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Epilogue. Five Years, Six Months, Eighteen Days Later.

Bella's PoV.

October 31st, 2018.

I had forgotten how quiet it could be in the house when I was by myself. It was a very rare thing for me to be alone these days. With a kid running all over the place, and a husband who was more than happy to chase after him, it was a wonder the living room wasn't a complete wreck. But I loved them both so much. It didn't mean that I wasn't enjoying my alone time. Work was definitely too tiring for me now, and I wanted nothing more but to do nothing all day long. So, I gladly accepted the idea that Jacob would go by himself with Shawn to get candies.

Anyway, after an hour of being able to lie on the couch and work on the next novel without any interruption, it started to be too quiet for me. Out of habit, I glanced at the fireplace. This is where the dog used to lie down to sleep, right next to the fire, except the dog wasn't around anymore. One year had passed, and I still missed Beta like I had lost a member of my family. She never left the house or the front yard. In the four years that we lived in La Push, she never did. Not once. Of course, a car had to hit her the exact minute she decided she was bored at home, and wanted to explore.

Shawn had always had the dog around. It was hard explaining to a four-year old that his "friend" wasn't going to be around anymore. The poor baby had cried himself to sleep after many attempts to explain that Beta had gone to a happier place where she could play with lots of other dogs. Needless to say, I had broken down in Jacob's arms later that night. She may have been just a dog, but I had loved her so much. It was such a stupid way to go, such bad luck. Now, we had Fish and Frog, the two goldfish, instead. Shawn had chosen them himself at the store. At first he had wanted a cat, but his father had vetoed the idea at once. Shawn didn't have to know that the two fish currently swimming in front of me weren't the original ones. Fish were easier to replace than a big dog.

I sighed, tearing my eyes away from the empty spot in the room. One of these days I was going to talk Jacob into getting a new dog. Beta had had a good and happy life. It wasn't fair that she wasn't around anymore, but I was positive another dog would do us good. Besides, a fish was definitely too silent.

The dog may have been Shawn's first reason to be really sad, yet, he had had plenty of occasions to be an extremely lively toddler. He may be little, but he was already showing a great interest for mechanics. His father never missed a chance to bring home some scrap metal or whatever, so they could both work on fixing this new machine. Shawn would then spend the following dinner explaining to me what he had learned, his words coming out too fast, his sentences a little awkward. He would try to use words which were familiar to Jacob, but which were, let's face it, impossible for a kid so young to pronounce. I loved our dinners. I laughed a lot, and I smiled every time our son was so enthusiastic. He sure was more interested in cars than in books.

La Push didn't have a preschool, and we had talked quite a lot about the education Shawn would get. There was no doubt in my mind that he would go to school on the reservation. We lived here, and Jacob was the Chief, after all. Just because I was white couldn't rule the boy out. We hadn't wanted to put him in Forks for a couple of years to yank him away from his friends later. So Shawn spent the first years of his life with Leah and Mark at Emily's. She simply loved having kids around. Apparently, the boys were quite a handful, and I picked up Shawn dressed in some of Jason's old clothes more than once. He loved playing outside and he loved playing in the mud. Go figure.

It was hard for me to let him go to kindergarten. He was so young and he looked so fragile. I wanted him to stay somewhere safe as long as he could. If it had only been up to me, I would have quit my job to stay at home with him. I would be the one picking him up in the afternoon instead of Claire. I would have spent every day with my baby. But I didn't. One salary wasn't enough for the three of us at the time. Things had changed since the last time I considered stopping teaching. I was actually looking forward to spending more time at home soon. I needed it.

The blank page on the laptop screen was screaming back at me to write something. The first sentence of a new chapter was the hardest to write. I wasn't going to have any luck tonight. It didn't matter. My editor was a nice girl who understood I wasn't a professional writer, no matter how many books I sold. After I managed to finish my first novel in the months following Shawn's birth, I would have never believed my stuff would become popular. Sure, my books weren't bestsellers, but I sold enough of the first one to be asked to write a sequel. It was fun to do, especially as the story was taking place on Quileute land. Without revealing any major secrets, I took pleasure in writing about Native Americans a couple of centuries ago. Jacob was proud of me, proud of how his people looked on paper.

