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So I barely started watching Ouran high school host club about 3 days ago. I finished the anime very quickly. I was that drawn by it yeah lol. A really good anime and so is the manga. So now it's been 3 years since I wanted to write anything on here or something just to take away my boredom. Well now that has changed as I have been inspired to write my own Ouran high school host club story.

Summary: Haruhi is admitted into Ouran with honors. As an intelligent girl she will go far in life. Though complications develop as Ryoji (Haruhi's dad) is fired from his cross dressing job. They have no money to pay for the rent. They are forced out of the apartment. Along the way a tall but mysterious young man with glasses stands before them. Could an offer to live at the Ootori's be a way to solve their problem or shall it bring more problems for Haruhi? KyoyaxHaruhi

Chapter 1 summary: Forced out to live in the streets due to being short for paying the rent has Ryoji in sadness. Haruhi's smile keeps her father strong though despite their dilemma. Haruhi will stop at nothing to succeed in life, as she decides to go to Ouran passing her entrance exams with high honors and follow her dream as a lawyer as well as help her father out. Then the glance of a stranger will change her life forever.

Tough love

Chapter 1- The first glance

Boxes were being carried out of where Haruhi and her father use to live. Their belongings stood outside at the gate entrance of the apartments. It was hard that they would have to leave. A lot of wonderful memories had taken place there. Haruhi did not want to let the place go, though at the same time she thought that maybe a drastic change like this would not be so bad. There would be a way out of it. Maybe they would be able to come back someday. She felt it in her bones. As the men brought out the last of their things Haruhi went upstairs to see her father. He was looking a bit down. Haruhi came to him she lightly held his shoulder with her hand.

"Hey dad, you know it's not your fault this happened." How did I manage to get so good at being this calm she thought as she sighed.

Ryoji Fujioka turned around to look at his precious daughter. He turned into a chibi as his eyes twinkled with joy and happiness.

Haruhi thought…here we go again.

"OH my sweet little girl! You are always here to make me feel better aren't you?" He was hugging his daughter so tightly spinning her around and tossing her. Haruhi made a blank face thinking make him let go why does his split personality show up so much like this. It's easy to make him forget about his problems for one second.

"Well yeah you really need it. What do you expect me to do? Frown at you then point at you saying OH dad how could you? Ryoji stopped spinning around as his eyes narrowed at Haruhi. Then he did a loud sob.

"I could not imagine my daughter do such a thing to me" he let go of his daughter as put his hand against his heart doing some kind of agony dance as he melted down to the floor.

"Lord help me" she muttered as she rolled her eyes at him. As their silly scene ends Haruhi remembers that she has to go to school. It's the first day of school and she's already running late. Being dressed as a boy no one would recognize she was a girl. Haruhi giggled at that thought as she put on her specs. I'm really getting real good at this cross dressing act. Dad really passed it on to me.

"Ahhh look at the time. School is about to start. Sorry I have to go dad. I'll be back soon." She waves and runs off. "Good luck my Haruhi! Play nice with the boys and girls. Now be careful!" Ryoji shouts back at her.

Silently in her mind yeah I will need all the luck I can get with all those high and mighty asses. Jeez dad still treats me like a 5 year old.

Big beautiful buildings started coming into view as Haruhi viewed in amazement. She tried to run as fast as she could before the gates closed out on her.

I can begin to wonder what it will be like for a commoner like myself to be an outcast to those rich bastards she thought as she ran. Images of being bullied began to come into her mind. I see hell.

The closer she got the smaller she felt. The gates began to move. Haruhi's eyes widened. Oh no I'm not going to make it. Shoot! Her glasses dropped on the floor. Now I'm in trouble. She picked up her spectacles as quickly as she could. It was only a few more seconds and then she was done for.

