We managed to escape from the school. It took us hours, but finally we felt safe enough to stop running (well actually we were flying but you get the point) .
"Fang, I sent the others to find you" I pointed out.
"They'll have been captured" he realised.
We flew back towards the School and found them, sitting in a cave crying.
We landed and ran up to Nudge.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"You're alright?" she said, shocked.
"Course. Maximum Ride's always ok."
I realised that they had known that trying to find Fang would have been too deadly. They hadn't followed me. It made me angry that the Flock hadn't followed my orders, but relieved that they were fine.
Nudge stared over at Fang and his blue skin.
I groaned- we had some explaining to do.