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Zexion fingered the little piece of paper, twisting it through his fingers. Once crisp and clear, the writing on it was now illegible. This didn't matter, however, as the bluenette had already memorized the number a week before. The poor paper was worn and tattered, but he knew its shape and contours as well as his own facial features. He merely toyed with it for comfort now, for reassurance, as he stared down at the cell phone in his palm. His parents had finally crumbled and bought him one a few days before, but he wasn't sure he was ready to use it quite yet.

He had debated for days with his friends on the best way to contact Marluxia. Xigbar insisted he call, but Riku brought up the point that this could merely be a trick, poking fun at a rabid fan. As much as it hurt to consider, Zexion was rational enough to consider this possibility. Roxas, though, brought up another possibility – text him. This way he couldn't be as personally mortified, and he could have time to think of decent responses during a conversation, should one arise. They'd all quickly decided that this was the best course of action, but Zexion couldn't help but hesitate.

The new phone as shiny and hi-tech, with a full keyboard and petite little speakers. The bluenette agonized for hours over what to say, before settling on a simple:


He didn't have to wait too long for a response – less than a minute later, the sleek phone was vibrating with a new message. He warily flipped it open, and watched as the little message opened up.

'Hey there! Who is this? 3'

The text was pink, another feature afforded by the more technologically advanced phones of the age, and Zexion found himself smiling nervously. His thumbs were sluggish – new texter – as he painstakingly typed his response.

'This is… Zexion. Who is this?'

His phone was silent for nearly a minute and a half this time. When it buzzed again, a dull hum reaching his ears as it vibrated against his coffee table, he couldn't flip the gadget open fast enough. The little pink letters were almost endearing.

'This is Marluxia, of course! Silly, who else would it be? But who, exactly, are you? Zexion… can I call you Zexy?'

The squealing fanboy in Zexion nearly dies, and his heart felt like it would explode from the happiness. Zexy. His idol gave him a nickname.

'You can call me anything you want, Sir. I got this number out of a rose you gave me at your Twilight Arena concert…'

His thumb pressed the 'Send' key numbly. Calling Marluxia 'Sir' may have been a little overboard, but he wanted to make sure he was conferring the proper amount of respect. He opened his phone again, almost absentmindedly, when another message arrived.

'Aw, calling me sir makes me feel old, Zexy! So YOU'RE the delicious little blue-haired kid who gave me the white rose? I hoped you'd txt soon…'

Zexion's entire digestive system almost came out of his mouth. Marluxia, rock savior, father of all things wonderful, his king, his god, his true love… he has just called Zexion 'delicious.' Oh. My. God. His thumbs couldn't move fast enough as he tap-tap-tapped out a response.

'Yep, that's me. I wasn't sure if I should text or just call you… Pardon, but… why did you give me your number? You're like the most famous singer in existence.'

Marluxia responded quickly, and Zexion almost didn't have the will to pick the phone up. He was sure to embarrass himself beyond belief, if he kept talking like this.

'Don't guys normally give their numbers to people they'd like to know a little better? I'm sure you're pretty used to getting guys numbers. I'm glad you think so highly of me ^-^'

Zexion was flabbergasted. How the hell was he supposed to respond to this? He settled back on the couch, and pulled a pillow onto his lap for comfort before responding.

'Um… see more of? And of course I think highly of you! I admire you more than anyone else, EVER.'

The bluenette's foot tapped impatiently on the carpet, a dull thump-thump-thump, as he waited for his reply

'Oh really? Well I'm flattered. Of course I want to see more of you. You intrigue me, Zexy. Or did you not feel anything when I kissed you?'

Marluxia's hot pink letters couldn't disguise the melancholy tone of those last few words. Zexion blushed profusely. In truth, the kiss had completely seared through him, melting his bones and cementing him to the floor. He tried to convey this, but mind-blowing adoration can be hard to convey through text message.

'O-Of course I felt something! It was just all a bit… sudden. What would an interplanetary superstar want to do with ME?'

