Hi, everyone! I'm a fan of -man so when I heard that the story was stopped for a while because of the author's health I really panicked, anxious to know how the story will end… Who is the Heart? What's the secret behind Kanda's past? What the Noah will do now? Too many questions without answer that began to drive me mad, so I started to imagine how I'd like the story to continue… and from this was born a story that I'm still writing and that I decided to upload here. I'm still no sure of this being a wise choice for many reasons:

I'm Italian, English isn't my language and I seriously doubt to have the skills to write a story in this language, still I won't know this until I try and, anyway, this is an exercise which will improve my knowledge of English. Please, don't be too harsh with me, but if my writing is so poor that make me ridiculous let me know it! If I use the wrong expression, tell me! You can wonder why I've decided to write in English if that's so difficult for me… I could say that the matter is that until now I've only see English fanfictions here and that this is the only way I have to make my work comprehensible for anyone, but this is only a part of the truth… the real reason maybe is simply that this is a challenge for me and that I can't resist the temptation to try ^^'

Someone would believe me full of presumption for trying to write the continuation of -man. It's no presumption, is that I've thought so much about this story that I couldn't help, but wrote it. I hope you'll understand what I mean.

Waiting for the great Katsura Hoshino-sensei to get better, I hope I'll succeed to entertain you a little!

The soundtrack of this tale is Yiruma's music. For the first part of this chapter I used to listen to " Kiss the rain", to the piano and violin version exactly. If you can, listen to this song while you're reading this chapter.

I hope you'll like this first, short, chapter, I really tried very hard so I'd like all the readers to comment, no matter if they think that this story is terrible. Please, leave comments!




Night, Dark Religious Headquarters

The boy started to turn everywhere during his sleep. He was acting like he was upset; maybe he was going to wake up or, most probably, he was having a nightmare. It wouldn't have been strange since he did have them very often.

"It's inevitable. " said someone in a whisper from the other side of the room, " Everyone would be persecuted by nightmares if they were you…"

It was a low, acute, young voice, a female voice. She looked at the boy with a melancholy look on her face. The boy turned again and again while he was sleeping as if he was in pain.

He was sweating a lot so that his white hair were glued on his forehead, but he was still very handsome with his pretty face and his muscular body, maybe too developed for a fifteen, but not too much for someone who had been living like him.

His face… it still had a gentle look, even when it was contorted with anguish as in that moment. Who could have known what his dreams were showing him?

The girl moved on towards him and gently pushed aside his hair from his forehead.

" Allen…" she whispered. Now the light of the moon was falling on her face so that an intruder could have recognized her features: she was very young and looked pretty, despite her golden eyes and her spiky hair.

She bowed, she kissed his sleeping face and murmured: " Please, don't let him win, or I'll seriously have to kill you, Allen".

After this she moved some step behind, and then Road vanished without a sound.

A few moments later Allen woke up, all of a sudden, gasping: his nightmare had finally reached its end. He observed the room carefully, but he found nothing. Strange, he had had the feeling that there was someone else near him. That's why he had woken up.

At the end he relaxed and fell on the bed. He was thinking about his last nightmare. He could almost hear the voice of the level four resounding in his ears.

" This sword hurts only evil things? So, why are you suffering? "

He shook his head, but those words were too true to be ignored.

" Stupid child, did you really believed that the host body for the Fourteenth could be without sin? "

Even this was just too true, that's why it hurt so much. The Fourteenth… His existence had become quite an heavy burden for Allen, an obsession he could not reject because he was inside him. Yes, that was what drove him mad: the Fourteenth wasn't an enemy he could face and destroy with his Innocence, to be exactly, it wasn't an enemy he could face at all! He was a phantom who was taking possess of his body and Allen couldn't fight back. This was what was driving him mad, this and… Mana…

When Mana said that he loved him, who did he meant? Allen or the Fourteenth, his dead brother? And of whom did he take care? Allen or the host body which was waiting to be used for the resurrection of the Noah?

Allen felt like if he was going to fall into pieces. His Master had tried to console him, how unlike him, he said that Mana: " kind of lost it when the Fourteenth died" and that probably " he didn't remember the past anymore" , but for Allen it wasn't so easy. He couldn't possibly believe that were all coincidences: Mana taking care of him, Mana teaching him that strange alphabet which made the arc move…

He couldn't avoid the feeling of having been manipulated all the time and this hurt him more than anything else. In every difficult moment he had always thought of Mana, of the promise he made to him and so he had always found the strength to keep on walking. But what if someone had planned everything from the start?

"What should I do? " he asked to himself, unable to accept such a reality. What would have done the master if he were Allen? No answer came to his mind but, instead he remembered his voice saying:

" I can't laugh at Tiedoll anymore…"

Allen smiled at the memory, but his smile didn't reach his eyes.

He watched out of the window, his eyes searching for the moon, and when his gaze finally met it, he murmured:

" That's going to be another sleepless night."