She was not determined to lose to those closing gates. She had a hard look on her face. Running with all her might she could feel her body moving on its own as she didn't realize that her feet were floating. It was too late as she saw her crazy action jumping high in the air. She'd never seen herself jump without planning. How could this go unplanned? I thought I was thinking. She was flying in mid air. A small piece of her sweater had ripped and got caught on the gate. Her face looked up at the sky. The sun was shinning brightly as she was blinded for a second. She thought she was going to have a nasty fall but then with her eyes closed she landed on back on the surface. Though she did not remember the ground being so soft like that, what exactly did I land on? She wondered as she opened her eyes slowly. She gulped and did a small eep when she had finally seen what she landed on. There was a tall figure on the ground. His gaze was fixed upon her. Haruhi was frozen for a second. She was looking at him in the most apologetic expression ever. His glasses were almost falling off and his tie was covering his lips. He stood there frustrated and then it happened. His eye twitching he said in a nice but hard tone.

"Get off me…" Haruhi turned into a tomato realizing she had crushed him. She got off him before he could say anything else. He did make a good cushion to land on though. If it wasn't for him I would have probably not escaped without a scratch. She started smiling.

The tall figure stood up rearranging his glasses and his clothing. Probably thinking that little boy was making fun of him. Out of nowhere he grabbed him lifting him half way off the ground. He grabbed Haruhi's arms in a firm grip.

"Next time try not to be in a hurry and watch where you are going or else I might have to press a charge making you work it off." He smiled at the brown headed boy. Then he dropped him down. Haruhi landed on her feet stumbling a bit though.

Haruhi was not surprised. She frowned at him realizing he was being just as much of a jerk as any rich person would be. A complete asshole.

The brown headed cross dresser said.

"Oh rest assure that it will not happen again." she said as she closed her eyes at him in disgust crossing her arms.

"Good, well I must be off then. Carry on little boy" he was smirking at her with such self-mockery eyes. She really had an urge to punch him in the stomach now.

She then opened her eyes looking at him. Despite his despicable behavior he looked pretty refined in many ways. I don't even want to know about him she thought bitterly.

He walked away slowly heading towards his class. Haruhi took another direction to her classroom. I hope I don't see that horrible person anytime soon.

Lunch Break

All the students headed towards the fancy cafeteria. All of them were happily grabbing their tasty treats. Only the finest foods in Ouran ever came.

Haruhi did not see what the big deal was with having such nice foods. Regular food would work just as nicely. Then again she was not in a public school any longer.

Then music began to play as a handsome group of boys appeared lastly at the cafeteria.

All the girls gathered around them noticing them from the very moment they saw the music crew playing.

Haruhi looked at them from a distance. She raised an eyebrow at them.

There was the light blonde teen. He was very tall. He had a very cheerful look on his eye. His eyes were sparkling at all the girls. He gave roses to all of the girls so fast that they did not notice for they were blinded by his charms. Haruhi smiled but clarified in her thoughts yep that must be the big flirty one.

Then there was two orange haired boys. They looked very identical. Very devilish looks from those two yet both of them were quite beautiful. Haruhi could tell right away that they were probably a handful along with being mischievous.

Behind them she saw a cute little blonde boy. He looked very lovable indeed. At least she thought so when she saw that a huge serious face teenager carrying him. They looked to be really close to each other, even though she did not know anything about them.

Then the smile from her face wore off when she saw one of the last boys. It was that same guy she had crashed onto this morning. He was a part of them too. Well then from their clan I will refer to that one as the scum! Haruhi did a huge hmph. Loud enough that some of the boys that walked inside heard her. The tall one with the glasses had heard her. He could just about guess what that little boy was mad about. He just smiled. Haruhi didn't care that they had heard her. But now they were walking towards her. The girls had finally become less noisy than before seeing that the boys were focusing on one person. The boy with the large specs was crossing his arms at the group of handsome men.

It was the tall blonde one that began to say something. He gave a cute sweet innocent smile to her. Haruhi looked at him in confusion. She was even more confused when he started petting her head.

"What is wrong little one? Did something happen?" He looked very compassionate at her. I guess even if he is a flirt he looks like he cares about the emotions of others.

Haruhi smiled at him laughing nervously as she scratched her head.

"No by all means everything is fine here" she assured him. He didn't look convinced. The handsome light blond man grabbed his chin and thought.

