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All Elphaba could do was stare at that man. That beautiful man…no, handsome, boys didn't like to be called beautiful or pretty, Shell had taught her that. But…how beautiful he was. His eyes shined at her, glistening with memories. He's back. Elphaba slowly walked towards him, her wedding dress rustling the grass softly. She walked as close as she dared, standing only a few inches away from him.

"Are you really here?" she asked.

"What do you think?" he whispered, his cool breath sliding across her lips as he spoke to her gently.

"Touch me." Elphaba said quietly. She watched as Fiyero's hand slowly rose, coming close to her face and she waited with baited breath for the feel of his warm hand on her face. She closed her eyes and waited and then finally, she felt the tips of his fingers graze her cheek. Water rushed to her eyes as she threw her arms around him, holding him as tight as she could.

"I…I…" she could barely speak in her state as she grasped at him desperately. Fiyero could feel the water clouding his vision as he held her tightly.

7 months ago

"Father, I need to speak to you." Fiyero said as he walked into his father's office. Anton looked up at Fiyero with a gruff expression as he set his papers down, noticing the papers in Fiyero's hands.

"What are those?" he growled, glaring at his son.

"Father, after what you did to Elphaba," Fiyero began, "I don't want anything to do with you. These are both divorce papers. These," Fiyero held a few papers up, "are for dissolving my marriage with Sarima. And these," Fiyero held up another stack of papers, "are for ending your parental connections to me. I just need you to sign them once." Anton stared down at the papers, his mouth open in shock.

"You want me to…disown you?" Anton asked you.

"I'm rejecting you as my father." Fiyero said firmly, "You can say that this was your decision if it makes it easier for you. If you don't sign them, I'll take this to a court where things will become very…public."

"Fiyero…you're my son." Anton choked out, staring up at his only son.

"You and mom barely noticed my existence." Fiyero said evenly, "You aren't losing much."


"Sign them now, or what you did to Elphaba and these divorces will go public, and that's a promise." Fiyero stared down at his father with a harsh glare. Anton sighed as he saw the look in his son's eyes. He shakily reached into his pocket for a pen.

Present Day

Elphaba and Fiyero sat on the banks of the lake, swinging their legs in the water, Elphaba's wedding dress totally ruined now. Fiyero had placed his hand over hers and he kissed her softly.

"And Sarima? What happened to her?" Elphaba asked, gazing at the rippling water.

"Well…" Fiyero grinned, "It turns out that all the while she was having an affair with Avaric!"

"No!" Elphaba laughed. Fiyero laughed at the surprised look on her face.

"Yes!" he mocked her with a grin, "A week or so before I was going to present the divorce papers to her, she came clean to Anton and my mom and divorced me, declaring that she and Avaric were indeed going away together to get married!" Elphaba burst into laughter.

"Oz!" she laughed.

"You may laugh now," Fiyero waggled his finger at her, "But when it was happening everyone just felt like their head was going to burst if one more thing went wrong. Anton who had defended the little hypocrite to the end, was simply out of his mind with shock when he heard the news. I hear now that Sarima and Avaric are preparing for their first child." Their laughter slowly faded as they leaned against one another quietly.

"And you? Where have you been all this time?" Elphaba asked quietly.

"I rented an apartment in the Gillikin and got a job as a bartender since my inheritance to the throne was moot since I'm no longer Anton's son." Fiyero explained quietly, "I tried coming for you after Sarima and I's divorce, but Frex wouldn't tell me where you were. Shell told me that William had taken you to the Emerald City, but he didn't know your address. So, I went and scoured the Emerald City, but I never found you. In the end I returned to the Gillikin, checking up on Munchkinland every two weeks or so. About three days ago I came back to Munchkinland…." Fiyero gently tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as his eyes sadly looked over her wedding gown, "Just in time for your wedding it would seem."

"Yero…don't be ridiculous." Elphaba gave him a soft smile. Fiyero felt bubbly tears fill his eyes again as he smiled down at Elphaba, pulling her close as he kissed her forehead. He finally let himself cry, with relief, with joy and happiness and the promise of forever with his awful, beautiful girl.

About 7 Years ago

William shuffled his feet at the train station, he'd just said goodbye to his friend, who was heading off to the Vinkus, Carl was going to love it there, the weather, mountains, culture. He watched as the specks of the distant train disappeared and he put his hands in his pockets, getting ready to leave. He turned back around when he heard someone else come to the station. She was beautiful.

"I take it the train's left already?" she sounded so empty, so lost. William slowly walked towards her, she looked to be on the verge of breaking.

