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AN: Okay, so it's extremely short, and maybe I should've taken a lot longer with writing it... but for some reason it just came. And I thought it was really sweet. So if anybody thinks it's unrealistic, I'm the hopeless romantic type and I'd hope it would work. Please enjoy the alternate ending, since this' the only one you'll get (joking, although it is true). Have fun readers! Oh, and this chapter is officially rated T for Teen. Don't like? Don't read.

The office was slow that day. Morgan sat diagonally away from Reid. For some reason he just could not stop thinking about that moment he broke up with Reid two weeks ago. That singular moment changed his weekend and the days after it. Now it was the second Friday, and he could not even think about going out to the clubs or bars tonight. All that crossed his mind was that one moment where he broke up with Reid. It distracted him slightly from work, even though he was able to do his job well. But a simple thought crossed his mind: I should have never broken up with Reid. I should have never told him I was bored. I should have been a man and made it more exciting for the both of us. I shouldn't have been some King Douche! I'll make it up to him. I will.

So Morgan scooted his chair on wheels over to Reid's desk and leaned over and told the genius, "I need to talk to you, meet me in the conference room."

"What? Why?" Reid inquired incredulously, not even looking up from his paper work.

Morgan sighed. "Just do it, man."

Morgan looked up at the conference room, whose door was wide open. The man returned his chair to his desk and watched as Reid began to collect his papers into one pile at the side of his desk. During this time, Morgan dashed to his car. Collecting a half eaten bar of chocolate from the dashboard and ripping off a black strip of fabric from a t-shirt in the back, he hoped he would make it to the conference room before Reid did. Shoving the chocolate in his back pocket and balling up the fabric in his front pocket, Morgan dashed back inside. With a grin on his face he noticed that Reid was taking his time- unless the genius was not going to meet him. But that would be very un-Reid-like.

So Morgan dashed up the small flight of stairs to the conference room and stood behind the open door. He whipped the black strip of fabric out of his pocket and waited, just waited, for Reid to come along. A grin spread across his face at his plan. They should have done something like this a long time ago. And then Morgan noticed that all the blinds were open. With a swift movement, Morgan closed all the blinds. Before he closed the last blind, he noticed that Reid was almost to the top of the stairs. Taking his spot back behind the door, he waited until Reid entered the room.

When the 'boy genius' did enter the room, Morgan rapidly shut the door and threw the strip of fabric over Reid's eyes. There was a small cry of surprise from the doctor, but he did not protest. Morgan tied the make-shift blindfold in the back and turned Reid around, kissing the man on the lips. Reid gave in, allowing Morgan to rove around his mouth with his tongue. The stronger man pushed Reid back into the opposite wall and kissed him, almost wildly. Then he remembered the chocolate in his back pocket. So Morgan pushed Reid to the ground and straddled him.

"What're we doing?" Reid asked, his lips barely moving and hardly making a sound.

A part of him sounded nervous or slightly frightened.

Morgan lowered himself and whispered in Reid's ear, "I'm making it all up to you. I'm sorry, many. I was scared of commitment and I let it hurt you. So I'm making it up to you. I'm sorry, Spencer. I'll never be some scared dick again. Just promise me something."

"What?" Reid breathed out.

Morgan broke off a piece of chocolate from the bar and dangled it above Reid's nose.

"Say you love me," Morgan said seriously.

He allowed Reid to bite off a bit of the chocolate.

The young man smiled a bit after he swallowed.

"Of course I love-"


"But you said…"

Morgan shook his head, even though he knew Reid could not see him. "I know man, but I was wrong. I was stupid and I was wrong."

Morgan was about to ask Reid for forgiveness, but he realized he did not have to. Those words were part of the unspoken act they would go through then. And when they were gasping and breathing next to each other, naked, on the conference room floor, Morgan was forgiven. Morgan fed Reid another bit of chocolate.

"I love you, Spencer," Morgan stated, pulling on his boxers.

He was surprised nobody came into the conference room, but then again, everybody probably knew what they were doing.

All Reid could do was give a weak smile and pull off his blindfold.

Morgan was never scared or bored or stupid with relationships ever again. And he and Reid lasted for however long forever was. Reid taught Morgan a lesson with their relationship that Morgan never thought he would ever learn: and that was how to have one.

The end.