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Chapter One: Misunderstanding

Blue sky spread overhead like a comfy blanket, delicately cradling a sphere of golden rays that was full of warmth. Morning in Namimori looked to be peaceful, until two desperate screams erupted from the throats of two very different young men. Hurrying down the streets with dust flying in their wake were Sawada Tsunayoshi, the future Vongola Decimo-in-training, and his trusty right-hand man, Gokudera Hayato. Behind them was a stampeding wild horse, plus two giant grey elephants.

And just who was the cause of all this? A grinning infant by the name of Reborn who sat high up in the safety of the roof of the Sawada residence might give you some clues.

"I knew this was coming!" Tsunayoshi, or Tsuna, shrilled at the top of his lungs. "Anything that Reborn agrees with has the potential of danger in it, even if it's just getting some fresh air outside!"

"Don't worry Tenth! I'll protect you!" Gokudera was full of confidence as he pulled out yet another batch of dynamites.

"N-no! Goku-"


Needless to say, the possibility of cement being thrown into the air would probably clash with the number 100%. As the smoke cleared, however, both youths were genuinely surprised at their current location: right outside the front door of the Yamamoto family's sushi restaurant. Curious customers were already poking their heads out, wondering just how on earth a giant crater managed to plant itself smack in the middle of the road.

"Hey, Tsunayoshi, Gokudera!" the voice of Yamamoto's dad saved the both of them from an embarrassing situation. Flushed, they scrambled up quickly and dusted themselves off.

"O-ohyaou, oji-san. I-is Yamamoto in?" Tsuna questioned, a timid smile on his face, not trusting Gokudera to speak first.

The older man laughed, and motioned them inside. "Go right ahead. He's just upstairs." Then he went back to the counter, talking to himself about how Takeshi has such nice friends.

Bowing slightly to the many inquisitive men and women seated at the tables, Tsuna quickly pulled Gokudera towards the stairs before he could snap at a customer for staring at them like they were exotic animals from a zoo. Sighing, he then began to climb. He felt bad for lying to Yamamoto's dad, but at least they were saved from an otherwise immensely humiliating position.

Gokudera looked around once they were at the top of the stairs. While the first floor was decorated to look like an authentic, and somewhat ancient Japanese restaurant, the second floor was a pretty spacious western style house. There were some nice kanji pieces hanging off the walls, and the furniture blended into the cozy colour spectrum without much trouble. Who would've known that the baseball idiot had such a nice place?

"Oi!" he called, never one for etiquette. "Where the hell are you?!"

As if on cue, Yamamoto's head poked out from the kitchen. "Yo Tsuna, Gokudera!" he greeted them cheerfully. "What a surprise."

At the sight of Yamamoto's enlivening smile, Tsuna's cloudy mood gradually went away with the faint morning breeze, and he smiled back. "Morning Yamamoto. Gokudera and I thought we'd drop by and say hi."

"That's great! Thanks for coming. Do you guys want anything to drink?" the athlete replied, completely unaware of Gokudera's: "I came here only because the tenth said so!"


"Say, Yamamoto, do you have a guest?" Tsuna sipped at his can of coke, and pointed to the extra one in the baseball star's right hand. "There's only three of us, but you got four drinks."

"Maa, I guess you caught me Tsuna." He grinned in response. "I guess you can say that I have a guest over."

"Guest?" Gokudera snorted. "Who would want to visit you at this time of the year?"

Oblivious to the insult, Yamamoto laughed again and put his arm around the Storm Guardian's shoulder. "You're funny Gokudera!" he commented. The only response was a glare that said: If you don't get your arm off me right now then prepare to get it blown off.

"Ahh. You guys. Let's not fight here, okay?" Tsuna tried to calm the situation, and was relieved when the silver haired youth cried out, "Hai, Juudaime!"

Chuckling, Yamamoto reached for the doorknob. Tsuna and Gokudera were always so amusing. However, when the door swung open, both the Vongola Tenth and his right man's jaws dropped in surprise. There was a girl on Yamamoto's queen sized bed. WAIT. Did they just see a girl on Yamamoto's bed?

Tsuna rubbed his eyes, but when he looked again, she was still there. Gokudera's brow went up in confusion. At that exact moment, the girl looked up from her book. Brilliant emerald eyes blinked curiously at them from a heart shaped face. Her gaze moved from Tsuna, to Gokudera, and then finally, rested on Yamamoto. "Oh, Takeshi." She smiled happily. "You've brought my coke."

"W-who the hell is this?!" Gokudera was the first to snap out of his stupor.

"Haha." Sitting down at the edge of the bed, he put a hand on her shoulder. "Who do you think this is, Gokudera?" There was no other meaning behind this sentence. Being Yamamoto, it could only be a simple question. "Tsuna too. Why don't you take a guess? This could be a fun game."

A vein dared to pop on Gokudera's forehead. He was about to lash out at the stupid baseball idiot for being a moron addicted to games when he saw that the Tenth was thinking. "Fine! If Juudaime is nice enough to play your dumb game then I will try too!"