Nymphadora Tonks woke with a start. She yawned widely as she looked at her illuminated clock through foggy, sleep clouded eyes.

It was 4:30 AM.

She sat up rubbing her eyes and wondering why in the name of Merlin she was awake at this godforsaken hour. She heard a noise downstairs and a door closing. Her Auror training kicking in, Tonks grabbed he wand from her bedside table and leapt out of bed, tangling herself up in her quilt and ending up on the floor with a mercifully muffled thump. Cursing under her breath, Tonks pulled herself up and crept towards her bedroom door her wand pointed at eye-level and trying her utmost not to trip again. She reached the door and pulled it open swiftly. Startled by the bright light in her hall, she toppled over again, landing on her face at the top of the stairs.

Tonks heard an amused chuckle from the bottom of the stairs.

"I still wonder how you managed to pass your Stealth and Tracking!" his voice was slow and reassuring. Tonks knew that voice well.

Whipping her head up so fast she cricked her neck Tonks looked at Kingsley Shacklebolt with anger filling up her head.

Accio Dressing Gown she thought, pointing her wand at her open bedroom door Typical, of everyone who would drop in at 4:30, it has to be Kingsley Bloody Shacklebolt!.

A bright pink flurry of fabric hurtled out of the bedroom and straight into her face. Blushing furiously, Tonks pulled it on.

"Ever heard of knocking?" she asked irritably managing, to the shock of both, to get to the bottom of the stairs without tripping over her feet. "OR I have a better idea, come when I'm AWAKE"

Kingsley just laughed, he shook his head and his single golden hooped earing swung. Suddenly, Mad-Eye Moody appeared in the hallway from the direction of her kitchen.

Bloody hell she moaned who else is here?

Mad-Eye's magical, electric blue eye was spinning, Tonks knew he was checking for non-existent danger and felt like rolling her eyes. Mad-Eye gestured to the kitchen, both had worked with him long enough to realise he wanted then in there. He stumped in afterwards.

Tonks pointed her wand at the kettle, which immediately began to boil.

God I need a coffee.

"Jeez guys, its 4:30 in the morning, would it have been too much just to wait until I got to work? I need my sleep just as much as the next person" as if to proved her point, Tonks yawned loudly.

Mad-Eye ignored her.

"Do you want to fight?" He growled. Tonks rolled her eyes.

"Would it be too much for you to actually explain those cryptic messages of yours?" she asked irritably.

Its four O'clock in the sodding morning! How the heck am I supposed to understand you???

Thankfully Kingsley obviously felt the same. He shot a look at his ex-colleague then leaned forward across the table to talk to her.

"Fight, You-Know-Who." He clarified.

Tonks yawned, loudly and very pointedly.

"Im not in the mood for any stupid jokes. And I would have thought you two wouldn't fall for them." She too lent forward. "You-Know-Who is gone, vanished, vamooshed!"

It was Mad-Eyes turn to roll his eyes, although Tonks suspected he was checking for more, non-existent danger – paranoid. Git.

Kingsley shook his dark head and his gold earring glinted.

"Dumbledore believes he has returned and he has good reason too. Dumbledore is therefore re-instigating the Order of the Phoenix to fight him."

Tonks felt extremely thick, but didn't want to show it, instead she nodded intelligently – what the heck is the Order and the Phoenix or whatever it is – Kingsley observed her with one eyebrow raised. Tonks gave up and shook her head.

"Nope, not getting you." She said.

Mad-Eye stopped his scanning of the neighbourhood and Tonks felt both his eyes, both magical and not, fix her with a stare. Tonks felt like a child caught doing something she shouldn't, like stealing a cookie from the big porcelain jar in her mothers immaculate kitchen.

"Do you want in?" he asked simply.

"Dumbledore asked for you specifically, he … remembered… you from Hogwarts and had heard you qualified to be an Auror." Kingsley elaborated, punctuating the "remember" with a small smile.

Tonks blushed; she remembered being taken to Professor Dumbledore on many occasions, mostly behavioural.

She didn't even need to think about it, Course she wanted in, they try and damn well stop her.

She nodded once.

The Kettle boiled over.