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Chapter 6

Yuki was still talking about the movie when she got up the next morning. And every time I thought about what I did last night I couldn't help but blush.

Julia turned to look at me just as I started blushing. She raised her eyebrows as a question. I hadn't told her about it yet and I had not plans to tell her at the moment.

"So what are the plans for today? More sightseeing, shopping, visiting old friends or are you guys going out with Sano again?"

"Actually, we are going to meet up with Sano and Nakatsu to go see everyone." I was getting nervous Sano had suggested we go see everyone else today, they still didn't know why I left and had heard that I was back in Japan.

"Okay that sounds like fun! You guys are getting the gang back together!" We laughed.

A couple of hours later

We met up downstairs in the lobby. "Hey guys!" I gave both of then a hug. "Hi, Daddy, Hi Mr. Nakatsu!" Julia just waved.

"Oh Yuki, you don't have to call me mister. I t makes me feel old, just call me uncle, okay?"

"Okie dokie!" Yuki was happy about that; she had been asking me all morning what she should call Nakatsu.

"So where are we meeting everyone else?"

It was Nakatsu that answered "There is a nice café about 2 miles from here. The others should be on their way over there."

"I can't wait to see everyone again!" I was excited and nervous at the same time.

"I bet they can't wait to see you either it's been 10 years since they have heard anything from you." Sano said.

After a short taxi ride we arrived at a little café called Saryo*. We decided to sit out on the terrace. It wasn't long before the guys started showing up.

"Sano! Nakatsu! Long time no see!" Sekime and Noe arrived at the same time and just happened to greet the guys in unison. Sekime noticed me first. "Mizuki? Is that you?" Noe just stared.

"I know it's been forever! But here I am in the flesh. I'll explain everything when everyone gets here."

We started talking; I introduced Yuki in name alone. We chatted and caught up. So far I learned that both Noe and Sekime were married to their high school sweethearts, both have kids; Noe 2 and Sekime 1 with another on the way. Both of them were successful and loved their jobs. I could tell they were curious about why Julia, Yuki and I were there. They kept looking at me and Yuki.

Soon Kayashima and Nakao arrived. Kayashima was a very successful aura reader and spirit purifier. While Nakao became a fashion designer a nice one at that.

Last but not least Nanba showed up. I really wasn't expecting him to, but he did help us out a lot while he was in school with us. It was finally time to spill the beans.

"I know you guys are curious why I waited so long and why I came back so suddenly." I was more than a little nervous since this was going to be the first time not only the five of them heard this story but this is the first time that Yuki will be hearing it. "Here goes nothing, as you all know Sano and I were dating in high school before I left. Well, the day I disappeared was 3 days after I confirmed I was pregnant." Absolute shock crossed everyone's faces. "I panicked big time, I tried to tell Sano but I chickened out so I decided to go back home and try and figure things out. The only person who knew was Dr. Umeda." I kept telling hem everything even though I wasn't very comfortable.

What changed my mind was Sano scooting closer and taking my hand. Letting me know he was here for me, no he was here for us. "So here I am today with my, I mean our," I gestured to Sano and myself "daughter Yuki. Julia helped me through this without her I probably would not have come back for a few more years."

Shock. Awe. Amazement. Confusion. Disbelief. And a twinge of anger of maybe it was annoyance. Then more shock crossed all of their faces at once. Silence and them suddenly everyone was talking at once.

"Wha.., ..Uh..,.. Ah…,..Su…., GU….," I couldn't tell what was being said or who was speaking. All I heard were bits and pieces but mostly sounds.

It was Nanba who got everyone to quiet down. "Everyone hush," Silence. "Good. Now, wow what a surprise, I guess I should congratulate the two of you! I am a little miffed that you didn't tell me though, Mizuki I am pretty sure something would have been figured out if you had. But the past is the past, and as long as you are doing well now then it doesn't matter anymore. Hmmm… Uncle knew the whole time and wouldn't spill the beans even when I would ask him."

Relief washed through me "I knew he wouldn't tell, no matter what, after all he never said anything about me being a girl even though he knew from the get go, and I did ask him to keep it a secret until I came back."

Noe took the opportunity to speak up. "Mizuki?"

"Yes, Noe?"

"First off I would like to say congratulations," I nodded as thanks, "Second, WOW! You are amazing! If I were you I don't think I would have been able to it. Especially by myself, even if I had some help from my family."

"Thank you so much but, I didn't really do it all alone, my family and friends did help and give me a lot of support."

Oh, Mickey don't be so modest, you know as well as I do how hard you worked to raise Yuki" Julia was right but I didn't feel like admitting it so I just nodded.

This time it was Nakao who spoke up. "I still can't believe that you just up and left like that! No warning, no nothing. Do you know how worried we were about you? Sano wasn't much help he kept saying that you were fine, and you would come back in time but you never did!"

I could see Nakao's horns growing, his eyes bulging and his nose flaring, I knew that he was getting really mad about this. "I am truly sorry I left you guys hanging like I did, believe me I really am and you know if I could change anything about this it would only be coming back sooner than I did, and nothing else really because I learned that I can handle a lot more then I thought I could."

Nakao made a face, and then said, "I guess its okay then. But I still don't think you should have left without a word and I wish you would have come back much sooner. Do you know I much I missed you, how much I worried about you!"

"Like I said I am sorry about that." I understood why he was so upset about it, if it was the other way around I'm pretty sure I would be just as upset if not more. But just by looking at his face I knew I was forgiven.

Finally I looked at Kayashima, who through this whole ordeal and during my story had been silent, and had not looked the least bit surprised. "You knew didn't you," I accused him. "But how did you know?"

He shrugged, "Yes, I did know, and to answer your question the same way I knew you were a girl, your aura**, the way it moves, its color, and shape change when one is pregnant. If you are wondering why I didn't say anything or try to stop you when I knew you were leaving, it's because I trusted your judgment, I knew you were going to do what you thought was the right thing for you and your situation."

The first part I probably should have figured out myself, it was kind of obvious, and I have always known he could see auras. And he answered my next question before I even had the chance to ask it.

The rest of the afternoon pasted in a flurry of questions, jokes, and conversations ranging from our time at Osaka to our careers to what our other friends are up to now.

"I really enjoyed today guys it was so much fun to catch up and see you all again. We need to get together again real soon!"

We said our good-byes and headed back to the hotel to rest then headed back out to do more sight seeing with Sano and Nakatsu.

The rest of the day passed by in a flash, soon we were back in the room getting ready to go to bed.

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