Zexion jockeyed for a position in front of a mirror, pushing other people with his elbows in the crowded unisex bathroom. With how much hairspray he'd subjected his periwinkle locks too, he didn't actually expect to be too disheveled, but it never hurt to check his makeup every once in a while. He only got a brief glimpse at his reflection before he, too, was elbowed out of position, but he thought he looked just fine. He straightened his artfully-loose tie, fixed the collar on his carefully-rumpled, un-tucked white dress shirt, and forced his way out of the cramped, sweaty, cloying bathroom. The little room was almost as crowded as the space right outside the door, where a huge crowd of fans spanned as far as they eye could see. An entire stadium of stinky, tightly-packed, screaming fans. Glorious.

Zexy slithered his way through the crowd, nearing the spot where his friends had promised to wait, and he was almost shivering with anticipation. He'd waited months for this concert date to be announced, and then applied to every contest and sweepstakes known to MAN to get the coveted tickets. In the end he'd answered 100 questions about the band on a radio station broadcast to win his 4 golden tickets, which he generously shared with his friends. An by 'shared,' it meant weeks and weeks of the crazed boys sucking up to him, carrying his books and buying him lunch and such. Xigbar had even pierced Zexion's tongue for him, free of charge. Of course the boy hated it soon after and let it heal, but it was the thought that counted.

In the end, he'd given one to Riku, his big brother, one to Roxas, his blonde-haired best friend, and the last to Xigbar, the odd young man the trio had befriended Freshman year. He was older them all by two or three years, but somehow managed to still fit in seamlessly. Now in their Senior year, Xigbar was twenty going on thirteen, with how immature the so-called 'grown up' managed to act. He had whined about the concert ever since receiving his ticket, absolutely delighted to be going but depressed that he couldn't being his latest boy-toy with him. He was ecstatic, however, that he would get to see his latest celebrity crush – Demyx Minami, lead guitarist for the band.

In fact, one of the reasons Zexion has selected these chosen few to accompany him was because they all seemed to be infatuated with different band members. Zexion knew from experience what happened when two hyped-up fans with crushes on the same performer got too close, and he didn't want to see it ever again. That poor girl had to get a kidney transplant, and he didn't fancy any new hospital bills.

So Zexion was quite proud of his choices. Delighted with them, even. The lecherous Xigbar had his single yellow eye on the guitarist. Riku had long nursed a sweet affection for the band's tiny drummer, Sora Naegino. Roxas could occasionally be found drooling while poring over pictures of the… 'interesting' bass player, Axel Flynn. Zexion himself, however, was consumed by a fiery passion that his fickle teen heart told him was 'love,' but he personally believed to be pure karmic destiny. A match made in heaven itself.

He wouldn't settle for a lowly instrumentalist, however much he liked Demyx's gorgeous eyes. He had much higher aspirations. Marluxia Lush. The lead vocalist, whose name was always a joke in tabloids and gossip rags. He refused to change it, though, because he said it reminded him of his poor, dead mother, which Zexion privately thought was very sweet. Plus it seemed to fit with the man's demure floral theme – nearly everything about him was in some subversive way flower themed, from his petal-pink hair to his preferred brand of perfume.

Zexion considered himself a hardcore Marluxia-fan, which was why he had no qualms about signing up for that rather dubious radio quiz. Even the announcer man who'd shot off question after question seemed surprised, which is how he'd managed to score such awesome tickets anyway. The concert was soon to start, so Zexion picked up his pace and elbowed deliberately through the mass of bodies. There was a large section pinned and cordoned off for the winners of special promotions and gimmicks, with prime space right up against the stage, and that was where Zexy was headed. He found his pals just outside the little gate to this special section, being watched warily by big burly security guards in black t-shirts who wore sunglasses (at night?) and little earpieces. Zexion waved at them as he approached, and produced his tickets for the bouncer-dudes.

They scrutinized them carefully, checking every detail before passing the tickets back, satisfied, and parting to let them pass. The sound of chatter and excited squeals was nearly deafening as the show's start drew closer. The boys made their way to the very front, stepping respectfully around the older fans who didn't seem to know why they were there in the first place. Well, that's what you get for applying to a sweepstakes without knowing your prize! The boys managed to snag a blessedly clear space up against the big stage itself. This was a relatively small concert, all told. More of a benefit than anything. Half of the night's proceeds would go to some charity or another, so the tickets were significantly more expensive, the setting a bit more formal. The stadium only house a scant few thousand, and the stage was only a hair above five feet off the ground. The entire floor sloped towards it, however, so even a fan in the very back could get a good view.

But nothing could compare to what Zexion and his friends would get. They would be within meters – FEET, even – of their idols. They didn't bother chatting, as nothing but a dull roar could be heard above the din of the anxious concert attendees. The clock struck nine, then nine thirty, and finally a small group stumbled onto stage.

