Chapter Six:

You straddle me, inky black hair surrounding your face, excitement visible in your expression. The bottle of lube makes a small, odd sound when you open it, and I giggle nervously. I know this is going to hurt, but I have no idea how much.

I watch you slick yourself up, your erection glistening in the low light. There's something awesome about watching you touch yourself, but before I can grasp exactly what it is, you stroke one finger over my opening.

I'm unused to being touched there, and my entire body clenches a little. You smile at me.

"Relax, love. " Your voice is breaking. I can see the blood rushing into your face.

You move close, lifting my legs higher. I can feel something cool and slick bumping against me, and I am unable to keep a slight tremor from running through my body. I still want you, so bad, but butterflies are starting to take over the passion.

There's a sudden burning sensation as you press inside, just barely. I'm so full I can't breathe, and it hurts. The pain is dull, but it's there. I try to keep it off my face, hoping you won't see. Your eyes are closed, though, so I release a little breath.

"You're so fucking tight, Tom, it's almost painful how good this feels." You whisper, your face a beautiful image of ecstasy.

I moan in reply, unable to form words. I can't feel any pleasure, except the thought that you are inside of me. My body is rebelling. I wonder how far in you are, when you shove a little deeper, and I involuntarily let out a whimper in pain.

Your eyes shoot open, and you see the look on my face before I can mask it. You look shocked, and pull back from me, tears filling your eyes. "Oh, no, Tom, you're hurt!"

I sit up, wincing a little, and gather you close. Now that the pain is over, my body is reacting to your closeness. "It's alright, Bill, I expected it. It wasn't too bad."

"Don't lie to me, Tom, I could see how much it hurt. Why didn't you stop me?" The torment in your voice is killing me.

I hug you closer. "I love you, and I didn't want you to stop. What's a little pain when I have you inside of me? Inside, Bill, closer than you've ever been. We were almost one person!"

I can feel you crying against my chest, and I pull you down with me as I lay back down on the bed. You cuddle up against my side, soft and beautiful even through the tears.

"I won't do it again. I can't hurt you like that." You say, your voice resolute.

I smile, even though you can't see it. "I'm tougher than you think. You'll change your mind."

You mumble something, I can't hear what it is. I can tell you are going to sleep, though, so I keep holding on to you. I think about what you said, and realize maybe that's why I wanted you on top. I instinctively cannot hurt you, even in love. I do love you, so much. My heart is exploding in my chest. I think I cannot be happier, lying here with you in my arms.