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Summary: There are gray areas of life, and falling in love with your cousin? That was definitely one of them. What can they say? People do crazy things when they're jealous.

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Crazy Things

A Ruby & the Rockits Fanfiction

"Well... I'm pooped! Time for me to hit the hay!" Jordan spoke as he yawned dramatically.
He and Ruby had just gotten back home from the Italian restaurant after the 'fallout' with Nils. They had snuck up the stairs successfully, and were now standing in the hallway outside of Ruby's bedroom.

Jordan turned to go to his bedroom but was halted by Ruby's voice, "Wait a minute. You're not going anywhere."

Turning slowly back around, his eyes were wide, "Uhh-" was all he could say before she started up.

"What gives you the right to come down to the restaurant where I was having my date with Nils? HUH?! Tell me! Fill me in! I would love to know!" She yelled in one breath.

Jordan just stood there in fear of Ruby's head exploding before he said, "Well I-"

But she interrupted once more, "Come on! Get it out! What are you waiting for!?"

"RUBY!" He got her attention, "I'm trying to explain, but you keep interrupting!"

"Oh." She said in a small voice, "Well... continue then."

Jordan took a deep breath, "I was just looking out for you... I didn't want to see you get hurt."

"Bull! You didn't seem to care about me getting hurt when you were trying to stop me from seeing Nils." She said, and he mentally cursed himself.

"I'm sorry, okay? I told you I was sorry at the restaurant. I didn't mean to be such a jerk, but like you said, 'people do crazy things when they're jealous'..." He spoke and he looked down at his hands.

"You being dateless cannot be the only reason why you acted the way you did." Ruby added.

"It doesn't matter, okay? Nils is gay; we got home without my parents knowing we left; and I'm tired, so can we just let this go?" Jordan begged.

Ruby seemed to give it some thought before nodding, "I guess you're right..."

"Of course I am." He spoke confidently and Ruby just rolled her eyes.

"Whatever, Bambi." Ruby spoke with a grin.

"Hey, I am wiry, and unpredictable!" He informed her once again.

"Yeah, okay... Mr. 'I can't go anywhere without making my bed first'."

"Come on! If more people made their beds in the morning... this world would be a better, more satisfying place."

Another eye roll from Ruby, "Just get to your already made bed, and get some sleep, and dream of your lovely... Chanel."

"Pft, I don't dream about her."

"Oh really? Then who do you dream about?" Ruby raised an eyebrow.

Jordan was suddenly very uncomfortable, "Uh, you're right... better get to bed and have wonderful dreams about Chanel! 'Night Ruby!"

"Not so fast!" She grabbed his elbow, and he groaned outwardly in frustration.

"Must you keep me from my slumber?" He whined.

"Yes. I want to know who this other girl is that you're dreaming about." Ruby spoke, and Jordan noticed there was something in her voice. It couldn't be... jealousy?

"It doesn't matter. You don't know her."

"Just like I didn't know the girl you wrote the song about? Is it the same girl?"

"Yes." He replied simply.

"Is it someone at school? Because I bet I know who they are now!" She tried desperately, and he just chuckled.

"Oh, Ruby. I am not going to reveal who the girl is... so you can just give it up." He spoke with more confidence than thought he'd have in this situation.

"Why does it matter if I know who you've got a crush on? I had a crush on Nils and everyone knew it!"

"For one, You were quite obvious about it... and Two, It's a bit more complicated than that."

"What on Earth could make it complicated!?" She was yelling again.

"Why do you want to know so badly?!" He yelled back.

"I don't know!" She yelled, before taking a step back, "... I don't know..." She repeated to herself.

Jordan looked at her in confusion, "What's the deal, Ruby?" He asked.

"I just... I really wish you would confide in me, is all..." She said hesitantly.

"Believe me... I really wish I could." He said in a meaningful tone.

"But why can't you? For a while now, I've felt like there was something you've been keeping from me and... and I don't like it!"

"Everybody has secrets, Roo." He told her.