The singer took his sweet time texting back, and Zexion gnawed at his fingernails impatiently.

'I thought you looked interesting. No one's ever given me a flower at a concert before… no one ever really noticed how much I like them, I guess.'

Zexion guffawed, blushing faintly. 'Interesting,' huh? He looked interesting. He supposed it could be taken as a compliment.

'Really? You've got a floral perfume line, your favorite smell is freesia, and every one of your houses has a huge garden. Hell, the house in Destiny Islands is SHAPED like one.'

The bluenette played with his hair as he waited. Marluxia's next response made him blush bright red, and he had no idea what to reply.

'Aw, sounds like someone's a bit of a fanboy. You're sweet, Zexion! I know- I'm going to be in town for a few days. Want to meet for coffee?'

Zexion sat there, staring at his phone, for almost two minutes solid.

'I'd love to! There's a coffee shop on the corner of 3rd and Paopu that serves a great chai latte.'

They chatted amiably for a few more minutes, deciding on a place and time, before Marluxia confessed that he was half an hour late for band practice, and that his agent would probably skin him if he got any later. They exchanged a friendly goodbye, and Marluxia left with one last message.

'See you soon, Sexy Zexy! 33'

Zexion forwarded this to all his friends, and within ten minutes the entire gang had assembled on his couch. Riku had provided ice cream and soda, and they all listened intently as Zexion read the entire conversation aloud. They collapsed into fits of giggles and boyish excitement at the end, and then screeched like little girls. They analyzed every single line, every word, and proudly announced, "He is definitely interested in you. Like… interested."

Zexion blushed, if possible, even more, and denied it wholeheartedly. But as the boys slid off the couch and raced to his room to find the perfect outfit, the bluenette let one cool hand drift to his lips, as if remembering a certain kiss.


The coffee shop was moderately busy, but not overly crowded. Teens milled around, adults surfed the web while sipping their beverages, stoic businessmen frowned behind their newspapers. One corner was mostly empty, save for a certain nervous bluenette. He kept looking down at his cell, checking the time and his reflection in the shiny plastic of the protective case. He was five minutes early, but his nerves were strung as tightly as piano wire.

He was glad his friends had picked comfortable-but-still-attractive clothes for him; he couldn't have handled any complications. He wore his favorite navy blue t-shirt, emblazoned with a black rose, over a long-sleeved grey shirt. His jeans were a bit narrower than the norm, but not so skin-tight as to be uncomfortable, just flattering. His battered converse were a delicate pink – nearly the same shade as Marluxia's hair, hence why he bought them and why they were his favorite shoes ever. His hair had been styled to perfection, and his complexion was blessedly clear.

Five minutes came and went. Then another five. Finally, seven minutes after the scheduled meeting time, the door whooshed open. Zexion, by now wound so tight by nerves he thought he might spontaneously combust, saw a plain-looking man amble in. He couldn't tell exactly what the newcomer looked like – he was wearing a ball cap with all his hair tucked inside, and huge sunglasses – but he knew instinctively that this was who he'd been waiting for. The man spotted him and waved, placing his order and grabbing a hot latte before strolling over to Zexion's table. The mystery man sat down opposite the frightened bluenette, pulled off his glasses, and smiled brightly.

Marluxia looked even more beautiful in person. His cheeks were pink from the unseasonable early autumn chill, and little sparkles of water clustered on the tips of his eyelashes from the fog outside. Zexion had to stop himself from screaming as Marluxia carefully pulled the lid off his coffee and poured what amounted to half a pound of sugar into his foam cup. He stirred it vigorously for a few seconds with a tiny red straw, before bringing it to that perfect mouth and taking a deep draught. Licking his lips, the singer observed the boy in front of him.

"How old are you, Zexy?" Marluxia's voice in person was just as beautiful as when he was singing, and Zexion was a bit flabbergasted. He sputtered for a few seconds, blushing as the star watched him bemusedly.

"I-I'm 17. I'll be 18 in a little over a month… sir."

