Kizuna {Bond}

Puzzle Piece I. Music

"The loveliest faces are to be seen by moonlight, when one sees half with the eye and half with the fancy." ~Persian Proverb

Stars sprinkled the night sky, the free expanse of dark blue a perfect place to mirror her imaginative thoughts. The early evening granted Yuna the alone time of romantic fantasizing.

The soft, skillful strumming of taut strings produced resonate, crisp notes to spill into the cool autumn air. The exquisite sounds was like a goodnight kiss to her ears, but she did not want to go to sleep, yet, wanting to indulge in the music longer.

Yuna leaned outside the window, her elbows positioned on the sill with her chin propped on the palms of her hands, fascination radiant in her blue-green eyes.

She could see his silhouette at this angle, from behind her apartment where the fire escape was, on the roof of the second floor. The darkness blanketed his body, and with the acoustic guitar cradled in his arms, his fingers attentively plucked at the strings as if nothing else mattered, as if this melody he composed was his dearly beloved.

Her neighbor occasionally played the instrument before retiring to bed, as if it helped to clear away the negative thoughts that accumulated throughout the day. Doing this ensured a good night's sleep for him. At least, that's what Yuna believed. It had that kind of profound effect on her, the emotions definitely bewitching, the noise ever so aesthetically pleasing.

She doubted he ever saw her, always watching his nightly performance. Like him, she was enraptured by the music to even pay attention to anything else.

During the day, she never gathered the courage to approach him and initiate a conversation every time they had crossed paths or shared eye contact. He seemed so remote and detached from everybody at school, like he was scared of getting close, scared of letting people know what he is truly like. The dark-skinned boy gave her the impression he wanted companionship very much, but wasn't sure how to achieve it - too cautious to even consider taking risks. Or maybe he preferred the solitude, the silence that came with it, the absence of loudness and chaos and drama.

The moonlight, despite there being a lack of it (though it didn't register to her, for she simply believed it to be there, and so it was - in her mind's eye) chased away the shadows, urging them to mingle and embrace in the dark; the heavenly body orbiting this planet wanted to let the shadow people know they are not alone. This imagery, which evolved from her thoughts, produced the colors which would shape her internal wish. His eyes, always shadowed by his moonlit white hair; she wondered for the longest time what color they were. It kept her up at night.

Her mother was not back from work, yet and wouldn't be until one o'clock. So, Yuna had the freedom to listen to his nightly music playing, which coaxed her mind to drift and float amongst the atmosphere, into the starry galaxies where pixies roamed and the milky ways were made up of whip cream. It ensnared her heart with its lovely rhythm, and spiritual contentment.

And Yuna wanted to join in his solitude, to bask in his inner peace, and maybe even spark friendship and love and happiness between them.

She wondered, though, if he would let her.

(A/N): This short story will be a quicky. One with short chapters, and a detached mood, but romantic nonetheless. Expect the chapters to be daily or weekly.