Jack looked around the conference room table and smiled. Gwen was sitting in her usual spot, looking perky and attentive, fidgeting occasionally. The image of a small puppy, wriggling on the spot as it waited for the command to fetch came to mind.

Jack's attention strayed to Owen; if Gwen was the puppy eager to please, then Owen was the old bloodhound that occasionally lifted its head to growl, indignant at being woken, before falling back asleep.

Jack frowned as he looked at Tosh. She reminded him of a rescue dog, desperate for affection but unwilling to draw attention to herself for fear of a beating. She was still hesitant around him, unwilling to truly relax and be herself. The only one that seemed to draw that out of her was Ianto.

A small cough woke Jack from his reverie. Ianto looked at him questioningly, silently checking that all was well with his Captain. Jack gave a small smile and nodded, pleased when Ianto accepted his reassurance. He would never tell the young man what he had been thinking about, because he knew that any and all privileges would be revoked as soon as the word 'Lassie' was mentioned in relation to him. He may be faithful and dependable, but like all dogs, there was a touch of wolf in him, ready to snap should Jack get out of hand.