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First chapter recap: So Haruhi and her father Ryoji were forced out of their apartment. It was also Haruhi's first day of school, so she leaves her father taking care of their belongings outside. As she runs towards the school she jumps accidentally on top of Kyoya a young man with pure brilliance (yep genious lol). Their first glance of course. Frustrations develop between the two. More so at the end when Kyoya makes the discovery that Haruhi was a woman all along despite her flat body. His annoyance was brought out even further seeing that Haruhi was too stubborn as they begun to quarrel. It truly ended not so well, as he leaves her there when the other host club members show up and make the same discovery. Haruhi did not mind. She had learned that someone of higher class also can be kind hearted and full of compassion.

Chapter 2 Summary: Haruhi plans to take the day off for school to find a job in order to get back the apartment. How will this turn out for Haruhi?

Well enjoy the next chapter! =D

Chapter 2- Danger

It was now the end of school as all the students begin to leave.

Back at the host club room all the boys were packing their things getting ready to head home.

Haruhi had dressed up back into her old clothes she had worn before. She would keep them anyways though. Tamaki was disappointed since he wanted to see what the uniform would look like on her. It really troubled Tamaki that Haruhi did not want to show how cute she could be.

The twins we're heading outside saying their goodbyes to everyone else. Honey and Mori were outside already waving back at everyone else.

Luckily Kyoya was nowhere to be around. It seems that he had left before everyone else. Haruhi couldn't be more relieved. Having that little argument with him inside the dressing room was more than enough for her.

Haruhi grabbed her things and started walking outside. Tamaki had been the last to leave as the leader he does hold the key to the room.

The gates of the school had finally closed, Haruhi being one of the last people to leave school grounds.

What a day…she thought in wonder and exhaustion. It must be her luck that interesting events begin to unfold before her, a knack perhaps. Well maybe until she tripped on the bumpy cement floor leaving her on the ground.

"More like a knack for trouble…" She thought with her face in pain as she rubbed her nose.

She stood up and walked straight ahead hoping not to trip anymore.

"I guess I can't say I'm home anymore" she thought in some depressed way. What would they really do now? Where would they be staying at? There was really no one to count on for a free room to stay in. The thing is that money is the main concern here, No money, no place to stay in. Haruhi was thinking wondering what she could do to help out.

Suddenly it began to get windier. A piece of paper was fluttering about. And of course the paper flew towards Haruhi hitting her face. She sighed loudly.

"Even papers begin to attack me…what's next?" she took out the paper from her face. She turned it around and it looked like an offer of some sort written on it. Advertising sure loves flying around everyone, of course though you must provide a great way to pass on the attention to those future customers. She began to read the advertised paper.

New waiters wanted

No experience necessary just serve food and drinks.

We pay 13,000 yen per hour.

Haruhi gasped. A lot of yen the hour. Wow working in only a few hours and I'll probably make enough money to rent back our own place! She was smiling more than ever now. She feels she was blessed. Now she was glad that paper had attacked her.

She ran quicker than ever not being able to wait to get to her dad. But maybe it would be better to surprise him rather than tell him. And the interviews for the job were tomorrow so this would mean Haruhi would have to excuse herself from school one day. Her father would probably not like hearing that she's already ditching on her second day of school. Oh well looks like she would not say anything for now. Haruhi decided that she would keep it a secret.

Haruhi had finally reached her dad but then she noticed that their things were missing. I wonder what happened she thought as she tried looking for her dad also. Before she knew it he popped out of the corner of the street she just came from. He was hopping with joy also.

"Haruhi I'm so glad you are home I have some great news!!" He said in a merry joyful tone. You could almost say that he was squealing like a little girl who just got candy from the candy store…

"What news is that dad?" she asked with curiosity. Seeing that he could not contain himself any longer he burst out saying.

"Oh I just happen to run by church today just to do a prayer. After I finished the priest stop by to talk to me. Our conversation led from one thing to another until I told him about well…about our situation and now he's offered to let us stay in the church for as long as we want. Isn't that great?"

Haruhi was happy yet a bit disappointed hearing that they would have to stay there. But hearing this would give Haruhi some time to get their place back no matter what the cost. Hearing that she would get paid so much like that from that ad she wouldn't mind working a few hours during the weekend just to pay off the rent.

"That's great to hear dad" she gave him a sunny smile back. Then Ryoji patted her head.