They suffered through a few songs by some warm-up band called 'The Organization,' who came onstage wearing black cloaks and singing depressing and slightly frightening songs about human hearts. The tension mounted as the newbies cleared off, and an almost-eerie hush descended over the assembled crowd. Slowly, almost unnoticed at first, soft music came from either side of the huge stage, the very corners shrouded in darkness. A slow, heavy drum beat started up, accompanied by a piano. Ethereal background singers joined in, and then a single human voice broke the tenuous silence.

A spotlight flashed suddenly, and there he was, in all of his pink, gorgeous glory – Marluxia. The lights flicked on one by one, illuminating the stage one band member at a time. His friends screamed in turn as their favorites were revealed, and both guitarists joined into the music. The first song was one Zexion knew all too well, having listened to it a million times, and he felt no qualms about screaming the words along with the rest of the ecstatic horde.

His private idol pranced around the stage, velvet voice alluring, song to song. Zexion barely noticed the time passing, but when he recognized what he knew was slated to be the last song of the night he was surprised by the wave of shock, longing, and pain that coursed through him. He scrambled for his messenger bag, which he had conveniently hooked over Xigar's shoulder when he wasn't looking, and marveled quietly at his own audacity. He still wasn't sure how he managed to smuggle a live flower in here without it being killed, but that single white rose was well worth the effort when he pulled it from its cloth prison. No one he'd seen had thought of it, although it did seem like a pretty common way of paying homage, throwing a flower to the one you admire.

He waited the pinkhead to come strutting close by, and thrust his hand – white rose clutched firmly – into the air, pushing toward the singer. He closed his eyes as the last few chords of the song reverberated through the stadium, and nearly gasped when he felt something being pulled from his fingers. He looked up – straight into the startlingly blue eyes of his dream man. Zexion's little gay heart nearly exploded as Marluxia knelt, gently pried the rose from his clenched fingers, and smiled his dazzling smile, just for Zexion. The singer then dropped to both knees and leaned down, grabbing Zexion's chin to tilt his blushing face up.

He whispered, "Thank you." Quietly, his voice rough from singing, and gently kissed him on the lips.

It was very brief, but suddenly then entire stadium was screaming. Fangirls swooned, fanboys cried in jealousy, and all Zexion could do was stare up like a stunned puppy. Marluxia chuckled, whispering, "You're cute." before standing back up. The crowd was screaming for an encore, now more riled up and excited than ever, and the band gladly complied. Marluxia pulled the long, pink ribbon that bound his hair out of its adorable bow, and with it tied his pristine white rose to his micstand. This final song was upbeat and got everyone's blood pumping again, the entire crowd whipped into a frenzy – save for four teenagers at the very front. Xigbar, Roxas, and Riku just stared up at the stage, then over at their blue-haired friend. One white hand covered his mouth, as if to preserve the delicate pressure of that sweet, sweet kiss. His eyes were wide and disbelieving, but still trailed the pinkhead relentlessly as he ambled across the stage.

The band finished with a flourish, and a tide of rainbow confetti came spiraling down from unseen heights to cover the stage. The crowd watched in awe as Marluxia snagged a piece of the red paper before it hit the ground, kissed it, and closed his fingers over it as it lay in his palm. When he opened his hand, a single red rose rested there. He traipsed back over to Zexion, who still stared, stunned. The singer bent at the waist this time, and handed Zexion the flower. Their fingers brushed with an electric sizzle. Marluxia smiled down at him beatifically, then raised his hand and waved. He mouthed the words 'call me,' unmistakable at this short of a distance, and disappeared into the darkness as the stage lights shut off all at once.

Zexion was still pretty much rooted to the ground half an hour later, his rose cradled lovingly in one hand until his friends deemed the arena un-crowded enough to hazard an escape. People stared at Zexion like he was a god, and the group only just managed to elbow their way to the car before the roiling swarm of Marly-fans burned Zexy at the stake. Their vehicular escape went even slower, the sluggish traffic and persistent fans cloying them and fencing them in. Only when they had fully fled, stopped for ice cream on the was to Riku and Zexion's house, and flopped down on the soft, overstuffed couch in the boys home did Zexion allow himself to fanboy *SQEEEE* like a preteen girl.

His friends pumped him for answers, all asking variations on the same question – "What did that KISS feel like?!?" Zexion described the best he could, faithful, gossip-sharing friend to the end. They passed the rose around in a circle, admiring it, until it found its way back into the hands of its owner. He examined it carefully, feeling the silky-soft velvet of the petals and the crisp folds of the vibrant leaves. He was examining the unopened furl of blood-red in the center when he noticed something a mite strange – a flash of white. He poked it gently for a few seconds before realizing what is was – a thin, rolled strip of paper.

He extracted it gently, careful not to hurt the flower itself. He would find newsprint and a heavy dictionary of some sort later, to press it, he reminded himself. The little paper slid free, and everyone stared in silence as he unrolled it.

The message was simple. Ten digits, arranged xxx-xxx-xxxx. Unmistakably a cell number, and drawn next to it was a tiny blue heart. For the rest of the night they marveled about how skilled of a magician Marluxia must be, and how freaking AWESOME that concert had been. But in a quiet part of Zexion's mind, and in his heart, a little bud of love began to bloom.


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