"Yeah, my friend just got on. You just missed it, I'm sorry." he said, not knowing how much closer he should get. She stared ahead blankly, the presence in her eyes gone. As she stood on the platform, William knew that she simply just wasn't there. He took a few more tentative steps towards her, she was so completely devastated and…abandoned. With a start he noticed the saturated bloody footprints. He tried to pull her back to the platform, back into her body. But wherever she'd gone to, she was empty. He tried again and again to get her attention, concerned about her medical wellbeing, but she could neither hear nor see him. And then she finally broke down, screaming as she crashed to the hard concrete. This was heartbreak like William had never seen. He tried to get her to calm down as she only hurt herself more. The crystal in her hand cut her skin from her tight grasp and blood slid down her arm.

"Yero." she cried the name as the grains of her heart were carried off by the soft breeze blowing through the station. William stared at her helplessly. How could someone's heart break so terrible, so painfully? How strong was such a love that it did such terrible things? He didn't see her again for three years and she hadn't recognized him, why would she? She was still the girl he'd met at the station, only now more composed. But in the years between, he'd never stopped thinking of her. But seeing her then, he knew she could never love anyone as she once had. He knew she would be entirely out of reach to anyone but that one person. This…Yero of hers. And if she and this Yero ever had a chance again, he would let her go because that was truly who she belonged with.

Present Day

William could feel his pounding heart drop as he listened to her words and he briefly forgot the promise he'd made to himself 7 years ago as he fought for her love. She was ending the engagement, the wedding. And she was telling him as best as she could. But William only looked down at his hands, knowing this was coming, had been, for a long time. He'd only hoped too much.

"I know you're upset." Elphaba whispered. They sat together in the quiet hall outside of the main chapel.

"Is it…" William struggled for words through the tears stopped up in his throat, "Did he…did he come back?"

"Ah." Elphaba breathed, nodding.

"Elphaba, I know it's foolish of me to ask, but maybe you should consider…marrying him. Think back to how complicating everything was, how he's only been back for a day. Can't he have changed? Why are you so confident, so ready to-"

"For a long time…"Elphaba whispered interrupting him, "…I did not want to open my eyes in the morning. If I open my eyes, I find no one there. Nothing was fun for me, not even normal things…like holidays or birthdays. The sunrise made me feel empty, because every morning I opened my eyes, I was alone, because he wasn't there." Elphaba stared ahead blankly, remembering, "For six years….I was unhappy like that…then…he came back. And the sunrise started to become fun for me. I went to sleep earlier at night, because it meant that I could wake up faster the next morning and spend the day with him. I wasn't scared of opening my eyes anymore, because when I did, he would be there. It didn't matter if we spent a little time apart, because when he came back, I would feel so happy, like we'd spent a million years apart. He made me enjoy living. And then…he was gone…and everything went back to how it was before. And I did not want to open my eyes." a silence rang between them as William took in her words.

"If you felt so strongly, then why did you ever agree to marry me?" William asked, struggling to get the words out.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, looking down at her hands, "I never meant to hurt you. I always thought that I would marry you. But like a destined pair, he and I met again…and like a fool, I cannot stop loving him….and I feel happy…"

"I want you to be happy." William said quietly. Elphaba looked up at him and took the ring off her finger, placing it gently in his hands. William sighed as he stared down at the ring. He looked back at Elphaba, "So…when are you two getting married?" Elphaba shrugged.

"Not until everything quiets down. Not until all of these messes are cleared up." she said.

"All this planning for the wedding…it'd be a waste to let go of all that work." William looked at her, "Get married tomorrow, everything's arranged, please, I want you and him to be happy, I want you to enjoy living again. Please."

"William…" Elphaba couldn't believe this man, this gentleman of hers was giving their wedding to her, so she could marry someone else. How could there be people so kind in the world?

"Please Elphaba," William smiled, taking her hand, "Let's not be wasteful." Elphaba beamed, leaning forward, kissing him on the cheek. William smiled sadly. It was the sweetest kiss she'd ever given him.

The wedding was to take place on schedule tomorrow afternoon. Everything was ready, the only replacements were perhaps some of the guests, the groom and Elphaba's wedding gown. Galinda had simply gone ape shit mad when she'd seen what Elphaba had done to the old dress. Fiyero and Elphaba now lay in tall grasses around their lake, looking up at the stars.

"I'm surprised you're still alive," Fiyero chuckled into the peaceful summer night, "Did you see the murderous glint in Galinda's eye when she saw your dress? I honestly wouldn't have been surprised if she went running to the kitchen for a knife."

"Oh you should of heard her when I told her it was you," Elphaba laughed. She adjusted her voice to match Galinda's, shaking her finger at Fiyero, "'Elphaba Thropp! I cannot believe after all this, you're choosing Fiyero anyway! Why couldn't you figure all this out in college when you were supposed to? Why are you so difficult? Do you know how much easier my life would've been if you two had just tied the knot seven years ago? And don't answer any of those questions, they were rhetorical!'" Fiyero laughed with her until their laughter slowly faded into the dark sky.