"Well no use in standing here any longer, we should get going." Ryoji said as he started walking towards their temporary home. Haruhi walked behind him. For now they were safe. Saved by the church Haruhi felt grateful about it.

Inside the Ootori's Mansion

A huge but magnificent home to live in life couldn't be better for the Ootoris'. They could do just about anything with the power they held in their hands. Experimenting with new businesses and such it really could not be a better game for them.

Kyoya was inside his room working on his laptop. He really could not help but make sure everything was in order. From checking the host club profits as well as managing it to making sure each and every single one of his friends especially tamaki we're also doing alright.

He also wanted to make sure that he was a step ahead of everyone else. Having the intelligence was a great gift. Yet there was times when he felt discouraged about his abilities. Due to the fact that his father did not notice him or even bothers to overlook his own son. Kyoya knew that it was because he was the third son. But what more could he do? He was not like some kind of god who could just walk on water.

Even though he investigated people figuring them out from their backgrounds it was also annoying at times. But it was a good idea to learn what was coming ahead.

As he kept typing on his laptop he stumbled upon criminal profiles. There were many of them everywhere. Just for the time being Kyoya was interested enough to cross into a profile of a man with spikey red hair Mohawk style. He's eyes look very dangerous like he would cause malice to someone making them suffer first before he killed him. It shows he has murdered 2 people. Both of them were victims that had been raped. His criminal background is not pretty from the looks of it. Having 2 people suffered like that was too many even for Kyoya. He sighed and exited out from the site of most wanted criminals.

Kyoya had thought he knew about everything and everyone. Until the image of a cross dressing girl appeared before his mind. He hadn't bothered to think about her after what happened during that dressing room of the host club.

Just to have himself ahead of the game he wanted to do some research on Haruhi and find out about her. Since he contained all the information about his friends and all why not find out about where Haruhi lies just to be ahead of the game.

He began to wonder if she would like hearing that he knew all there is to know about her. She'd probably would become annoyed and stick her tongue out, as he witnessed before…

He typed in her name anyways and decided to look her up. According to the information she was only living with her father, working as a cross dresser, and her mother was deceased. Not very many details about her showed up. Kyoya would have expected to receive more data on her. It seems that they did not reveal much about themselves. Well looks like now he knows where Haruhi gets her dress up tips from. It was too bad that her mother wasn't there Kyoya thought with a frown. The more Kyoya thought about it the more exasperating it became for him. It was enough to know for one day. He closed the window on his laptop quickly and shut it down.

Now that he had finished his work for the evening he decided to turn off his computer, take a shower and go to sleep for another day of school was to come the very next day.

Next day at Ouran high school

Kaoru and Hikaru had barely started going inside the classroom. Just about everyone showed up. The teacher had finally arrived calling out role.

"Haruhi Fujioka" he waited for someone to raise their hand. He repeated the name once more. He found it to be odd that the boy would be missing already on the second day. The twins woke up more when they notice Haruhi was not there. Where was she they both wondered, it wouldn't be like an honor student like her to miss school on a second day. He crossed off the name with disappointment. "I think he chickened out" said Hikaru with a hint of amusement in his eyes. "Too much excitement for one day I guess" Kaoru chuckled lightly. So the lesson continued. Lecture after lecture it almost felt like the teacher would not ever stop talking. Even looking at the clock was torture. Hikaru could see that the hand of the clock was barely moving.

It almost felt like the clock had stop right there. Hikaru made a loud yawn.

"I'm gonna start falling asleep if he keeps talking like this…" Kaoru felt the same way.

"Yeah besides we always catch up with our work either way heh…" Hikaru said with a lazy smile.

Endless lesson.


Walking in the streets trying to find the address of this waiter job Haruhi could almost feel that she was circling back and forth. She was starting to feel somewhat tired.

"I take a few steps here and there but why..can't I find it?" she says in a loud voice. She takes a deep breath determined to find this place badly.

Oddly enough Haruhi decided to dress nicely and casually. She was not really into girl clothes but she figured wearing her sunny yellow summer dressed with ruffled spaghetti straps would be something neat for a change. It was one of her favorite dresses to wear. Picky as she was with her clothing it was not bothersome at all for Haruhi. Along with her dress a white hair band complimented her hair. It was pretty kawaii for her. Her white sandals were a true comfort.