The twins spoke up as they said to his leader. "Boss I don't think there's anything wrong with this kid. He's probably just trying to get adjusted to the school."

Haruhi had her head down. They sure read my mind. Then the cute little boy with honey dark colored hair got down from the huge serious man and jumped on Haruhi.

"Aww come on you can't say nothing is wrong with you when your doing a face like that" he said in his cutesy little face. He really was an adorable character Haruhi thought as she smiled back at him.

The leader of the handsome boys still put a lot of hard thought on Haruhi trying to figure out what was wrong with her. The devilish twins rolled their eyes at him leaving him in his own little world. They said.

"Well we are not going to stand here all day, I'm starving come on Kaoru let's go get our favorite treat" They did an awkward embrace on each other provoking all the girls to blush.

"I will most likely feed you by the time we start sitting down" Kaoru told his brother Hikaru as the girls screamed, their eyes turned heart shaped.

Then the tall blonde boy went towards Haruhi telling her.

"Hey you can sit next to us, we'll be eating over there" he pointed over at a corner on the other side from them.

Haruhi said right away.

"No no I couldn't besides uh I already plan sitting somewhere." She walked off but then he came back stood in front of her.

"But it will be fun!!!" he said in his childish tone. "You simply cannot go. The more the merrier as my mother use to say…" he was pushing her by force grabbing her shoulder. Before she knew it they were walking off together along with all the other boys following.

What have I got myself into? Haruhi thought slapping her hand on her face. She looked behind her for a second noticing that rude guy with the glasses. He wasn't looking towards her direction but as he walked he pinched his nose for a bit. He was in deep thinking. Haruhi looked away. The childish tall blonde boy sat her down along with everyone else there. Everyone had their lunches there. The blonde boy began to be courteous by introducing everyone himself included.

"I am Tamaki Suoh, and over here is Kyoya Ootori my right hand at everything." Kyoya gave Haruhi a greeting shaking hands politely not saying anything. Haruhi thought so I finally shake hands with the scum of my demise. Back in his cheerful mood Tamaki introduced two boys with orange hair.

"Here are the twins Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin" they both gave her a friendly but evil smile at her. "Nice to meet you" Hikaru shaking her right hand, Kaoru shaking her left. Then they sat down.

Then Tamaki introduced the boy with the sweet tooth. He sure can't get enough that cake. Haruhi thought with laughing eyes.

"Mitsukuni Haninozuka but you can call me Honey" he said with his puppy eyed expression. Then he focused on his cake chomping down every last crumb, cleaning his plate quickly.

"I think I will" Haruhi said with a small smile.

Then last but not least the one with the serious face introduced himself extending his hand out to Haruhi. He said

"Mori you can call me by that" Haruhi wondered I guess he didn't want to bother with his full name.

After everyone was done being introduced Tamaki explained to Haruhi that they were a part of a club serving girls and doing many expensive but fun activities to keep all the ladies happy. Haruhi thought that to be interesting though weird. A private school sure holds a lot of power that they let these guys do this.

Then they began to eat. Haruhi looked at them. That food looked very good. She realized that she didn't have enough money. I can't just stare at their foods and look like I want to eat it all. They'll think I'm a beggar. Stay strong Haruhi stay strong you can endure them…chewing…like that…devouring those delicious pastries. She wanted to almost swoon. Out of nowhere she wasn't able to hold it any longer that her stomach started growling. The boys stopped eating and they heard her. She was flushed with embarrassment. Great…they heard me now what am I going to do?

"Looks like I wasn't able to tell my stomach to be quiet that time ha ha…" she said almost laughing.

Kyoya saw Haruhi in a weak state. The hunger in the boy's face was starting to bother him. He figured that the boy did not have any money. He pushed his plate towards him handing him his food. Then he stood up and said.

"I've had my fill for today…" then he walked off. Haruhi stared back at him hard to describe look. She was a bit lost with his way of acting. Then she told him.

"T-thanks…" she said back to Kyoya. It was a quiet thank you but Kyoya had heard the boy say it. He stopped walking but he didn't look back. He continued to walk until he was out of sight from the cafeteria.