"But I feel like... like... I don't know... Just forget it." She didn't continue, as she turned around to open her bedroom door.

Instead, Jordan grabbed her arm this time and brought her back around to face him.

"No. You feel like, what?" He asked, bearing into her eyes.

"It's just... you... keeping something from me... it makes me mad. Okay? Because... how can we... what does one even have without trust?" She answered, a bit breathlessly. Jordan's hand was still lightly gripping her forearm.

"I trust you." He stated simply. They were still staring into each others eyes.

"Then tell me who the girl is, Jor." She offered.

"I can't..." He let go of her arm and looked away from her.

"Then you don't trust me!" She argued.

"Trust isn't the issue here, okay? It's something entirely different and... I can't do this right now." And he stormed off.

She was standing outside of her door for quite some time before she regained her composure and went after him.

When she reached his room, his door was locked.

She banged incessantly on it, "Jordan, open up! We aren't finished!"

He was leaning up against his door, so he just spoke, "Yes we are."

"Jordan... please. I'm sorry I pressed on about the girl, okay? I just... I don't know what came over me."

"It's okay... we all do crazy things when we're jealous." He reiterated her own words before walking over to his bed to sit down.

Ruby was outside of the door, just trying to process what he'd just accused of her. Was she really jealous of this mystery girl? He had written a song about her and everything. But then again, he'd written a song about Chanel too, which was... God awful. But the other girl... the song written for her was wonderful! She found herself wishing that someone would write her a song like that.

And just like that... she was angry all over again.

"What is that supposed to mean?!"

No answer.

"Jordan Gallagher, you answer me this instant!"

Still no answer.

So Ruby pulled a bobby pin out of her hair and knelt down on the floor to pick the lock. After a few seconds she had it open and was stepping inside to see Jordan on his bed with his guitar.

He looked up at her in surprise, "You picked the lock?!"

"No, I just magically teleported from the hallway into your bedroom, Yes I picked the lock!"

He said nothing, instead just started strumming on his guitar.

It was the song; the one he wrote for the girl.

"Listen Jordan... I'm sorry that I was so persistent about knowing who the girl was... but..." His attention was completely hers. "I don't like the idea of... not knowing who it is... and I don't know why."

His eyes lit up, and he knew what she was saying. He put his guitar on the side of the bed and scooted towards her on the bed.

"I know how you feel; really." Jordan finally spoke.

"You do?" She looked into his eyes hers filled with hope.

He nodded, "It's the same feeling I got when I found out that you were hanging out with Nils." He admitted.

"Really?" She asked, he nodded again, "I'm so sorry... I mean... this feeling? It sucks. I didn't mean to make you feel this way..." She looked down and started fumbling with his hands.

"More importantly, Roo... I didn't mean to make you feel this way." He said, placing an arm around her shoulder and rubbing her arm.

"There's something the matter with me, Jor." She looked into his eyes. He completely understood... because until now... he'd thought there was something wrong with him too. But... he'd recently realized that... there's absolutely nothing wrong with him... nothing wrong with them.

"No. You're perfect." He smiled at her, and she couldn't help but smile back.

"You think so?" She asked self-consciously.

"I know so..." he paused, "because... you came and took my breath away, oh, and now it seems as though you're here to stay." He sang lightly to her.

Her mouth hung open slightly and her eyes glistened with unshed tears, "You... you wrote it for me?"

He nodded, and looked away from her, suddenly getting extremely nervous. But she put a hand under his chin and turned his gaze back to hers.

"That is the sweetest, most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me..." She paused, "and now..." he searched her face for something, anything that would tell him what she was going to say next, "it's time to drown in shades of gray." And she kissed him.

It was basically the most blissful feeling the world; times ten. Jordan was just in shock that anything like this could ever happen to him, but he was enjoying the feeling of her lips too much to care.

And just like that... their world turned completely gray, because... the rest of the world was stuck in their black and white tendencies. They'd never understand that... there are gray areas of life, and falling in love with your cousin? That was definitely one of them.

But what can they say? People do crazy things when they're jealous.