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Part 2: The Crazy Bitch... I meant Witch...

Persily's squawk of disapproval broke the awkward silence that had fallen over the room. "That's my girl," Dean said encouragingly, never breaking his glare with Echidna.

"Beautiful, isn't she?" Echidna said indignantly, "starting to regret what you said?"

"No," Dean quickly snaped. "Your still one ugly motherfu-"

Sam looked at Dean and hissed- "Now is not the time for your witty comebacks Dean."

Persily in the meantime, started flying circles around the room anxious and humming angrily. Echidna stepped into the motel room, smiling. "Darling, it's time to come to Mommy," she cooed.

The dragon merely snorted a puff of flame in her direction. Persily swept low to land on Dean's shoulder, taking a defensive stance. "Ah-hem," Dean clarified, "I gave the birth here. She's mine."

Persily nodded in agreement and rubbed her snout against Dean's earlobe. Dean turned his head to look at her. They shared a smile. "Um," Sam started awkwardly, "Do you think maybe she has a point?"

In response Dean just glared at Sam so hard; Sam's pretty sure lasers were just fired at him. He threw his hands up in the air. "I'm just saying, maybe Echidna can give her a better home!"

Persily eyed her father, then her mother who had given her magical origins. Her minuscule form exploded with a stunning amount of fury. She shrieked loud enough for the room to tremble and jumped off Dean's shoulder.

Dean made a dash to the duffle on the bed. He withdrew his gun, and prepared to fire. Perisly was hovering a foot away from Echidna, blasting her with fire. The Witch used every ounce of strength she had to create a shield.

Everyone in the room began to sweat bullets, and it wasn't just from the heat. Tension spiked as the brothers searched for a solution. Sam had already found a book, in the hope that the first page he came to would solve this whole mess. Dean was taught never to hurt women, but he's in no mood to wait for Sam. He fired, grudgingly aiming for the witch's shoulder.

As it grazed she dropped to one knee, shocked. The shield quickly disappeared. Persily, sensing weakness, dove with claws outstretched.

"Now, now," Dean tsks, stowing his gun. "Violence isn't the answer, sweet heart."

Persily did an immediate flip and landed on his shoulder chirping quizzically. "I know…yes….oh, alright- sometimes…"

Sam dropped the book. "When did you learn dragon?"

Echidna grunted, returning all attention back to her. Sam eyed her warily as she stood up. With as much menace as Dean can manage he muttered, "Persily's made it clear. The dragon sticks with us."

Echidna cackled. "Oh? I don't think you've had enough experience raising monsters. They can be little terrors you know..."

Persily growled at her. "Fine," the witch said petulantly. "But you will listen to me, and the consequences of your actions you'll soon see."

"Ugh, rhyme," Sam rolled his eyes.

"Parenthood isn't all fun," Echidna continued. "It's not a game, and you'll be surprised, at how quickly kids change."

There was a loud BANG as she disappeared. Persily launched off Dean's shoulder, ready to take chase. After a second or so, she fell to the ground motionless.

Sam and Dean ran to their side. Dean was shrieking, "My baby!"

Sam tried to put his hand on her tiny body but a small explosion threw them against the motel's shaky walls. "I think the neighbors heard that," he groaned.

Dean stood up first and ran back to Persily, panicked. As the smoke cleared a woman of 20 lay curled on the floor. Dean had a sneaking suspicion about her identity as he helped her to her feet. She was wearing a long blue dress with the same swirl pattern that had been Persily's scales and light golden wings were folded on her back.

She looked at him with golden green eyes and smiled. "Persily?" he questioned.

Sam wobbled over to where they stood. He was speechless.

She blushed and nodded, "Dad?"

Dean blushed. "Call me Dean, Persily."

Dean, never the one for hugs, embraced her with a huge grin on his face. As they pulled apart, she laughed and tossed her soft brown hair over her shoulder. Persily, as it turned out, was much older than she looked. Her wisdom was serene, her mere presence a calming factor. "Dean," she had a smile on her lips, "Thank you for everything. I've learned more from you than I ever had from Echidna…"

Dean blushed. She continued, "I'm going to go now, Dean. I want to fight for good, too."

Dean nodded and kissed her forehead. "Be safe… and call your old man once in a while, okay?"

She nodded. With a wave, she walked out the door. They watched as she took flight into the western sky.

After Persily left, Sam stood there gawking for a full minute. "Dude, she's kind of hot…"

Dean, who was lovingly packing away the socks he had knit for her, looked up angrily. "Don't you even think about touching my daughter."

"Yes Dad," Sam joked.

"Jerk," Dean said grumpily.

"Bitch!" Sam laughed.

The End