Tamaki build such a joyful expression after he left that he started bursting out like crazy saying, "I didn't realize my mother could be so nice! I saw a new Kyoya today it makes me so happy" Haruhi just looked down a little annoyed with Tamaki saying that. The twins were laughing. Honey was happy to see that. Mori just stood there with his serious expression but even he let out a tiny smile.

"He's only nice when he wants to be and besides why let this food to go waste" Haruhi's eyes widened. Fancy tuna…fancy tuna she said joyfully in her head. Who would have thought her favorite food would have been in Kyoya's plate. Her stomach was finally at ease. Tamaki smiled at her and was glad to finally see that she was smiling herself. Then as Haruhi stood to throw away her plate her specs had touched the floor breaking. Oh no she thought…Tamaki rushed to her.

"Are you o…" Then he started at the boy's eyes for a moment. His eyes were sparkling with such a nice shade of brown. Tamaki felt like he was in heaven. Those were the cutest eyes that he ever saw, especially coming from a pretty boy like him.

Tamaki got a little mad for a second.

"Why were you hiding those eyes? How could you hide your own beauty!? There is no reason for a pretty boy like yourself to hide." Haruhi thought oh brother…

Tamaki brought on something else.

"We are definitely making you join our host club." Haruhi really panicked now.

"Wait I never agreed to any of this! Let go now…" Tamaki gave her a big no no from the look on his face.

"On contraire little one your life here will be better now. Beauty like yours will never go to waste. I can't let that happen!" Haruhi yelled at him.

"Well that's what you think! That's not what I see in myself. Physical looks don't matter to me in any way. I don't care what anyone thinks of me. I don't need you to tell me to join some stupid host club where I have to charm girls just because you say so." Hearing that, Tamaki had loosened his grip on her and let go. He looked a bit saddened but he still grinned at her saying.

"Well come inside for a moment, I won't force you to stay I must give you something first before you go though" Haruhi did a huffing noise.

"Alright…but you better not be tricking me…" Tamaki opens the doors for her presenting a gorgeous room full with unique designs. It must have been one of the fanciest rooms in the school Haruhi thought as she wondered about. The twins were sitting down talking. Honey was eating his cake sitting in front of him Mori.

Then she saw Kyoya working on his laptop. Tamaki then mentioned.

"Kyoya is pretty much in charge of the club's finacial situations, thanks to him that we are able to manage this club." Haruhi wasn't too impressed by thinking that Kyoya would be the brains behind the club. She didn't want to think much of it. Haruhi begins to talk.

"So where was this something you were going to give me?" Tamaki then had his light bulb turned on again.

"Oh yes! I almost forgot" He went into another room for the moment. He came back with a matching uniform just like the ones the boys were wearing.

"For you…In case you decide to change your mind. We haven't given up on you yet Haruhi." Haruhi stood still just staring at it. Yet another Idea came from Tamaki.

"Hey why don't you try it on now? I think it would be a good to see how you look in your new uniform." Again Haruhi gave them an irritated look.

"It's not my uniform, I have not even accepted so what makes you think I want to try them on?" Tamaki ignoring her declines pushed her into the dressing room.

"Wait a minute…" Haruhi struggled to get out of the place now. For now she was thrown into the dressing room to change. Tamaki and the whole group (except for Kyoya) were standing there looking at Haruhi.

One of the twins Kaoru said with no hesitation.

"So change already! We are waiting"

Haruhi was aware that the boy didn't know she was a girl. Instead she said.

"Will you just leave already!" she said frustrated with them all. They all walked away. Tamaki walked away slower than the rest of the group. Haruhi whispered to him bitterly.

"I'm not going to try them on…so until you have gotten tired of waiting I will be leaving" She said in a stubborn tone. Tamaki only smiled at her.

"Eventually you'll have to. I have faith in you Haruhi." Then he walked off with his silly grin. Haruhi could not help but think that he that guy was truly an idiot.

A while later…

All of the Boys were sitting in a luxurious couch together. Tamaki was pacing back and forth waiting any second for Haruhi to show up.

