I stared wistfully. Sudden flashes of jealousy flared through me. You were what I hoped to but never could become. I smashed the porcelain cup on the floor. You were gobsmacked at my actions. That cup had been created and sculpted by the both of us, painstakingly. Destroying that cup could have only meant...

"Our friendship is over. Get out of my room!" I snarled.

I would never forget that moment. Your beautiful green eyes filled with tears and hurt was clearly etched on your face. You glanced at the smashed cup once more. Snatching your porcelein mastery certificate from my clenched hands, you slapped me, hard, before turning to leave. This time, you seemed to have left for good.

You never slapped me in all the times that I angered you.

I knew then that I had once again pushed away someone whom I held close.

I stalked towards the bottle of brandy that stood at the table. Pulling the stopper, I downed the burning liquid in large gulps, not caring whether my alcoholism needed to be controlled at all. After you left, nothing mattered anymore. Nothing at all.

The world swayed imperceptibly. Stumbling onto the floor, I lost it. Kicking the empty bottles that lay by, I hugged my knees to my chest and cried. The walls that I had erected within my heart had ceased to exist the moment you left.

Shuddering with tears, I never noticed you coming back. You lifted my chin and made me look into your emerald eyes. Grabbing you, I held you tightly, burying myself in the honey scent of your auburn hair.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."I cried out.

You didnt slap me again like I expected you to, neither did you pull away from my embrace. Instead, you turned to face me and simply put your finger to my lips and whispered, "Hush."

The next thing I knew, you had locked your lips with me. No words needed to be said as emotions were exchanged in the fiery kiss.

That was many years ago.

Now, as I watch you rocking our child gently to sleep, I am reminded of why you came back. Because of love.

"Severus? Is there something wrong?"

I shake my head, smiling a little. "Nothing, Harry. Nothing."

You place our son into the crib come foward to hug me.

To think that my immaturity nearly ruined it all. Ah, the irony.

A/N: Hi there! This was written under a context of sudden realization of a fact of personal reason. Hope you enjoy.