"Dressing like a girl ain't bad at all" she started to enjoy seeing herself a bit more feminine.

She huffed and puffed walking some more. There was no way she would find the place.

Suddenly two girls wearing excessive make up and crazy curls showed up walking.

Haruhi decided to go up to them figuring they might know something about the place she was trying to find.

"Excuse me um…do you by any chance know where this place is?" She extended out the ad showing it to the two girls.

The girls gave her a very pleasant smile. Excitedly they said.

"Of course! We'll show you where it's at" Haruhi blank from the face thought Well that was fast…they helped me right away…lucky day for me woo!

Within a few minutes of walking they were getting closer to a place full of bars and restaurants. It felt pretty cozy in a sense. All the people looked like they have had a good time from being in this small center. Before she even knew it she was already standing in front of the place. It had a neon sign of a martini with two green olives. It was a 2 floor building with black painting. Haruhi turned around to thank the girls. They only winked back at Haruhi.

"Have fun" They winked and left. Haruhi stared back at them for a sec. Those girls seemed a bit odd…I begin to think that they were almost wanting me to come here…

She brushed off those thoughts right away by shaking her head.

"I'll just forget about it" She decides to open the door.

It did not look any different from all the restaurants out there. The waiters looked really humble to their customers as they were taking their orders on the menu. Haruhi thought well if she's going to get paid around 13,000 yen the hour then she might as well take advantage of the offer.

Then someone tapped her shoulder. She turned around and saw an older man in a black suit wearing sunglasses. He looks like some kind of agent Haruhi thought as she pried.

"Are you lost young lady?" He asked her in a low but relaxing tone.

"I'm not I just wanted to speak with the owner of the place hoping to apply for a job." The man stares at her his interest developing as he looked how cute she dresses up. Then he says.

"Well you can come to my office for an interview its upstairs. Follow me." Haruhi blinked quickly. So he was the owner of the place who would of thought. Haruhi trails behind him following him to his office. She notices mostly a lot of men sitting down at the tables. Then some of then turn their gazes towards Haruhi. They begin to give her a dominating look in their eyes. Haruhi hesitated to gaze back. Her eyes went down immediately when they started to look at her. She could feel them laughing behind her. Probably they were mocking me…Haruhi assumed.

They finally reached the stairs and began to climb up. As soon as they got there the man opened the door. He let her inside first. He closed the door behind him pure monkey business jumping in his eyes.

At the host club

Preparing all the settings for the club, Tamaki was ready for another day of business to make his customers satisfied and happy. The twins were sitting down at one corner in a pretty table. Their eyes were closed. They seemed a bit more into their world than usual. Tamaki noticed this and approached them.

"You don't seem to be yourselves today. Smile a little more we're going to have our guests arriving soon!" The twins ignored Tamaki turning around. Tamaki feel to the floor in disbelief.

Kyoya walked up to the three of them as he lifted Tamaki grabbing him from behind his coat.

"All of you should straighten out a bit more" Kyoya mentioned trying to make sure they were ready for another round of playing prince and princess. The twins still in their world, Tamaki was standing but also slouching at the same time.

"How can I straighten myself up, with these two idiots looking down on me, something is wrong with them today can't you see Kyoya?" Kyoya observed them. He simply said.

"Well they can concern themselves with their thoughts later." One of the twins Hikaru turns around saying.

"It's not that we're concerned we were just thinking about that boy Haruhi." Kaoru replies after.

"Yeah he didn't show up for school today, I found it to be odd." Kyoya just closed his eyes raising his glasses up.

"Is that all?" Kyoya asked with some aggravation.

"Yeah well I guess it's not a big deal" Hikaru said.

"Something showed up I suppose maybe she'll sort it out by today and come back tomorrow" Kaoru said with a positive attitude.

"Back to work you two" Kyoya said with more annoyance.

Kyoya walked away working on his calculations for today on the club.

Tamaki stood blank the whole time. Then he began to yell.

"Haruhi! We have to go find her!" The twins rolled their eyes. Hikaru got a hold of Tamaki's left arm while Kaoru held his right arm.

"Settle down Tamaki, stop squirming" Kaoru said struggling to keep him down.

"You're hopeless" Hikaru said troubled by Tamaki's crazy action. Tamaki finally gave in falling down to the ground.

"Nothing happened to Haruhi" Kaoru said.