"Enough with the 'Sir' business. Call me Marly or you'll make me feel like an old man." He pouted cutely. Zexion nodded, and the man continued, "I want to go somewhere we can talk. How 'bout we go on a walk?" He giggled at his little rhyme.

Zexion nodded enthusiastically, grabbed his hoodie from the back of his chair, and followed Marluxia outside and down the sidewalk. They chatted more – mostly about music and inspiration and funny childhood stories – until they found themselves outside the park. They bought bread from a nearby bakery and fed the soon-to-migrate ducks, laughing as the water fowl bobbed and dove for the little morsels. They split a hot cinnamon bagel on a park bench, awkwardness evaporating as they got to know each other a little better.

Marluxia told him hilarious stories about his band-mates, and Zexion 'accidentally' let slip that his friends each conveniently idolized a different band member, and Marluxia made a crack about them being like trading cards that had them rolling around in laughter. They wandered around the park some more, until it began to get dark. It was seriously cold now, and they walked back to the coffee shop quickly. They spent another effortless hour debating politics and societal issues, by which time they already felt like old friends. When the time came, Zexion walked Marluxia to his hotel, and they paused just inside the lobby to say goodbye.

"I had an awesome time, Zexy." Marluxia pulled his jacket off and settled it around the bluenette's thin shoulders. Zexion protested feebly until the singer pressed a finger to those traitorous lips.

"It's cold, and you still have to walk all the way back home. You can give it back to me the next time we see each other." From the back pocket of his jeans, he produced a handful of plastic concert passes on pink-silk lanyards.

"These are for tomorrow's concert…" he slipped them into Zexion's hand. "I hope you and your friends will come. They'll get you backstage after the stage after the show, too, so you can come see me."

Zexion was stunned. These passes together cost more than he made in nearly six months at his part-time job. "Th-thank you, Marluxia! This is amazi-" but he was cut off again, this time by soft lips pressed against his own. His toes curled in ecstasy, and his arms snaked around the singer's neck as Marluxia titled his head back gently. Zexion pulled the hat off the man's head as Marluxia's arm wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer, and Zexion's fingers tangled in the pink hair and held on tight.

The kiss was quite passionate, and neither man wanted it to end just yet, but due to oxygen constraints they pulled apart regretfully. Zexion rested his head against the taller man's chest, breathing heavily. He felt, rather than heard Marluxia speak.

"Zexion…" the singer hesitated. "Do you believe in… soulmates?" The bluenette gazed up at him contentedly, smiling.

"I'm not sure if I believe in soulmates, but I sure as hell believe in miracles. A week ago I was a screaming fan at a concert. Today, I'm…" he paused, searching for the right word. "I'm here." He squeezed the singer gently to make his point.

Marluxia laughed. He was about to open his mouth to answer when a rowdy crowd of boys tumbled into the hotel lobby. Zexion's keen eye picked out a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead in the tumult before it dawned on him – this was the rest of the band. The rabble-rousers calmed themselves quickly when they saw Marly, and waved ecstatically.

"Hey Mar-Mar!!" The redhead – Axel, on bass – yelled across the space separating them. Marluxia nodded to acknowledge them, grinning.

He called them over. "Hey, guys!" Marluxia spoke with mock gravity, but the smile on his face betrayed his mood. "This is Zexion, my…" He looked at the blushing bluenette. "My boyfriend!" he finished proudly, Zexion's head shot up, and he ogled the pinkhead. Marluxia nodded seriously, and the shorter man threw his arms around his boyfriend's neck again, kissing him enthusiastically. After a moment he seemed to remember who he was in the company of, and the band members chuckled as he blushed and apologized. They introduced themselves formally, and laughed it off.

They insisted that yes, Marly was very busy – they had to practice for the next day's gig. Marluxia kissed him goodbye, sweet and brief, and promised to text him later that night.

Zexion wandered home, nose buried in the collar of the coat that smelled of Marluxia and flowers. When he opened his front door, his friends were already waiting.


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