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She woke all alone. It wasn't too surprising, but the thing that bothered her most was the fact that he managed to slip out without waking her. Practice, she thought bitterly. She quickly sat up and a blanket fell to her waist. She smiled slightly. Maybe she wasn't giving him enough credit.

She arrived at the loft later that morning and grimaced when she realized that the three men were already there.

"Nice of you to join us, Sunshine." Dean said sarcastically as he glanced up over a file he was reading.

She glared at him. "I had a late night last night." She saw him smirk and couldn't help but grin herself.

Luckily for both of them, Carter and Ty were both engrossed in their files.

"What do we got?" Jaimie asked as she sat down and pulled a file towards her.

"More drugs." Ty answered as he turned to the next page in his file.

"Oh joy." Jaimie voiced sarcastically as she began scanning the first paragraph on her first page. "Chopshop?"

Carter nodded. "Cars go in, pats filled with maryjuana come out."

"Manyard wants us to infiltrate and put it to an end." Dean added, his nose deep in the file.

"Dean," Carter began a few minutes later, "you and Jaimie stake out the shop. Get photos of the workers and customers. Learn names if you can."

Dean nodded, closed his file, stood up and began to walk to the loft's door. Jaimie followed suit, file in hand.

They sat staked out opposite the garage. The sun was beating heavily down on the car, making it hot and stuffy inside. Hip hop music was blaring from the garage, and several cars were in the process of being worked on.

"About last night," Dean began, but Jaimie cut him off.

"Never happened. It was a moment of weakness for both of us, and it was a huge error in judgment."

Dean forced himself to nod. "Took the words right outta my mouth." He was glad that he was wearing his sunglasses. His eyes would have most certainly given him away.

They staked out the garage unil well past noon and ended up bringing back a memory card full of pictures to Carter and Ty back at the loft.

"Mikey Harp," Dean began, pointing to one of their many pictures. "He's the ring leader and the oldest Harp brother."

"Ricky, Tony and Johnny Harp," Jaimie added as she tossed pictures on the table after naming the face the paper held.

"Then there's Chuck Finnegan, an illegal immigrant from Ireland." Dean said as he pinned a picture of Chuck up on their bulletin board. "He's one badass son of a bitch." He added as an after thought.

"Worse than the others?"

Dean nodded. "If you can believe that."

"Then there's the Nickols brothers." Jaimie added and produced two more pictures from a manila folder.

"We also saw Roxanne Brown, Lisa Parsons, Stella Viktor, Rachel Mann and Miranda Jones."

"Girlfriends?" Carter asked and Dean nodded in confirmation.

"What now?" Jaimie asked and Carter thought for a moment.

"Now, we figure out a way in."

Hours later, they had settled on an in. Jaimie would pose as a customer ready to sell her, or rather Dean's, Land Cruiser. It was all set, all they needed was a new day to put it into play.

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