"It's hard to believe…" Fiyero whispered, "…after everything…that we could finally be…okay."

"No, what's really hard to believe is how many times I've…let you go." Elphaba whispered, "And how many times you came back anyway." Elphaba ran her fingers through the grass, her other hand tangled in Fiyero's, "Why did you…always come back?" Fiyero looked over at her slowly, running his index finger along her jaw, touching her chin.

"I need you." he shrugged. The simple sentence beat into Elphaba's heart and suddenly her breaths came easier, her sight became clearer, her hearing sharper and her heart became lighter, beating with ease. For some reason, 'I need you' meant almost more to her than 'I love you'. She needed him too, and that was it. She loved him yes, but they both needed each other. Elphaba looked over at him, smiling through the tears streaming down her face.

"I need you too." she was able to choke out. Fiyero gently wiped away her tears.

"Don't cry." he whispered. She shook her head.

"I can't help it, I just can't believe that we're really going to…" she broke down into sobs, and Fiyero quickly leapt to her side, holding her.

"I know, I know." he cooed, "It's almost too much to grasp. But it's been a long time coming, wouldn't you say? Fabala?" he smoothed his hand over her silken hair, "Wouldn't you say we deserve this? Wouldn't you?" Fiyero's words suddenly become harder to get out as his own tears coursed down his face, "Don't cry," he cried, "Don't' cry, don't cry." his tears came harder as he gently kissed her head, "Don't cry, Ellie." he muttered, wiping her tears away, "Don't cry."

Fiyero stood at the altar, shaking from the ground up as he anxiously stared down the aisle. The wedding was thrown together at the last minute, seeing as there was a change in groom. Galina had thrown a fit over Elphaba's wedding gown and so she had to rush about washing and sewing and mostly just scolding. But no one had put up resistance, no one had gotten in the way…everything was going smoothly, everything was going to be fine. Fiyero felt a sharp bump to his arm and he looked down the aisle, his eyes immediately filling with tears as he watched her walk towards him slowly. He couldn't even really see her through his tears and he blinked, letting the tears wash down his face. When he looked up, she was standing in front of him, smiling through her own tears. They were both crying, shaking as they grasped each other's hands. The priest began speaking, his voice a background blurb as Fiyero and Elphaba gazed at each other.

"Psst." Fiyero whispered like the annoying kid in elementary school, "Don't cry." Elphaba laughed quietly but gently wiped away her tears. Fiyero smiled, wiping his away too and they both turned to look at the priest, who nodded to Elphaba to begin her vows. Elphaba drew a shaky breath before looking back to Fiyero.

"Yero, for a long time, I have had to live without you." she said quietly, "You were my best friend…but you realized we were in love before I did. It wasn't until you were gone that I realized…how much I loved you. Without you...the minutes turned into years and the years into seconds. Time went by too slow, and then too fast until living seemed like a chore and I resented it." Fiyero could feel his heart pounding at her words, she'd never spoken much to him about their time apart. Hearing her pain, he realized how hard it had been for her. Elphaba took a shaky breath before continuing.

"When you came back….living became something I looked forward to, because every time I turned my head, you would be there, smiling at me, needing me and loving me. Standing here, getting ready to become your wife, holding your hand, I think back on all of our times apart. No matter how much it hurt, whether it was a month, a year or only days, it is okay, because you always came back and that is enough for me. You make me happy Yero, and I don't ever want to be without you. I love you." The priest nodded as Elphaba finished and then looked to Fiyero to begin his own vows. Fiyero could feel his hands start to shake as he began.

"Ellie, Elphaba, Fabala, my awful girl. I have always had this feeling inside of me that we would be together in the end. Even when you said no, that feeling never went away. Every time we were apart, I kept thinking, this is the last time. But something always brought me back to you. As I stand here, ready to become your husband, I too think of our time apart. I tried to pretend you had never come along, but how could I ever forget you? Every time we walked away from each other, you took everything important to me with you, 'everything' was you. But then I would see you again and everything was perfect to me. It didn't matter if everything else around me was falling to pieces, because I had you. Even if you were angry when I saw you or didn't want to see me, at least I was seeing you. I never want to walk away from you again, I can't get through a day without you Elphaba. I love you." The priest smiled at the two.

"Fiyero Tiggular, do you take Elphaba Thropp to be your lawfully wedded wife, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, to love and to hold for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." Fiyero's voice rang with pride and joy and Elphaba felt him squeeze her hands.

"Elphaba Thropp, do you take Fiyero Tiggular to be your lawfully wedded husband, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, to love and to hold for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." Elphaba smiled.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," the Priest smiled, "You may now kiss-" the Priest looked up from his book when he heard a chuckle run through the guests. He looked at the newlyweds and rolled his eyes, "Oh why do I even bother with the last few lines, no one ever waits for me to finish!"


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