DISCLAIMER: I do not own any part of Capcom or Ashes to Ashes/Life on Mars storylines. I have altered the story slightly, but it still belongs to the BBC. I am just a fan…

But any other characters/places not in any of the games are invented by, and owned by, me.

"Sallie? Sallie!" I'd only just dialled her number, admittedly, but I'd just heard on the Radio that a girl of 20 has been shot in Sallie's street. Sallie was 20- and my fiancée. She wasn't picking up. I began dialling again, but then I realized- it was no use. If the victim really was my Sallie, the police would've taken her phone.

'No, Miles. Think positive. She's probably got the thing turned off,' I told myself, furiously. Yes, that's the kind of thing Sallie would do…

I pulled up outside Sallie's house. A large group of people were crowding round something in a circle. I elbowed my way through them, only to be held off by some yellow police tape. A familiar-looking detective was trying (and failing miserably) to convince the people to back off.

"Gumshoe," I called, out of breath. He ran over to me.

"Yessir?" he said, nervously.

"Who is it?" I snapped. "Is it Sallie?" I glared at the surrounding people. They shifted nervously on the spot. They may be curious, but it's not their fiancée who might just've been shot by some gun-wielding maniac.

"We, erm, don't know, sir," he replied. "We're trying to get rid of all these people," I grabbed his trench coat, pulling him forward, but I let go.

"Just let me do it," I strode towards the tape, with Gumshoe pulling on my jacket.

"No, sir, it's too dangerous!" I knocked him back. I had to find out who the girl was. If the police wouldn't do anything, it was up to me. Ducking under the police tape, I began running to the shooter and his victim. He turned when he heard me.

I don't know if he'd done it intentionally, or out of shock, but he fired. And it hit me.

"Mr Edgeworth! Sir!" Gumshoe shouted over the voices of the people.

"Miles!" her voice… the victim wasn't her.


As I collapsed, the people gasped. But I heard nothing. Everything went black.

My name is Miles Edgeworth. I've been shot, and I've arrived in 2001. Why I'm here, I don't know, and what I have to do to get home- I haven't a clue. But somehow, I will get there. I'm coming back for you. And I am not going to die, Sallie.

"Excuse me, sir?" he turned. "Where the hell am I?"