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A Cheap Rented Room

Part 3: Dawn

The morning came too soon...much too soon. And to his dismay, Fiyero had discovered through the night that Elphaba wasn't the typical cuddling female he was used to. A few bruises were the proof of his new theory.

Wondering what had awoken him from his deep slumber, Fiyero took in his surroundings. There were the carelessly discarded clothes, the burnt-down candles. And Elphaba was still lying on her side of the bed. So it hadn't been her kicking. Sliding his fingers through his messy hair, he laid back down, trying to get at least a few minutes of extra sleep. Oz knew that last night hadn't been restful. Grinning widely, he glanced at Elphaba. But it had been enjoyable.

Elphaba was facing him in her sleep, safely tucked in. She looked so much younger when she was sleeping. Just like the girl he had known at Shiz. He would do anything in his power to give her peace for the rest of her life. His hands – itching to touch her again after the short separation in sleep – stroked the exposed green skin of her leg softly, careful not to wake her from her slumber.

"Yero." A soft sigh escaped her lips and Fiyero instantly felt guilty.

Just look, don't touch. His mother's words haunted him, reminding him of his childhood. He had never followed any rules. No wonder his mother had hired three nannies for him.

But now Elphaba blinked heavily, hiding her face in the hair spread out on the pillow. It was quite a magical moment to see his lover waking up in the morning, a moment too ordinary for most people to cherish. But Fiyero Tiggular was wide awake now as he watched Elphaba cross the bridge between semiconsciousness and reality. She stretched like a cat, making a small sound – something between a sigh and a moan – while the sheet slipped dangerously low...



Fiyero's breath caught in his throat as he realized that the fabric was only covering her waist and her hips now. He enjoyed this calm and beautiful moment. His mind wasn't clouded with overpowering passion anymore, and he felt reassured in his feelings and bathed in the glow of their morning after. Perfect. Because right now….they belonged to each other.

"Stop looking."

Surprised by the sudden outburst, Fiyero hadn't the time to duck before a soft pillow collided with his head. Flashing black met with shiny blue and he felt a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. Elphaba only frowned in response, clearly uncomfortable as she tried to hide her body beneath the blanket again.

But before she could tug the sheet over her bare legs, a hand caught her wrist softly.


Don't hide.

Don't leave me out.

Don't try to act as if nothing has happened.

Fiyero wanted to tell her so much. So many thoughts were swirling in his head, trying to fight over their importance, itching to be released. Thinking had never been his forte, but he was willing to give it a try in the future. For now he would rely on the many years of experience with another kind of language. Pressing a soft kiss onto her wrist, he watched her eyes soften remarkably. He would have to remember this kind of pacification for the future.

Sitting up properly, Elphaba leaned against the headboard, studying her Prince intently. He looked too good to be true. And he was officially hers. After last night he simply had to be hers. A light blush crept into her cheeks, tinting them with a soft violet as she thought about all the things that she had done last night. Oz knew, she hadn't expected….that. Books are the best advisor, she knew, but sometimes you just have to experience the real thing. Looking down at their joined hands, she tried to ignore the stark contrast between her green and his white skin. It still hurt too much. In the dark hours of the night, they had been colorless. But in the bright light of the morning, reality hit her.

Perfection isn't the right companion for ugliness.

There was that sound again.

"Is the door...jingling?" Fiyero tensed, his eyes trained on the door, his hand searching for the dagger on the nightstand. And only a few seconds later, a soft chiming could be heard.

Damn, the protection spell. It had really worked.

"It's magic." Elphaba explained sharply. "Dark magic."

He wanted to ask her what she meant exactly, but Elphaba's eyes were fixed on the wooden door, which jingled softly once again, a sign that dark magic tried to invade the room...some kind of spell that was meant for her. The words were slipping out of her mouth, as the sheet around her slipped from her shoulders. Later on she would wonder how she had looked in the dim morning hours, kneeling in bed, bare naked with only a tangled sheet in her lap, reciting a spell to annul the one she had made the night before.

"Almeha tarna eka est..."

"Fae, what are you doing?"

"Nahmen ad fontes..."

"Elphaba." She was slipping through his fingers.

"Audiatur sacra pax..."

"Damn it! What are you doing? What is happening?"

But she couldn't hear his questions anymore. The spell was flowing through the closed door, now unsecured against the dark magic.

A house flying through the sky.

The painful screams.

Nessa. Oz, it's Nessa.

Her normally overanalyzing mind panicked. Breathe. Don't forget to breathe. But Nessa's scream had stolen her breath. It's a death scream, she realized. But it's a vision sent from dark forces, too, her assaying side argued. They wanted her out in the open. She had to be careful. But now she was one step ahead of them. She would calm herself on the way to Nessa. Until then, she would come up with a plan.

She was out of the bed before Fiyero even had a chance to stop her. In a few minutes, Elphaba was fully dressed, her hair in a loose bun and her broom in hand.

He could only watch the whirlwind of action in front of him. He knew all along what was happening. She was out of reach, ready to carry out a plan that she wouldn't share with him.

"My sister's in danger," she explained, her brow furrowed in concentration.

"What? How do you know?"

Pacing to the door, Elphaba ignored his question. There simply was no time. No time to argue, to explain. "I have to go to Nessa."

Fiyero stood to face Elphaba, ignoring the fact that he was completely naked in front of her. Right now, physical vulnerability was not his problem. She seemed to be miles away. Her body was with him, but her mind was fighting in a war he couldn't understand. Reaching for his trousers, he retorted: "I'll come with you."

This brought him her attention. Wide-eyed, she held up a hand to stop him. "No, it's too dangerous." Her eyes softened a bit when she caught a glimpse of his hurt expression. "Stay here. I'll come back for you."

"Elphaba, don't. Please. Let me go with you. I promised you that you could trust me."

Never trust the promise of a man my Phaba. He will only hurt you, and you'll hurt him in return.The truth was she wasn't used to this. There had been no caring lovers, no loyal family, no fighters beside her. She was used to being alone, playing alone, working alone, and hell, she was even prepared to die alone. Last night had been an escape. There was no way she could sacrifice Fiyero in her war. But this firm set of his mouth, the strength radiating from his body – he was completely prepared to fight beside her.

"Promises were yesterday, Fiyero. I have to help my sister. She's in danger. And I can't let you do anything stupid."

Her words hit him like a blow. She turned around, her hand falling on the knob.

"Don't, please." He begged and his words stopped her dead. She wanted to tell him so much. So many things... Once again, she was trapped in this room. The walls closing in on her, smothering her like a flame without oxygen. In the night, when they had been in the throes of passion he had whispered "I love you" in her ear. She hadn't been able to return it. Instead, she had kissed him until their world shattered. She had loved him with her body. But there was a part of her that held back. His words had been the ultimate weapon against her. And she hadn't been able to fight back.

Closing her eyes, she released a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding in. She would tell him. She would rescue her sister. She would come back. They would go to the castle he had talked about after their lovemaking and then she would tell him. This was a silent promise that Elphaba would keep.

Turning around abruptly, she flung her arms around Fiyero's neck.

Their mouths met and they shared a soul-destroying kiss before she tore away.

Looking deeply into her eyes, Fiyero saw a flicker of hurt before he felt himself being thrown across the room.

"I'm sorry."


But Elphaba was away.

And he was all alone again.

The End

I hope you've enjoyed this ride as much as I did. Thank you for reading this!