The money it brought us didn't make us millionaires, but it certainly was a plus. It was enough to give us the funds to add another room to the house. I was looking forward to the result, even if they were still working on it, and it looked like something exploded at the end of my hallway. I wasn't positive I would be able to help with the decoration this time. What I did know was that I would make a very good supervisor.

One loud tap on the front door made me jump in surprise. I stood up from the couch to grab the bowl of candies. Kids were pretty voracious at Halloween, and I had to be sneaky to keep Jacob from eating everything. My legs were stiff from sitting for so long, and my back was killing me. These were the secondary effects I hadn't missed at all, those and the swollen ankles. All of it was forgotten when I opened the door, though.

"Give me candies or I bite you!"

"Oh my God! I'm scared! What are you?"

"I'm a wer... a wewe... I'm a wero..." Jacob knelt down to be at Shawn's level, whispering something in his ear. I tried to keep a serious (and very frightened) face as I waited for him to be able to say the word. He was so cute; I just wanted to pick him up in my arms and give him a big hug. "I'm a wolf!"

"You're a real wolf? You're really scary! Just take the candies and don't eat me!"

"Thank you, Mommy." He was too adorable. I had to play along with him until the end.

"Mommy? Did the wolf eat Shawn? Did you eat Shawn? Oh no! That's horrible! Jake. We have to open his belly to save Shawn."

"Oh yeah? Let's get a knife, honey. I'm not letting him escape." Jacob grabbed Shawn by the waist, lifting him up effortlessly in the air. The little boy went into an incredible fit of laughter as his dad tickled him. I would never get tired of the smile lighting up Jacob's face every time our son was around. He looked like the happiest man on Earth.

"Daddy! Stop it! It's me! Stop it!" Another round of giggling drowned the rest.

"Do you hear this, Bells? I think Shawn is still alive."

"Yes, definitely. And given his screams, he must be somewhere... Oh, look at this! It was only a mask! The wolf didn't eat Shawn!"

Jacob sighed dramatically in relief, taking Shawn's wolf mask off to display his little red face. He had laughed so much he seemed out of breath. His father gave him a big kiss on the cheek, and put him back on his own two feet after I did the same. They had only been gone for a couple of hours, but it was too much already. I liked spending any available minute with our son. Every minute was precious.

"I'm not a true wolf, Mommy! Daddy says only big boys become true wolves!"

"Oh yes?"

"Yes! In the story he said big people are wolfs."

"Wolves, Shawn. Wolves." Jacob beat me at correcting Shawn's pronunciation. It was usually my job. He knew I was going to get mad, and he wanted to please me any way he could. I could get mad pretty easily these days, which wasn't a surprise. I hadn't objected to him telling our son the Quileute legends. It was part of his heritage, part of his culture. He had to know. He was still a bit too young, though. Jacob tried to keep the stories to the basics, making them sound like they were fairy tales where the good guys always won. Good guys who could occasionally morph into giant wolves.

Jacob avoided my glare. I didn't know what to make out of the idea that our son was looking forward to see if he could be like the people in the stories. Of course he was young, and he wanted to play. I bet that being able to change into a wild animal sounded cool to him. As long as his father made sure they didn't become more than bedtime stories, I was okay.

"Hey, Shawn. Why don't you go inside to show your mom all the candies you got tonight?" Once the boy was out of sight after sprinting into the house, Jacob wrapped his arm around my waist, dropping a kiss on my forehead. "It's Halloween. I thought he might want something mildly scary. He didn't have any nightmares, did he?"

"No, he didn't. I'm just scared, I guess. I don't want him to believe the stories are actually true."

"He won't, I promise. He'll never have to. I..."

"Mommy! Come see the candies!" I sighed happily at the loud intrusion. For such a small child, Shawn could yell at the top of his lungs when we were ignoring him and whatever treasure he had found. Jacob kissed me on the lips quickly, our little moment not lasting very long.

Shawn was standing on a chair, looking pleased with himself. The content of his bag had been dumped on the table, and it had to be the biggest heap of candies ever.

