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Couple: Leroy Jethro Gibbs & Anthony DiNozzo


I came in to check on Tony and the girls were not in their bed, so there was only one place they could be. Kelly would slide into bed with me and Shannon when I was on leave. I opened the door a little and I started to smirk when I saw Tony was asleep on his back, with a girl on either side of him. The girls started to stir, they sat up and I put my finger to my lips as I backed out, I just motioned for them to come with me. I felt them take my hand and I smiled.

"Go change for today and I'll wake your daddy, okay?"

I had kneeled down while I was talking to them. They both kissed my cheek softly and I kissed theirs just as softly, pushing them in the direction of their room. They giggled and answered together.

"Love you, Uncle Jethro."

I had to laugh as Sage walked out and stretched, she must have followed the twins into Tony's room. By the look of Tony he was used to this because he was still asleep. I walked over to sit on the bed, running my hand along Tony's back and I leaned down and whispered in his ear.

"Tony! Come on, get up so I can get breakfast started." Tony turned around, dragged me down into the bed and buried his head into my chest.

"Don't wanna." I chuckled softly and slid my hands through his hair and kissed his forehead softly. He pulled my head down and kissed me slowly as I slid my hands into his hair again. Well, he was awake now. I slid my hands along his ribs, groaning into the kiss.

I felt the two girls bounce up onto the bed, big grins on their faces as Izzy giggled.

"Daddy, does this mean you're dating Uncle Gibbs now?" Angel went to sit on her fathers lap as he sat down.

"We really like Uncle Gibbs. Is he going to be are daddy too?" I sat up and stroked Angel face softly.

"Maybe, little one. We'll have to wait and see, okay? But I'll always be your friend and godfather, got that you two." Izzy slid herself onto my lap and smirked up at me.

"Yeah, yeah! We know, but we prefer you to be daddy's boyfriend. He needs someone besides us." Tony grunted, pulling Izzy onto his lap, along with Angel.

"Eh? You two mean the world to me you rugrats! Come on, you think I need more? Jethro is just like dessert, he is an added part of the family." The girls smiled as I pushed them out of the bed. "Get your shoes on and take Sage out to the back yard and let her go potty." I heard the girls run downstairs to where their shoes were, calling Sage. Tony nuzzled my neck.

"Well, there goes not telling them yet!" I kissed him softly.

"Well, they seem to approve, that's good. So I am desert, huh?" He smirked and slid his hands along my chest.

"Well, you sure taste good when I kiss you, so you're dessert."

I chuckled softly and kissed him slowly, I sucked on his tongue before reluctantly pulling back and got off the bed.

"Go take a shower, get ready for the day, Tony." I headed out and I heard the shower start as I headed down the stairs. I went to set on the porch to watch the girls play. We would have cereal today. Tony was easy to feed and the girls seemed to like all food, they definitely got that from their father. They were just as much as a bottomless pit as he was. Angel came and sat on my lap.

"We want daddy to have some one, Uncle Jet. He's lonely!" I stroked her hair and kissed her forehead.

"Well, Angel, I will try my hardest, okay?" She smiled. We both watched as Izzy was playing with Sage, Angel ended up going to play too and I smiled. When Tony was out of the shower, we would all sit down to eat some cereal. I stood up and headed in, I poured two cups of coffee, putting sugar and milk in Tony's. It was nice to have a family feel back in the house, to have children running around. Even having the dog was a nice touch. Having the man I had fallen in love in my house was an added bonus! Like Tony said, it's like the dessert after dinner. Never thought of it that way, but leave it to Tony, to come up with something like that. I heard Tony come into the kitchen and I turned around to hand him his coffee. He kissed my cheek softly.

"Thanks, Jethro." I nodded and pulled out three packs of cereal from the cupboard, grabbed the milk and four bowls and put them all on the table. Tony called to the girls to come and eat. He poured the cereal the girls had chosen, added some milk then he poured his own and I did the same. We sat down and started to eat. I got the girls a glass of juice each. Tony looked at me.

"I need to be a little late for work, got to get the girls set up in the new school, closer to the house. You mind if I add you to the list of people who can pick the girls up and they can call if they can't get a hold of me? Abby is already on the list."

The girls were getting the food out for Sage and I nodded. "I don't mind, it's a good idea."

We did the dishes together and sat on the couch while the girls were playing with Sage on the floor. It was fun to watch them, and relaxing at the same time. The day passed quickly. We stayed at home that night and we got the girls to sleep earlier. When we were done, we headed down to the basement. We left the door open so that we would hear the girls if they got up and needed either of us. Tony sat on the stool, watching me.

"So, are you going to sail this one?" I nodded and walked over to him and stroked his face.

"Thinking it'd be nice to teach you and the twins how to sail!" I leaned down and kissed him slowly. He started to kiss me back, sliding his hands down my chest and moaning as he softly leaned back.

"Sounds good to me! I like being out on the water. I have sailed before, when I was a kid, always thought it was fun to be out on the water. I am not much of a fisherman but it's soothing to be on a boat."

I went back to working on my boat and we started to talk about sailing and a few other things about the girls, so we could get everything set up right for the girls to be living here. I let him know that the lady across the street would pick the girls up when she picked her own daughter up, and keep them until we got home from work. If we had to pull an all-night shift, we would leave some clothes with her so she could get them to school.

He looked at me then down at the floor, he looked kinda shy about something.

"I know I said I don't want to rush anything, but since the twins know we're dating, would you mind if I slept with you tonight?" I smirked at him and kissed him softly.

"Wouldn't mind at all! I'd love having you in my bed while I slept, Tony." He nodded as we walked upstairs. We both stripped down to our boxers and slid into the bed. He curled up to me.

"I still want to take it slow, but I wanted to sleep in the same bed. A bit of a rush into the relationship, but what the hell!" I smirked at him at kissed him softly.

"How about this, tomorrow after work, if we get home early enough we'll move your things in here and see if the girls want separate rooms?" Tony nodded, laying his head on my chest.

"We have talked about it a few times. They said they wouldn't mind having their own rooms but they want to be right next to each other in bedrooms." I nodded as I stroked his bare back. He had such soft skin, it was unbelievable! Tony took care of his skin and hair. He was a like a girl in that way, sometimes it even made me chuckle!

"Well, if they want to well do that, we'll do that." Tony leaned up and kissed me slowly. I slid my hands along his bare chest and we began to make out slowly. The kisses seemed to be gentle but sill with passion. Tony finally pulled away and turned on his side, I spooned him against my chest and nuzzled his neck.

"Goodnight, Tony." I heard a half awake Tony.

"Night, Jethro." I smirked as I then heard the soft snoring from him. I laid my head on the pillow and let myself fall asleep. Yes, I was happy - I had a family again!