sorry to say this guys

not that my story was all that anyway

but I'm going to discontinue to sequel for a while

I started another story and I think I should really finish that one before I start another one

I also have yet ANOTHER idea for another story that I've wanted to do

but I keep getting ahead of myself

so right now I'm going to work on The Mistress

and take it along a few chapters and improvise what will happen

it will require more attention from me than EWB

so I will finish that and once it's done, I'll work of Tribes

then after that I'm going to start another story that I will tell ya'll about later

if you want you can look at my other story and tell me what you think,

hopefully you'll like it as much


I love all my faithful readers and I ask that you comment with links to your stories

so I can check up on you all, I never write anything nasty

thanks so much! and again, I'm reallllllly sorry