All characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi or Kazuki Takahashi.


The faint sound of screams resonated in her head as Serenity found herself surrounded by darkness. Intense pain racked through her body but try as she might she hadn't the strength to release the tiniest moan of displeasure from her unresponsive body. Her chest heaved uncomfortably as the sounds began to grow louder in her ears and sent an excruciating chill down her spine. Never before could she remember experiencing such terrible pain as the burning she felt spread through her body like a terrible wild fire, paralyzing her. Suddenly, she felt her body lifted from the quivering ground.

Strong arms cradled her body as she felt great physical warmth wash over her; the warmth she had only felt from one other. It drowned the searing ache that pulsed through her body as she felt smooth and mighty hands support her legs and back.

"What have you done?!" A guttural demand growled in the deep commanding voice that could only belong to the great Pharaoh of Egypt. She confirmed now, that it was within his great and powerful arms she was now embraced. Maniacal laughter rang through the air, it was both female and hateful and although she hadn't the strength to pry open her eyes, she knew it belonged to the offender who had caused her this torment.

"Please," a voice devoid of breath, both deep but not forceful; she attributed it immediately to her fiancé, Endymion, the once claimed Prince of Earth. "She has gained so much power and is too strong for me and my soldiers. Please help us, for my people and Serenity's sake!" Endymion begged. An enraged rumble escaped from Atem's chest as Serenity struggled to open her eyes.

"How dare you involve her in this petty spat of yours, you've gone too far, Endymion!" Serenity felt his arms tremble in anger. "I'll personally see to it that you live through this, and then you'll have to answer to me." The Pharaoh threatened and abruptly she felt herself shifted into another's arms.

She wanted to protest; to tell him to run and take her with him. Her body ached from Beryl's terrible attack and the thought of Atem, the man she had grown so close to over the past months suffering the same fate terrified her. Serenity could not open her mouth; she could make no sounds. The pain prevented that as she was helpless and fated only to listen.

"Protect her, Seto." Atem ordered quietly. She felt a smooth hand brush against her cheek and quickly leave it.

"I shall, with all of my power." The dark voice who supported her body replied.

"Beryl!" Atem's thunderous voice rang through the sky as the screams and noises of destruction fell to silence. "I cannot and will not forgive you for this!"

Feminine laughter laced with sinister intent rang through the sky as Serenity visualized the dark sorceress' terrible face.

"Ah yes, the great and powerful Pharaoh of the golden sands, my dispute does not involve you. Stand down now and I shall forgive this indiscretion once the Golden Kingdom of the tyrant Endymion is under my control!" Beryl warned.

"Your fight began with me the moment you harmed Serenity." Atem boldly boomed. "I challenge to a shadow game; one in which you cannot refuse!"

"And the terms?" Beryl chortled questioningly.

"The loser's life and soul."

Author's Note: This is a revised chapter of the original version, no content was changed, only poor word choices, spelling & grammar mistakes, etc.