"Daddy says you can have all the pink ones. I want to sort them all! I like the green better." His smile was infectious. No matter how tired I was, I wouldn't have missed one moment of his life, especially not when he seemed to be having so much fun. The only tricky thing that happened during the night was to prevent Shawn from eating too much sugar. It was already late, and a couple of candies could make him last until midnight. Tomorrow was a big day as well. I needed my sleep.

After half an hour, we were facing several piles of different colors. Shawn looked happy with them. But he had been yawning a lot since we made him sit on the chair. He was fighting with himself to stay awake. Halloween only happened once a year; he wanted to make it last as long as he could.

Shawn almost fell asleep in Jacob's arms when he carried him back to his bedroom. The room hadn't changed a lot since he was a baby. He had always liked the animals painted on the walls. He would make up stories with them all the time. It had helped him practice speaking. He had a great imagination. It was amazing all that could come out of a child's mind.

"So you had fun with Daddy tonight, didn't you?" I tucked him in his little bed, pulling the Cars blanket all the way up to his chin. Shawn nodded, a big yawn stopping him from replying. He could barely keep his eyes open.

"Claire said my wolf was scary. She said it's the best costume ever."

"I bet she did. You looked really scary to me." I smoothed the hair falling on his forehead. Claire was biased since she had helped with the kids' costumes. She was the best babysitter the girls and I could ask for. I was counting on her for helping me with Shawn when I would be out of school in a few months. I honestly couldn't wait to be able to relax, and not worry about lesson plans or papers to grade.

"Leah was a princess. It's not scary. I'm better."

"Yes, you are. You're the best, sweetie. Mommy loves you very, very much." I kissed his cheek, feeling him drifting away. Shawn usually didn't have trouble falling asleep. As soon as the high of the excitement was gone, he was out in a matter of minutes. He was a heavy sleeper, too. We were lucky.

I switched on the nightlight, left the door cracked open just in case, and was finally able to go find Jacob. I may have been tired, it would always make me sigh with happiness to see my wonderful husband folding his clothes rather than throwing them on the floor. It had taken some taming to achieve such a feat, but I was proud of him. It was amazing how much he helped around the house anyway.

"What are you thinking so hard about, Bells?"

"Just how great you are, that's all."

"I know. I'm gonna get you a glass of water in case, okay?" Six years of marriage, and I still loved him with the same intensity as I always had. Granted, with the imprint, I wasn't sure I could fall out of love with him. If we had to spend the rest of our lives like this, I had nothing to complain about.

I had been wearing my pajamas all night, so I had no need to change. I went to the window to pull the curtains down. There was a full moon outside, the perfect atmosphere for Halloween. I wasn't a big fan of Halloween. I knew what it meant to Jacob. Today had been the first time Shawn had come with us to the graveyard. His father made a point of visiting Sarah's grave on the anniversary of her death. He still looked weak whenever we went, which was totally understandable. Shawn's birth had helped a lot back then. Billy should have been around to meet his grandson, but Jacob really started to accept that life came and went when holding a newborn in his arms.

Shawn had somehow filled a void with his energy. I knew he had helped Jacob move on. It hadn't been a surprise for me when he announced that he was ready to take his father's place as Chief of the tribe. It wasn't an obligation, but he was born to do it. He was doing a good job. I didn't think my books would have been published if he hadn't authorized it. Jacob being the Chief didn't bother me as much as he being a wolf had. It wasn't life-threatening.

There were so many deaths around us, and Halloween was a reminder of them. Fortunately, Shawn's enthusiasm for the holiday had made it okay for us to carry on today. Jacob had focused entirely on him, taking his mind off his parents for a while. Shawn was the best thing that could have happened to us.

Looking at the backyard bathed in the moonlight, my eye caught the shadow of the cherry tree. It always made my heart ache to think of the reason why we had put it there. It had been four years, and even though most of the pain had gone away by now, I didn't think I could truly be okay again. Not after losing someone who had been so close and yet, so far from me. Someone I had never met, but someone I had loved so much. I didn't like thinking about it. It wasn't good for me.

"I missed you tonight. This kid only listens to you when it comes to waiting or crossing the road. I don't even understand why. He's a mystery sometimes." I hadn't heard him come back. Jacob wrapped his arms around my waist, hugging me close, his chin dropping to rest on my shoulder. I tried to relax. "Are you okay, Bella?"

