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Jetson, You're Hired

Jane and George Jetson were sitting at the table in their small apartment. They were having grilled cheese sandwiches and milk.

"You have any plans for today, dear?" Jane asked.

"I have an interview for the index digital operator position at Spacely Sprockets this afternoon," George replied.

"I hope you get the job."

"If I do, I can quit my job at Spaceburger."

"When's the interview?"

"In a couple hours so I'd better get moving."

"Good luck, dear."

"I think I'll need it."

George raced from the table. Jane pressed a button on the table and the cleaning supplies showed up and cleaned the table.

George parked his space car in the garage at Spacely Sprockets. He went over to the transporter tube and pressed a button.

"Spacely Sprockets, may I help you?" a female robotic voice asked.

"I have an interview with Mr. Spacely for the index digital operator position," George replied.

Suddenly, George went flying through the tube. He wound up in a room where a small, chubby man with dark hair in the back of his head and a bald spot with a few dark hairs on top was sitting at a desk.

"What do you want?" the man demanded.

"I'm George Jetson," George said. "I'm here to be interviewed for the index digital operator position."

"I'm Cosmo but you may call me Mr. Spacely," the man said. "Would you like a seat?"

"Sure, that would be great," George said. Mr. Spacely pressed a button and a chair appeared underneath George.

"What makes you interested in the index digital operator position?"

"Let's just say being a digital operator has always been a dream of mine. I've always been interested in pressing buttons since the day I've learned to do so."

"I like your enthusiasm, Jetson," Mr. Spacely said. "How soon would you be able to start if I give you the job?"

"As soon as I call Spaceburger and tell them I quit," George replied.

"Jetson, you're hired."

"I'll go call Spaceburger right now."

Mr. Spacely pressed a button and a picture phone came down from the ceiling. George dialed the number for Spaceburger, got the boss, told him he was quitting, effective immediately, and hung up.

"My secretary will show you to your work space and also show you what needs to be done," Mr. Spacely said.

"Looking forward to getting started," George said with enthusiasm.

Mr. Spacely pressed a button. A few seconds later, a female robotic secretary entered the room.

"Please show Mr. Jetson around and then take him to the digital operator room," Mr. Spacely instructed the robotic secretary.

"My pleasure, Mr. Spacely," the robotic secretary said. "Mr. Jetson, follow me."

"Gladly," George said, following the robotic secretary out of Mr. Spacely's office. He had a feeling that he was going to enjoy working at Spacely Sprockets.

The End