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She was back at her apartment, sitting in bed enjoying a late night program when her phone rang. She flipped it open, not bothering to look at the caller id. Later, she would regret this.


"Jaimie?" The voice on the other end asked and Jaimie froze.

"Who is this?"

She head a deep chuckle and then a voice. "I'm hurt that you don't recognize my voice. We just met today after all."

She realized that moment that the voice had a thick Irish accent. "Mr. Finnegan." She stated and Finnegan laughed.

"Please, Chuck."

"Chuck," She hesitated a moment before adding, "why are you calling me so late?"

"There's a problem. It's too complex to explain over the phone. I need you to come in immediately."

Jaimie glanced at the clock and noted that it read 11:19pm. "It's late. Can't it wait until tomorrow?"

"I'm afraid not." He replied with a slight growl. "The sooner we can chop your car, the better."

Jaimie nodded. That made sense. "Alright. I'll be there in twenty minutes."

"See you then."

She closed her phone and as soon as her program went to commercial, rolled out of bed and threw on her jeans and a tank top.

25 minutes later, a taxi pulled up in front of the dark garage and Jaimie got out.

"You sure this is where you want to go?" The driver asked threw the open window and Jaimie nodded.

"Yeah, my boyfriend is working late and he just wants some company."

The driver nodded and drove off, leaving Jaimie standing in the middle of the deserted road. Slowly, she made her way up to the building and went in through the side door. She noticed right away Dean's Land Rover in the middle of the garage. It was partly stripped and pieces were covering the back bench.

"Hello?" She walked a little further into the room and tried calling again. "Hello?"

"Jaimie." A voice from behind her. She whirled around and came face to face with Chuck Finnegan.

"Chuck! You scared me!" She said, putting a hand on her heart.

"Sorry." He smirked and she looked around.

"Where is everybody?"

"Mickey and Tony are in the back." He said innocently.

"Okay... Well, what did you need me here for? What's wrong with my car?"

Chuck shook his head. "Nothing, really."

Jaimie looked up in confusion. "What's going on."

"It's not everyday that we get a thing as pretty as you." Chuck commented and Jaimie suddenly realized that she had been tricked.

"Chuck..." She said softly, but he ignored her.

"Roxie and the other girls, they're pretty, sure, but you..." He stopped and placed his hand on her cheek. "You, are gorgeous." He lent in and tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away.

"Stop it!" She yelled, and received a strike from the back of Chuck's hand. While caught off balance, Chuck managed to pin her up against the wall.

"Feisty... I like that." He kissed her, and Jaimie was nauseated when she felt his hands roam her body.

She pushed him away once again and he staggered back and crashed into one of the work benches.

"Why you little..." He grabbed the first thing he could reach, a wrench, and hit her over the head.

She collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Carter, Dean and Ty gathered at the office later that morning, all three men were completely unaware of their partner's trouble. The only thing they did know was that Jaimie was currently unreachable.

"Try her cell again." Carter ordered.

Dean nodded and pushed speed dial number 2. After a minute of holding the phone to his ear, he hung up. "Voice mail. Again." He said with a shake of his head.

Carter was silent for a minute. "Go check out her apartment."

Dean pulled up to Jaimie's apartment complex and quickly entered the building and climbed the stairs to her level. The door was locked. He knocked for 5 minutes straight, and when that didn't work, he began to worry. It was one thing for someone to ignore cellphone calls. It was another thing completely for someone to ignore a constant, annoying banging on their door. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his key ring. She had, one night, given him a spare. "Just in case." She had told him. He was thankful that she had. He didn't think she would appreciate it if he kicked in her door. He turned the key in the lock and pulled his gun. Gently, he pushed the door open and silently crept into the apartment. He quickly cleared it and pulled out his phone. Where the hell was she?

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