"Yes. I... I just remembered his due date would have been last week, that's all."

"Honey... It's doing you no good thinking about it. It only makes you sad, and you know I hate it when you're sad." His grip on me tightened, his hands resting on my stomach. I sighed, turning around to hug him some more. He was shirtless; he always slept shirtless. His warmth was comforting. I didn't feel like crying. I stopped crying over our loss a long time ago. There were times which were harder than others.

"I love you, Jake. I love you." I hid my face against his warm muscles, taking all the comfort he would give me. I would have never imagined that we would have to face a child's death. But it was what had happened. And it had all happened so quickly.

Shawn was only a few months old when I got sick that winter. As a matter of fact, almost the entire population of La Push got sick that winter. By that time, I was on the pill again. With all the meds I had to take, it wasn't very safe for us to have sex without any other protection. It turned out a condom wasn't enough. It was a big shock for the both of us when I realized I was pregnant. I couldn't afford to stop working, not with a child as young as Shawn. One salary wouldn't have been enough to support a family of four. And we didn't have any room left in the house.

Having an abortion was out of the question, though, even if having another baby so soon was bound to bring a ton of problems. I had spent many nights wondering how the hell we were going to make it work. Shawn was an active baby and taking care of him was almost a full-time job. Jacob would do his best to reassure me, but he was as worried as I was. Even if it was wonderful to be pregnant again, I had never intended to do it again this close to my first pregnancy. It had been surreal.

It rained a lot that March. The roads were all slippery well before nightfall. Angela had asked me to go to Port Angeles with her to choose her wedding cake. She and Seth were getting married in June. I was excited for her, and I wanted to have a great time with her. We never expected the car behind us to lose control while we were waiting at a red light. We also never expected the car coming from the right to be going way too fast in that weather, either.

I came out of the accident with a couple of broken ribs, and a miscarriage. I hadn't even known I was pregnant for more than a month, but it was already gone. It was violent. It was a bigger shock than the pregnancy in itself. This baby should have been born. It was unfair. Jacob felt helpless for the next few months. I didn't feel like talking about what had happened. Only thinking about it made me cry. We hadn't really wanted this baby, but we would have loved it no matter what.

From the moment I got back home from the hospital, I could only focus on Shawn more. My baby was going to be one year old soon, and I could have lost him. I could have lost everyone in the accident. I could have died, too, liked the little one inside of me. I took a leave from work. I spent my days taking care of Shawn. I wouldn't let him out of my sight. I was okay when I was with him. Jacob was sad to see me sad the rest of the time. Even if he claimed he was sad as well, he was aware he couldn't feel like I did. He hadn't lost someone who had been inside of him. I had.

Since he couldn't do anything but hold me close at night, and whisper that he would always be there to comfort me, he bought me the cherry tree we put in the backyard. It was my little reminder of the baby who could have been. It was a beautiful tree. I loved how it bloomed in the spring.

With time passing, the ache of the miscarriage went away. It would forever be a part of me, but there was no denying that having Jacob around, silently supporting me, helped. He forced me to go to Seth's wedding because he knew I would regret it for the rest of my life if I missed it. He encouraged me to go back to the high school. He never forced me to go out with him. Slowly, it became easier for me, though. Billy's death hadn't stopped him from living. I couldn't be selfish and condemn him to stay at home every single night. I had to live again.

I was brought back from my thoughts by Jacob sitting down on the bed, and gently lying me down on it. It felt good to be able to cuddle. We usually didn't have to talk to understand each other. This had always been a wonderful thing between the two of us. His hand went to my hair, smoothing it. I sighed, happily this time. He knew exactly what to do to make me feel better. My own fingers went to trace invisible lines on his stomach.

"I'm not feeling sad, you know. I just realized I'd forgotten the due date, and it was weird. It's the first time. You remember about my mini-depression two years ago."

"I hated it. I hated seeing you so miserable and not being able to do anything. It killed me inside." He kissed my temple gently, hugging me closer, one of his legs finding his way between mine. It looked like I was lost in his embrace. It was a very secure feeling.

