I had just discovered that the School were tracking the entire Flock because of me being there. And that they were going to come and kidnap the Flock soon... I had to get away from the Flock. Because maybe then they wouldn't be kidnapped. It was the middle of the night, and we were sleeping in a cave. I sneaked out of the cave and flew away into the night. I kept flying all night and all of the next day. I didn't stop flying until I knew I was far enough away from the Flock.
Now I was almost falling out of the sky. Tired I nose dived and landed. I ran to the nearest shop and stole some food, and then I sat, alone on the pavement.
"You're that bird kid, Max aren't you?" someone asked.
"No, I'm not. Not anymore. I'm not going to fly again" I told them.
"Because if I do then they won't be safe" I whispered, more to myself then the person with me.

FANG POV ONE MONTH LATER We had searched the country for Max, even posting on my blog and sneaking into the School. She wasn't there and we very nearly didn't make it out of the School. Nudge hadn't talked in weeks, and we were running out of hope. Desperately I opened my blog and looked on the comments section for anything about Max. I spotted a message from someone called Max and clicked on it;
I'm not coming back. I am never going to fly again. I'm a liability, the School will find you.
I'm so sorry, and Fang I-
We couldn't let her leave no matter what. I had to see her one more time...

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