"Yeah she was probably to busy for school" Hikaru said making his point.

Tamaki recovered fast standing up.

"I don't think she would be absent for school just like this. You idiots don't know anything! We still have to look for her to make sure she's alright." Both the twins grabbed a piece of their cake then without warning stuffed it in Tamaki's mouth. Tamaki almost yelped but then gave in to the sweetness of the cake. The twins laughed sticking out their tongue.

"That should hold him for the time being." They walked away from the table leaving him with his mouth full.

Honey and Mori had finally shown up. Honey looking cheerful as always went to his table really quick knowing that cake was waiting for him. He sat down quickly on the table grabbing his fork and knife. He opens his eyes. The plate was…empty. His head bowed down.

The twins started to gulp. They noticed that they had stuffed Tamaki in honey's cake. Running quickly towards him they decided to block Tamaki from honey's view as they stood behind him. He was not even moving anyways. He always drooped for the longest time when he became mindless.

Honey already knew who had the cake.

"Tamaki!" The twins feared he would release his moves on Tamaki. The twins closed their eyes feeling alarmed.

Then Mori walked up in front of honey before he could even make a move.

Mori surprised Honey with a new plate of cake. It was even bigger than the last plate.

"Your cake." He handed it to Honey.

Honey had regained his cheerful cutesy attitude.

"Thank you Mori!" Honey put the cake on the table and jumped on Mori hugging him.

The twins sighed with relief, both of them saying.

"He could have thought of this sooner."

Kyoya was back in the other side of the host club room doing paper work as usual, trying to think also on some new ways to attract more customers to their place. His thoughts began to drift though to Haruhi wondering where the hell she had gone to.

"Useless thoughts" Kyoya said in a futile tone.

He brought more focus to his work now where another day at the host club would be another successful one with his confidence.

Back at the restaurant

Haruhi had been talking with the owner of the restaurant assuring him that her services here would be the best yet. She felt nervous but gained her confidence talking as presentable as possible. The owner went through all the procedures of what to do and what not to do her at the place. Haruhi tried her best to keep in mind of all the regulations.

"Well with that said Miss Fujioka it seems that we are in need of new waiters here. You can start working today if you'd like."

Haruhi couldn't have felt gladder to hear that.

"That would be great." The man then mentioned.

"Well I'll send you to get your uniform." Haruhi went into another room. It was a huge room with laundry maids inside. There were many uniforms being washed, And new ones to be worn of course.

Haruhi went to choose her uniform. A lot of choices, but there was only one right size.

Host Club Room

The twins, Mori and honey had finally left. Kyoya and Tamaki were the only ones left.

"Another successful day hosting. Everyone did a great job today." Kyoya said in a satisfied tone.

"Yeah sure whatever." Tamaki said spacing off. Kyoya would not enjoy seeing his best friend like this. He did feel concerned about him, though Kyoya did not like showing it.

"What's troubling you this time?"

"Haruhi, Haruhi, Haruhi" Tamaki said non stop. Her name was repeated over and over. Kyoya put his hand on his shoulder.

"Tamaki, really you can't be negative all the time. She probably needed this day off for a good reason. You have to stop worrying." Kyoya said hoping to help Tamaki feel better about the situation.

"Maybe you're right…Kyoya but that does not mean that I should stop worrying for her." Kyoya knew Tamaki to well. He would always put himself before others.

"Well for today just try to have faith." Kyoya said coolly. Tamaki had finally calmed down somewhat. But it was good enough for Kyoya.

They both had walked off closing the doors behind them.

Back at the restaurant

Haruhi had her uniform on. It was a maid outfit. Haruhi sighed. Why did they have to have uniforms like this…?

Haruhi walked down stairs. She felt uneasy. For a first it could be pretty nerve wrecking.

You can do it Haruhi you can do it, saying that over and over she went forward with a smile.

She started helping out a few customers showing them to a table and gave them menus welcoming them. Afterwards she began to take their orders and take them to the back of the kitchen. When dishes were left on the table she would come to get them. It was just like cleaning her apartment.

All that mattered to Haruhi right now was to get the apartment back for the time being.

Then out of nowhere stage lights were brightening up the whole restaurant. There was a man on top conducting the stage light. Haruhi got surprised and stood as still as a board. What the heck….