"You really have to stop thinking you can't do anything to help, Jake. I don't think you're grasping how much you did for me. I wouldn't have been able to survive without you. You know I love you."

I raised my head to reach his lips. Jacob had been the best support I could have asked for. It was in moments like this one that I knew I had made the right choice by marrying him.

"I love you, too. But you did a great job all by yourself, honey. Now that you're getting another chance at a baby, it's all going to be okay."

I nodded. Of course it would. I needed to stop looking back and concentrate on the future. We had wanted this pregnancy. It had been planned. Money wasn't an issue anymore. Trying for a baby was an exciting thing. Anyway, Jacob had never had any problem getting me pregnant. Trying didn't take long.

What came as a surprise was the doctor announcing I was expecting twins. It was something we should have expected because of Jacob's family, but it was still a surprise. Expecting one baby had been a really tiring thing for me with Shawn. I couldn't even begin to imagine what this new experience would bring. It didn't change the fact that we were both ecstatic.

I was due in February, and I already looked like I was more than six months pregnant. My stomach was so big. Jacob loved it, of course. We couldn't know the sexes of the babies because they kept moving when we were with the doctor, and she couldn't get a clear view. Jacob would never change his mind, and he was convinced we were going to have girls. One would be named Lizzy since we were still clinging to the name, and the other would be Marie. He was too cute. He was a great dad to Shawn. This new pregnancy didn't scare him in any way, not even the fact that two newborns would be more difficult to handle than one. Besides, you would think that after having to endure Rachel and Rebecca as a kid, he wouldn't want to inflict that on Shawn. Jacob wanted girls, though, and Jacob had decided he wouldn't stop having kids until we had at least one girl.

"Two kids at once, wow. That's going to be a challenge. It already is actually. I keep having nightmares about you leaving even if I know perfectly it's not going to happen."

"You're having nightmares because you're not sleeping enough. If you keep this up, I'll have to chain you to the bed, Bells. And you know I'd do it."

"As long as you stay in bed with me, I don't care."

"Now, that's not what I'd call resting, honey."

He smirked down at me as I stuck my tongue out. It was getting old that we were warned not to have sex while I was pregnant. I was likely to give birth earlier than my due date, according to the doctor. She had also added that it could be speed things up even more if we had sex. We hardly complained this time, but it didn't stop me from missing it. Jacob's kisses were fantastic; actually anything that he did with his tongue was fantastic, but it wasn't the same. I wrapped my arms around his neck, trying to keep him where he was, his lips on mine. I could feel his smile as he kissed me, his fingers gripping my hip, toying with the hem of my top. It felt like my skin was always cold before he touched me.

I had imagined that when he'd stop phasing, his temperature would go back to normal. It didn't. It was still running a little higher than the average. Besides, my Jacob not being super hot would have been too much of a change for me. I loved him the way he was. I loved him more when he decided to stop phasing last year. Vampires never came to La Push or within the state borders anyway. They probably knew what was awaiting them. Sam and Jared stopped phasing before Shawn was born. Seth wanted to stop after we had our car accident. Angela had stayed at the hospital for a few weeks. He was afraid he would lose her. He wanted to do everything to protect her. Phasing meant he couldn't get hurt. He needed to keep doing so to look after her. Quil was still phasing, waiting for Claire. She was 15 now, and soon, their relationship was bound to change. It was going to be awkward for me to witness.

Embry and Jacob both stopped phasing at the same time as a sort of Christmas present for us, girls. Before we got married, I would have thought he was doing it for me because I was selfish and wanted to keep him for myself. Now, though, I couldn't see what was stopping them from doing it. Saying it was easy would be a lie but at least they could help each other. There had been countless runs at night to ease the tension. There had been arguments about nothing because it was hard to control the anger, until eventually, things got better. Having my husband for myself was a great improvement. Not having to worry about him was a comforting feeling.

If his body temperature had stayed almost the same, it wasn't the case with his body shape. He was lifting heavy weights at work, but it didn't do everything. As I was running my hands on his stomach, it was clear that his muscles weren't as well defined as before. I didn't care. Jacob was still sexy as hell.

"I'm not kidding, Bells. Tomorrow is a big day for the both of us. You need to sleep." I pouted when he pulled away, got up, and extended his hand to help me on my feet again. I was exhausted, sure, but I didn't spend as much time with him as I would have liked today.

