood!By the way,I'm Sakura Kinomoto."She held out her hand.

He hesitated before accepting her hand."I'm Li Syaoran."

She beamed."Pleased to meet you!"

He blushed before turning around quickly."Right,right.Let's go!"

End of Act 1

Author's Note

This fic is a special request from my cousin so even though I'm not good at making these adventure fics,I will try.Please no flames,ok?And if someone else has thought of this fic already,I'm sorry but let me clarify that I have no knowledge of it.