"Alright everyone! Just like we rehearsed and action!!!" Suddenly everything got weirder as all the working maids there started removing parts of their clothing getting closer to their customers. Haruhi panicked even more now. O..m..g I think a landed at a strip club!!! You really done it now Haruhi…

The conductor then yelled at Haruhi.

"Standing still like that is not part of the show! Start moving girl." Haruhi hesitated walking around clueless hoping no one would pay any attention to her. It was too late as she noticed a couple of perverted men. They looked like middle age men.

"Hey little girl want to play." One of them said with a perverted smile.

"Dance for us!" the other one said with his tongue sticking out.

Haruhi walked away nervously. Then a man with dark brown hair said.

"Aww look at that she's a shy one." All of them got close to her.

"Is it your first day here? We haven't seen you before here." One of them said winking. Haruhi was dazed not knowing what to do.

"If you want we can show you how to be more experienced." Another one said in urge to see her remove her clothes. Haruhi did not want to be seen as a toy or an object to them. She put her head down. Out of nowhere her fist flew at one of them punching him in the face. Then she tried to yank herself out of one of the men who was holding her before. She ran off trying to get away from them.

They glared at her yelling for her to come back. Looks like I got them angry Haruhi said panicking. She ran across the whole restaurant trying to avoid contact with anyone else. I have to get outta here!

Haruhi was trying to find an exit to the place. Before she knew it there was a door with an exit sign. Running as fast as she could Haruhi reached for the door. She reached for the door knob but it wasn't opening. Haruhi shook it over and over hoping to reach her freedom from this place.

The group of men finally found her trying to make her escape.

"Oh no your not getting away from us" Haruhi with all her might pushed on the door. It still did not work.

Then men charged at her about to grab her when suddenly the door opened by itself out of nowhere. A hand got a hold of Haruhi pulling her out. Haruhi was alarmed but she had managed to break free from those other goons.

The door had closed behind her. She was out of the restaurant at last. But she was not free yet for the hand that had grabbed her was holding her close to him. He was an extremely large figure, wearing a long dark coat and a hat. He would not let go of her.

"Thanks for saving me but you can let go now" The figure smiling behind hooded coat said in a low tone.

"What makes you think I want to let go." Haruhi feeling more shocked than ever tried to dislodge herself from his strong arms. He covered her mouth with his hand.

"Also don't try to scream or else I'll shoot you without any hesitation." He showed her a gun he held in his hand he put it right next to her.

"So shhh." He said with an evil smile. Haruhi couldn't have felt more scared in her whole life. Realizing her life was in danger.

All she wanted was to get a job get her home back. But looks like she had made things worse endangering herself. The large hooded man disappeared with her dragging her along with him into the night towards the alley.


Kyoya was inside his limo about to head home. He had the plasma on top watching some news. It was not even interesting to him yet there he had it on. His eyes opened up more when he was heard Breaking news report.

The lady was reporting about a man considered to be armed in dangerous. He had escaped from prison. The reporter showed places of possibilities where the man could be lurking. Kyoya was even more shocked when they showed the description of the man. It had been the same man Kyoya had looked up on the criminals' website yesterday. Who would have thought…?

Without thinking Kyoya told the driver to head towards the center of the bars and restaurants. It would be possible that the man could be hiding there. Well Kyoya's family having a strong police force would have him captured soon enough. Kyoya also made a phone call to his police force telling them to patrol the whole area they were heading towards to.

Kyoya would hope they would find that man soon before he would cause harm to anyone.

He began to wonder about Haruhi's absence also. No…it couldn't be…Kyoya thought intensely. But the more thought Kyoya put in it the more suspicious he got about Haruhi disappearing for the day. It does make sense since Haruhi would not think of skipping school on just the second day. Now with the possibility that Haruhi could have been captured by that murder man made Kyoya worry now more than ever.

Kyoya feeling more determined than ever told the driver to drive faster. I have to find her before its too late. Kyoya would probably not forgive himself if he found her with the possibility of lying dead. That image brought a horrible chill to Kyoya. Tamaki had really worried about her. And now it was possible that her life could be in danger.

He would not let this happen.

Well I'll leave it in a cliffhanger. Haruhi has been captured by a dangerous figure. Could that possibly be the same man Kyoya had discovered online? Kyoya has now suspected that Haruhi is in grave danger with that dangerous criminal on the loose. Will he be able to reach her on time? We'll find that out on the next chapter ;D.