"He's not going to come out you know." both the twins said frowning and putting their hand on each of their head as if they were in stress.

Honey was a bit sad to hear that Haruhi does not want to join their club. Mori just stood there with no expression. It was hard to tell how Mori felt.

As they were sitting down waiting patiently for Haruhi to come out of the room Kyoya made an entrance. He looked to be more bothered than usual now. His eye began to twitch.

"Are you saying that stupid boy has not come out of the dressing room yet?" Kyoya said almost about to explode. He was patient to a certain limit. But now he was getting extremely annoyed with Haruhi's stubbornness.

Tamaki has not seen Kyoya release his anger like that in the longest time. That's when the blonde started laughing.

"Oh mother, you have not been so angry ever since I first met you" The twins were cracking up from behind. Not able to contain their laughter any longer they burst laughing at Kyoya.

"I'm glad I finally get to see some excitement around here. It was about time Kyoya let his shell open" Kyoya gave the twins a hard stare.

"Do not toy with me! I will make sure to have that boy out of the room. And he's going to come out from hiding whether he wants to or not" Tamaki panicked

"Wait Kyoya" he raised his glasses

"Don't even try to stop me." He stormed off getting ready to give Haruhi a piece of his mind.

Back at the dressing room

Haruhi was facing the ground sitting crossed legged. In her deep thought as usual.

Maybe I'm being too hard on them. Perhaps if I just try it on for even a second they will leave me alone and let me go. Wait…Tamaki might want to trap me into his little club for good. Then again this uniform looks to nice not to be worn. Eh I only live once. Why be so serious about something so silly…? I'll just get this over with.

She started removing her sweater. Then she unbuttoned her shirt revealing her bra. She looked at the mirror. Flat chest as usual she said with a long sigh. She began to slowly undo her pants unzipping them. She was half naked in the dressing room. With her flat body probably no one could make out the difference. But she didn't care if she had a boy like look or flat body. She was who she was. Inside is the most important part for Haruhi.

Kyoya was ready to burst in there and give Haruhi a good talk. He saw the dressing room. He grabbed the curtain firmly giving it a nice pull. As it opened he noticed a shocked Haruhi indeed. But oddly enough there was a bra on her chest. He tried not to show the least bit of shock on his face. But he could not stop staring into those large brown eyes. They give each other another glance. Just like in the morning when she had fallen on top of Kyoya. Haruhi froze in time. Not knowing what to say or do she just stood there like a board staring at Kyoya.

Kyoya would have thought by now that she would throw some kind of girly scream or a reaction of anger by slapping him in the face. But she did not do either one. It surprised him in some way that she just stood still. Not scared perhaps. Maybe she was afraid that he would tell everyone her secret. Haruhi looked down she grabbed her brown sweater to hide herself.

"So now you know…" she was hiding sitting down on the floor now. She looked like a scared child inside that sweater. Kyoya was not sure what to say.

"I wouldn't care if you told everyone, I could care less what anyone thinks." Kyoya then out of the blue began to talk back.

"I would tell everyone perhaps, but for now we'll keep it something hidden from all the students here. You do your job nicely for a cross dresser but your game is over for now here. The club has a right to know where you stand." Haruhi now got annoyed. Now she didn't care if he heard what she thought of him.

"You really are a scum. Jackass thinking this is a game. I don't do it to play dress up!" Kyoya calmly replied back curtly

"And you are simply the worm that lies under my boots that I feel like squashing…" Kyoya was starting to feel weird. Why did he want to argue with her? Provoke her? This was something new to him. He wouldn't usually want to challenge someone to talk with him. It was considered a waste of time yet he was here in the dressing room wasting his time trying to anger her. Being corteous to everyone is what he's always known. Yet Haruhi is able to bring out the anger from him…well besides Tamaki his best friend. Without thinking Kyoya said.

"And looking as you do now I wouldn't have been able to tell if it were not for your bra, you really have a better boy appearance. Well pretty boy I should add." He was hoping that she would be angry at him. Instead she closed her eyes.

