Soooo it has begun again! Back with a new Monochrome Factor fic!! This is very unusual for me because I haven't fully written this one out yet, and I normally dislike posting unfinished stories, but I think I've crafted this one carefully enough that I can manage it.

Please enjoy. :)


He struggled through the passageways, breathing hard, leaning against the wall for support. A long trail of blood smeared down the stone walls followed him. His entire body ached, told him to lie down and rest, but he refused to listen. Not now… he had to find them. His heart was in his throat. He had to make sure they were safe.

It was difficult to believe that they would be safe, when there were so many bodies strewn through the castle, through the courtyard… even here in the narrow passageways. He passed them by, going as quickly as he could. It was his responsibility to make sure they were safe… this was his fault.

The throne room… he was almost there. Relief was beginning to relax him. They were fine… he just had to make it to the throne room. They would still be there… he would be in time. So he quickened his pace, staggering into the throne room. His pale blue eyes flashed as he stepped into the light.

"Ryuuko, I'm sorry… but I've…"

And he stopped dead, eyes widening in shock, in disbelief, in fear. Someone tall and lean, but strong, turned their head, long red hair streaming through the air. Golden eyes were glowing, and those black lips were painted with a haunting smile.

"How good to see thee again."

His heart had stopped. "Homurabi, what are you doing here?"

"Surely thou'st figured that much out. So thou art still alive… I thought thou hadst gone and killed thineself. But I'll let that go, for I'm so glad to see thee."

"Where is Ryuuko?!"

"Oh, I'm sorry for not letting thee see him. Here."

Homurabi stepped aside, moving out of the way to allow blue eyes to fall on the scene. What he saw was like a knife piercing his heart. He couldn't look away… couldn't move, eyes glued to the horrifying sight. With a low laugh, Homurabi swept past him, as if to allow him to be alone with the king's body. But then, another thought seized him, and he whirled.

"Where's Akira?!"

The red-haired one paused for a moment. "Oh, the boy?" He turned his head again, teeth bared in a horrifying grin. "Wouldn't thou like to know?"

He could have died. Homurabi turned back and left, his laughter echoing off the hollow walls. He fell to his knees beside the king, trying hard to bite back the tears of frustration and self-loathing.

"Ryuuko… oh god, Ryuuko… I'm so sorry…" His trembling hand stroked the long raven hair. "This is my fault… and…"

Akira… where was Akira? He raised his head, eyes vainly searching the room for the small child. He wouldn't be old… maybe only three or four. He didn't see the small boy. Homurabi had all but told him he was dead too, and knowing Homurabi, he would never find the body.

The memory of those bright grey eyes, small hands held out, begging to be held with a brilliant smile, flooded his mind. He couldn't hold it back anymore. He held Ryuuko's coldening body close, buried his face in the soft raven hair, and cried.

Both kingdoms would burn, and it was entirely his fault.