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Chapter One - Traitor Noah

The Fourteenth Noah fell to the floor, clutching the sides of his head with his hands and opening his mouth in a silent scream. He had just stumbled upon something that he had never been intended to hear and it felt as though his heart were breaking. Shattering into countless pieces. For the first time since he ascended to his powers and was welcomed into the Clan of Noah the true horror of what he did was hitting home.

Anyone who entered the room right now would find it a strange sight to see the man, dressed in a tuxedo complete with a top hat, kneeling on the floor as though he were in utter agony. And that was the only way to describe his current condition.

Utter agony.

Mana, his beloved older brother and the only one who had ever understood his pressing need to play the piano, was now a target of the Millennium Earl and the Noah. It seemed that they were growing tired of sharing his allegiance with the man and wanted him dead. Judging by the conversation that he had just overheard it seemed that they intended to carry out their plans as soon as possible.

And it was only by sheer luck that he had learned of the plans.

If only he'd severed ties with his brother as he'd been ordered to when he first arrived. It would have secured his brother's future however the Fourteenth had been unable to just disappear. He cared for his brother too much to ever hurt him like that.

And now that would come back to haunt him.

When he had first joined up with the Millennium Earl it was soon after he had lost his parents. They had both been talented Magicians, not the fake side show kind, but the real kind. However for reasons that he had never understood they had refused to use their talents and had instead eked out a living as street performers.

Such an ignoble existence.

He seemed to have inherited their talents and had been sought out by the Millennium Earl and deemed one of the special, one of those chosen by God himself. He had been told that he possessed the genes of Noah, mankind's greatest apostle, and could therefore make the world a better place. The Fourteenth had so wanted to believe and had followed along willingly enough.

Mana of course had possessed the common sense to try and stop him but he had refused to listen. The Millennium Earl had been offering him a better world and he had jumped at the opportunity to help bring that new world about.

Now he was nauseous and fully conscious to the sins that he had committed for the very first time. The Millennium Earl didn't want to make a better world, he wanted to completely and utterly destroy it. Removing his hands from the sides of his head and gazing down at them all the Fourteenth could see was blood. He was wearing a pair of white gloves and yet all that he could see was red. His hands, hands meant to make beautiful music, were stained with the blood of the innocent.

Yes, how could he have lost sight of the fact that he was a born musician? Even in his Noah persona that trait had reigned supreme. He was known as The Musician and was one of the few beings capable of moving Noah's Ark. His Song, played on the piano, was enough to travel through time and space its self.

And his Song had been used for murder.

"I have to stop this," he mouthed, getting slowly to his feet and dusting the dirt from the legs of his trousers. He had regained most of his composure at this point and his customary calm demeanor had returned to him. A plan was slowly forming in his mind. The Earl had to be stopped and the Fourteenth had an idea as to how to go about this. It would be much harder for the Earl to complete his plans without the Ark.

He had to find a way to disable it.

To make it so that it only responded to his Song.

"They will not take you away from me Mana," the Fourteenth whispered as he made his way through the vast mansion that the Earl called his home. None of the Akuma that lined the halls and worked as servants thought twice about the fact that he was here. He was one of their masters and of course he had free reign of the mansion. No one would question him or make any attempt to stop his plan.

No one would even know about it until it was too late and by then he would be long gone and Mana along with him. His brother was the one soul who had always believed in him and had pushed him to follow his dreams, even when others said that they were foolish.

How could he have forgotten that?

Seeking to take that person away from him had been a mistake and if the Fourteenth had anything to say about it, it would be the last one that the Earl ever made. Yes, somehow his plans of disabling the Ark and fleeing with Mana had evolved into a plan to kill the Millennium Earl. But first he had to make sure that the Ark couldn't be controlled by anyone other than himself.

"I will always protect you Mana," he silently vowed as he walked through the mansion.

He had put his brother in danger by his selfish and foolish actions however the Fourteenth was determined to make things right. Or at the very least as right as they could be considering how many people's blood his hands were stained with. While it was true that he had never taken a life with his own hands that didn't decrease his level of responsibility. He had worked alongside the Earl and the Clan of Noah and was just as responsible for the atrocities as were the ones who had actually ended the lives of the innocents.

"I know that I will never again be clean," the Fourteenth said in a quiet voice, clenching his hands into fists as he walked down the corridor. "But I will not allow them to harm Mana because of me."

His brother had absolutely nothing to do with it and he would not allow Mana to come to harm because of his stupidity. He would find a way to protect the one person on the planet that he still cared for and nothing, not even death, would stop him.

Completely lost in his thoughts the Fourteenth traveled almost silently down the corridor, making his way to the entrance of the Ark. You had to be one of the Chosen to even enter the vessel and of course he had absolutely no trouble. Navigating the familiar terrain with ease he made his way to the special room that was solely his. He was the only one who ever entered this room and it held special significance to him.

Inside was nothing except a piano with reverse keys, black where they should be white and white where they should be black, and a small stool on which to sit while you played.

Sealing himself inside this room so that no one could disturb him the Fourteenth prepared the spell that would forever seal the Ark from the powers of the Millennium Earl, as well as the powers of the First Child. Once this spell had been completed nothing except his Song would be able to activate the Ark.

Despite himself a smirk appeared on his face.

Muttering the incantation to himself the Fourteenth made his way around his special room, his eyes half closed. This spell was fairly complex however the thought of failure never even entered into his mind. Of course it would work and the Earl would know who was responsible. He would have to flee with his brother until he came up with a suitable plan to destroy the Earl. Mana's safety had to come first but he knew that, once his brother was safely away from the Earl and the other Noah, he would return and seek his vengeance.

Once the spell was complete the Fourteenth sat down at the white piano stool and poised his hands over the keys. Taking a deep breath he began to play, allowing the soothing music to carry his soul away and cleanse him of all of the horrors of his current situation.

Playing the Song had always brought him comfort and he desperately needed that comfort right now.

After the first few notes the Fourteenth began to sing softly to himself. He could feel the power of the Ark building, responding to the Song, and he knew that his spell had been a success. And, acting completely on a whim, he decided to move the Ark. It wasn't enough just to disable it he was going to remove it from the Earl's reach as well.

The Fourteenth well knew that he was as good as signing his death warrant but he found that he didn't care. And he really wished that he could be around to see the look on the Millennium Earl's face when he realized that the Ark was gone.

He would find it of course but when he did he would prove unable to operate it. Which would thoroughly piss him off.

Using the notes of his Song the Fourteenth controlled the Ark and moved it from it's resting place. He didn't really have any clear cut plans for what to do with it; he just wanted to get it out of the hands of the Earl and the Noah.

He could care less what happened to it after that.

Once he left the Ark it would be permanently. When the Earl found out what he had done the Fourteenth had no doubts that he would attempt to force him to undo it and he was determined not to allow that to happen. He would die before he fell back under that man's control.

It was over.

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