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Note: This piece was written in response to a KC writers challenge. The requirements of the challenge are as follows:

Twilight Fanfic: can follow canon or not e.g. can divert from a scene out of a TS book
Must contain: a wolf pack character, a lump of coal, a branch and a shoe
Must not contain: NO mary-sues
Word length: minimum 200 words, max 500 words

If Only He Knew

I dug my toes into the sand as I drew circles around my feet with a piece of driftwood. It used to be a branch, but it was bleached almost white now, the end charred from the fire. Staring into the flames, I imagined I could see things in the flickers. I reached out my hand, just to see if I could see that face again, and there it was, just as the fire licked at my fingers.

Pulling it back before anyone could notice, I sucked my fingertips to take the small pain away. Years later, and still I saw that face, heard that velvet voice in my head whenever I was in the slightest jeopardy. I still courted peril, even now, even though I told myself I had moved on, just to see him, hear him. Just to know that it had been real, it had happened, he had existed.

My husband berated me that fact. He joked that I went looking for danger. If only he knew. I looked up to see him walking up the beach towards me after his swim, his copper skin glistening golden with the reflected fire. He shoved his discarded tennis shoe aside – where the other had gone I had no idea – and sat beside me in the sand. "Ok, Bella?" he asked.

I smiled reassuringly, using my driftwood branch to poke at a lump of coal that had rolled out of the flames. I leaned into him, letting his body warm me. My Jacob. My Paris. If only he knew.