"Where are you going by the way? You never told me," I asked once we snuggled under the blankets. I was lying on my side, trying to find a good position. With two kids dancing around inside of my belly, it wasn't an easy task. Jacob laughed, switching off the small light. His hand landed on top of my round stomach.

"I'm not telling you because you'll go tell your cousin, and that's unacceptable."

"Oh, come on! It's not like you're taking him to a strip club! Wait... you're not taking him there, right?" Jacob shifted next to me, until I felt his face appearing closer to mine.

"Hey, it's a bachelor party. What do you expect?"

"Are there going to be naked girls?"

"Are you jealous? Bella, you know I'm not interested in naked girls except if you're the one naked. And Beth knows it's the same for Embry. Taking him to a strip club is only for show, like to respect tradition or something. Nothing bad will happen."

I slapped his exposed chest. He was good at keeping secrets, but if he had to reassure me, he could easily give them away without meaning to. Reassuring your imprint came first. It hadn't taken me long to take advantage of this. I didn't like surprises very much.

"It doesn't mean I have to like the idea of girls rubbing their perfect bodies all over you."

"You are jealous. It's cute. Come here." He gave me a big hug, trying not to laugh at me. He knew I was insecure about my body. I had never really lost the weight from my first pregnancy, and I felt like I was even bigger this time. The fact that young and attractive girls were going to strut in front of Jacob tomorrow night wasn't comforting.

"You have nothing to worry about. He's the last one to get married. Except for Quil, but we'll probably have to wait a long time before he and Claire get married, if they ever do. I wanted something good for Embry's party, that's all. But I don't think we'll stay there very long."

"Yes, I know. I'm just feeling insecure, nothing new here. Blame it on the hormones. You guys will have fun, and anyway, Beth may get some private show, too. You never know."

"Is she?"

"Probably. She said they're going to a night club after dinner. I'm not going. I don't think I would have a lot of fun there. Going out for dinner is already nice."

"I'm feeling like it's going to be great night." Even with the lights out, I could hear the smile in his voice. They didn't have many occasions to go out by themselves. With kids all over the place, jobs, and all, I could understand that they were excited. As a matter of fact, I was excited, too.

I never would have thought that Embry and Beth would come such a long way. They were getting married in two weeks. Why in the middle of the fall, I had no idea. It would be rainy and cold, but Beth actually loved the weather here in La Push. She had loved her life up here as soon as she moved in with Embry and Quil. Our friend had made her so much happier than I had ever seen her. She never went back to journalism, though. She found a job in a café in Forks, and now, she was working to open her own.

Getting married was an obvious step for the two of them. Shortly after she arrived, Quil decided he should probably find another place to live. Apparently, hearing his roommates having sex wasn't how he wanted to spend his nights. I could understand him. Living with Embry had changed her so much that I think the idea of having kids wasn't as repulsive to her as it was before. It was exciting to know my cousin was getting married. It was like coming full circle. She had met Embry at my wedding, even if she thought he was a psychopath at the time.

I snuggled into Jacob's arms, my head resting against his chest, close to his heart. This was how I liked to spend my nights. Nothing complicated. Some talk about whatever was on our minds, and cuddling. Feeling the babies kick, trying not to laugh too hard so we wouldn't wake up Shawn sleeping across the hallway.

Our life was far from perfect, and when we woke up in the morning, we would have problems to deal with. I was going to quit my job soon, and I wasn't going to return afterwards. With three kids, including two newborns, being a mom was definitely going to be enough of a job. I may earn money through my books, but it didn't equal my salary at the high school. Life was going to be tough for the five of us. I was positive we would figure things out, as always. It didn't mean I would stop worrying about it. That was what I did: worry. And Jacob would reassure me. It was how we worked. We were a good team.

Yes, Jacob and I were a good team. And I was confident we would stay like this for a very long time. As long as he was next to me, hugging me close, and snoring lightly in my hair as he was sleeping, I knew we would get through difficulties the best that we could.

"I love you, Jake," I whispered, kissing his chest before closing my eyes. This was the safest place for me to fall asleep. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

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