"You really think I give a damn of what you say to me? Your words are useless. For being the brainiac of the club you sure got some bad remarks. I suggest you work on your insults a little better. Who knows maybe I might get hurt the next time you try to pick an argument."

Kyoya twitched his eye. Did she just call me brainiac…? He took off his glasses and cleaned them. That little brat he thought angrily. She just smiled at him and then she rudely sticks out her tongue at him. Kyoya would have never thought that a girl would do something like that to him. No girl would dare do that to him. Yet here she was doing just that.

"You little twit, maybe your mother or father should have raised you better" Kyoya said in his bitter tone. Haruhi cracked. Ouch that was a good one she thought. But no she would not show him the hurt. This guy only wants to pick a fight. Her face down, she told Kyoya.

"Get out and let me change" she whispered to him in a harsh tone.

"Gladly…" Kyoya now felt he shouldn't have started something so stupid in the first place. Thinking he could argue with a smart girl like her. They both are brains to the max. It's more of a tie with their arguments. He was intrigued though to do this with her. She noticed Kyoya frowning a bit now. He turned around one more time looking at Haruhi.

"Rest assure that this is not over. This is not the last meeting we will have. I will eventually get you." Haruhi was laughing behind him. Kyoya was keeping his demeanor as best as he could that is until she chanted brainiac to him several time. Oh that does it he thought.

Unlike any other person she's met in her life Kyoya really did not want to give up. He gripped her arms with his large hands. Overpowering Haruhi pushing her into the wall, and he had her off the ground for the moment. She hardly weighed anything so that was no trouble for Kyoya. In his most mannered tone he said.

"I would appreciate it if you would not call me that. Understand?" He squeezed her arms a bit more. Haruhi knowing she would lose already decided to give up. He would not stop putting pressure on her arms. She stared back at those eyes. Cold eyes she thought with a sigh. His intimidation could be so scary sometimes. Haruhi was a bit afraid to see him like this. Kyoya thought the opposite. Her eyes looked to be very warm. Like a happy chocolate brown. He usually would not admire something for so long. Her eyes were very intriguing he thought in his mind. Realizing he had been in the dressing room longer than necessary he put her down gently letting her go. He left without saying anything to her.

"Weirdo…" she thought aloud as she rubbed her arms where Kyoya had managed to grab.

Then with a surprise she saw everyone rushing in. They twins were in wonder. Tamaki was in shock, the twins with jaws dropped, honey amazed, and Mori with no expression.

"A girl? OH Haruhi is a girl! Isn't this great everyone?" Tamaki said cheerfully. Then he started sobbing for a moment.

"Is this whyy Kyoya was in here for a long time!??? That pervert. How dare he oh my sweet little girl." Tamaki started to hug Haruhi so tight in fact that she needed some air.

"Nothing happened. Everything is fine! You can stop squeezing the life out of me now…"

"I was almost sure something like this was going to happen." Kaoru said in mysterious type tone. His brother Hikaru just grinned back at Kaoru.

"These change of events only get more interesting as they come along don't they?" Hikaru could not help but feel that this year at Ouran was going to be the most exciting one yet.

Haruhi then said.

"If you guys if you wouldn't mind…" saying with her fist. She cracked her knuckles. "I would like to change now." She gave them all a menacing look scaring them off. They all left politely laughing nervously.

"Of course you can dear oh and Haruhi." Tamaki said grinning.


"Your secret will be safe with us." He winked at her quickly then left.

Haruhi was exhausted yet happy at the same time. She thought she was going to have a normal school year here at Ouran high school at first. But now seeing that she has new friends here she felt she belonged in some way. She was accepted like if she was part of a family now. Dealing with Kyoya oh how fun it will be… she thought sarcastically.

"Maybe I was wrong about some of the rich students here…" She said smiling.

End of chapter one and yeah I know it was pretty long. I have not written fanfics in a long time so it might not be very good. But I did have fun catching up on some writing. I hope to improve it as I go along with this story. Well I hope to update soon. Thanks if you reviewed it. I don't mind any reviews that talk about improvement. I'd be happy to hear on suggestions. That is all for now. Take care readers ;).