Super Mario Sketch Show

By Stephen Paget

It's finally here! After a really bad writer's block that I've had for months. I finally manage to come out of it enough to write this fanfic I had planned.

Warning: This fanfic contains some strong language and some offensive content.

Mario: Hey! Everybody it's the Super Mario Sketch Show! Da-da-da-daa-daa-dah!

Scene: The Mario Brothers home

Announcer: It's time to get up in Mario and Luigi's house. Luigi was already up making the coffee.

Luigi: Man…..what a night. That detective movie was something.

Announcer: When he heard an unfamiliar voice.

Voice: Good morning, Luigi!

Luigi (A little startled): Who said that?

Voice: It's me, the coffee mug!

Luigi looks to see that his coffee mug has a face on it.

Luigi (Sighing in disbelief) : Oh god! Does everything in the Mushroom Kingdom have a face on it! First the clouds, then the blocks, the flowers, the vegetables from Super Mario Brothers 2, the mountains and now this!

Coffee Mug: I know it's really an invasion of privacy isn't it? Word of advice, don't really use me for coffee. It really burns!

Luigi: Don't worry, any other stuff that talks which we brought from that junk sale?

Coffee Mug: Yeah! Don't use one of your towels.

Luigi: One of our towels has a face! Poor thing! Must be dreadful seeing naked people all the time.

Coffee Mug: Well…not just that. This towel is a complete homosexual.

Luigi: A complete homosexual?

Suddenly Luigi hears Mario screaming from the bathroom.

Mario: Luigi! Help! The towel is giving me a blowjob!

At this Luigi and the coffee mug's eyes both widen.

Scene 2 The Mario Kart Double Dash races.

Announcer: Well it's a fun race we have for you today in the Mario Kart races. Unlike all the other races usually planned. This race has only lap and only 2 racers. The Mario brothers. Mario and Luigi vs the Wicked Brothers (often confused for being called the Wario brothers for people who don't play the Mario Party games), Wario and Waluigi!

Lakitu: On your marks, get set…GO!

The Wicked Brothers drive off, but Mario and Luigi still remain at the start of the course.

Luigi (shouting at Mario the driver): What are you doing! Let's go! The Wicked Bros. are way ahead of us!

Mario: I can't get the engine started!

Luigi (sarcastic of course): Oh! That's just great!

Mario turns the key trying to get the engine started. Luigi watches him do so. They both don't notice the small fire at the front of the fire.

Luigi: C'mon! keep turning the key!

Then the car explodes! Sending Mario and Luigi up flying through the air!


The Wicked Brothers then look up to see Mario and Luigi both on fire and flying through the air. They both raise their eyebrows. Mario and Luigi then come down on the finishing line. The fire has gone out on them but they look horribly burned.

Luigi (groaning in pain) :Well at least we won the race!

Mario groans also.

Scene 3 : Mario and Luigi are in a coffee barn sitting at a table.

Announcer: And now everybody it's time for Luigi's random thought of the day!

Mario (taking a slip of his coffee): A gold coin for your thoughts, Luigi?

Luigi: How do Zak and Wheezie the two-headed dragon brother and sister from Dragon Tales go to the bathroom? Do they go through the men's room or through the ladies' room. And which way do you think they pee?

Mario: Luigi. Here's 10 cold coins, next time I ask. Don't answer.

The end for now.

Although do look for other tales of Super Mario Sketch show in the future.