To my wonderful readers:

I will never be able to fully express my gratitude towards you. I truly believe that any success I have garnered through writing is due mostly to your loyalty and encouragement.

Now that I have posted my final chapter on this site, I can't help but reflect on the moment I accidentally posted my first chapter of The Good Morrow, almost four years ago.

Through your reviews and encouragement, you have allowed me to blossom from an insecure (but blindly passionate) writer of fanfiction, to a now-published author. More importantly, you have helped me as a person develop and grow from a shy and inconfident girl of 17, to a... well, still rather insecure, but much more stable and confident girl of 21.

Again, I can never properly impart to you just how grateful I am. I hope the dedication in Stained Glass can convince you, even just a little, how thankful I am to you all.

To those of you who are sad to see me leave this site, I can only say that it isn't the end for me as a writer. Far from it. As I'm sure you're all sick of hearing, Stained Glass is out and I would dearly love to know your thoughts on it once you've read it. I have a new Blogs, and many other online entities such as an Official Website, Twitter and a Facebook page you can reach me through. The links can all be found on my Author's Page here.

And I really hope you do. I would hate for this to be goodbye.

Lots and lots and lots of love,