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Clang! The crisp sound of a tennis ball burrowing into cold unforgiving metal radiated in the late evening air. Clang! Clang! Clang! They increased in frequency and intensity, almost like someone was trying to beat the fence to death with raw violence. Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clan-SNAP! The wires finally caved in under the pressure, and the ball whizzed past their confines at an incredible speed. It traveled some distance before dropping to Earth with an audible thump. Akira lowered her racket to her shoulder, mopping sweat from her brow.

The winds suddenly shifted directions, and her eyes darted about—observing the rustling of leaves around the court. The atmosphere felt strange, so strange that she could swear someone was watching her close by, and she absolutely hated this feeling of vulnerability. Gripping her last tennis ball tightly, Akira listened intensely to the sound of the wind. It danced smoothly in and out of the leaves, treading light and playful footsteps wherever it went. However…Something felt off about the bushes behind her, on the other side of the fence. Their leaves sounded mute, like something was blocking their expression of free will. A cold smile spread across her face. Of course, it was also the perfect position to spy on her without being seen.

There were a few things that really annoyed her in this world, Akira thought as she softly tossed her ball into the air. One of them was insect eyes—they creeped the living daylights out of her. Just thinking about that cold, unblinking gaze of a thousand eye pieces caused goose bumps to rise on her skin and shivers to go down her spine. Coming close, in second place, were cowards. Backstabbers that used deception and trickery to achieve their means, scum of the earth who could never square up to their opponents one-to-one, and the most annoying means of existence in the universe.

"You're really annoying." The youth announced with deadly calm as she brought her racket down on the ball as hard as she could, sending the shot the sideways with as much raw power as she could muster. "Why don't you just disappear already?"

The fuzzy green sphere sliced through the air like a knife, mimicking the sound of a gunshot as it collided violently with the metal fence—leaving a visible black smear upon its point of contact. Several gasps were heard before the bushes rustled and three female figures rushed down the small hill and down the street, avoiding the light of the streetlamps that had started to emerge.

Akira could only roll her eyes. "Really, you'd think they'll give it a rest by now." She muttered to herself as she gathered her things leisurely. As she closed the door to the court behind her, a light bulb suddenly went on in her head. Firstly, she checked the time on her cellphone. It was 8:05 pm. Takeshi said he would be here at 8:15 to pick her up since he was also practicing close by. That gave her ten minutes to look around.

She jumped down the steps childishly, and ventured into the shrubbery that the three girls had emerged out of. "Ouch!" She exclaimed as a branch jabbed at her legs through her sweatpants. "Geeze, why would anyone hide out here? It hurts too much." Clenching her teeth, she made an attempt to look around carefully using the light from her cellphone.

"Hmm? There doesn't seem to be anything…" Akira sighed in disappointment. Nevertheless, she had three minutes until Takeshi got here so she gave it one last effort. Thump! Her foot seemed to have collided with something. "Eh? What's this? A…diary?" A thousand question marks seemed to pop out from her head. She put it into her tennis bag after carefully dusting the dirt from its cover. "It's so pretty…too bad the owner doesn't seem to take good care of it."

"Hey Aki-chan!" Yamamoto suddenly popped up from behind her. "What're you doing?"

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Akira shrieked at the top of her lungs. "For kami's sake Takeshi! Don't scare me like that!" She pouted, and threw a punch at his shoulder that he made no effort to evade.

"Hahaha. It's good to see that you're still the same Aki-chan." Her cousin glowed.

"Of course I am!" Akira scoffed, folding her arms in front of her chest. "I'm don't transform like Tsuna-kun the undergarment man!" She couldn't help but giggle as she recalled the Vongola's wonderful escapades. "But seriously, Takeshi, don't do that." She managed to finish with what she hoped was a serious warning.

"Hahahaha. Okay. I'll do better next time." Yamamoto's mega-watt smile appeared again.

"W-what?! That's not what I meant!" Akira almost stomped her foot on the ground. Her cousin saw this as the perfect opportunity to escape. "Grrrr." The shorter of the two growled under her breath. The mystery of the abandoned diary could wait until later. "TA-KE-SHI!"

"Oooh I hate it when he does this." A freshly showered Akira limped into her room. She had pulled a muscle from chasing Takeshi all the way home. That stupid yakyu athlete, why did he have to run so darn fast?! Akira removed the fluffy white towel around her head, and drew the curtains. She then dug out the diary that she had found from under her pillow and opened it to the first page.

There was no name that could have identified to whom the diary belonged, but the writing inside was definitely feminine. However, the entries weren't dated and were never consistent. Most of what was written was half a page to three quarters of a page at most, and talked of people she knew nothing about.

"There's got to be something interesting in here." Akira was unwilling to give up. She jumped to the middle of the volume and decided to begin her investigation from there. Her efforts weren't for naught. In the middle of the page, in block letters, was the title of a magazine that she was not unfamiliar with: Allure. On the next page was a cut-out of a handsome young man with blonde hair. He had the most captivating pair of hazel eyes that she had ever looked into. But, it was neither his beauty nor his charismatic gaze that made her gasp. It was the fact that she had spent the first seven years of her existence glued to him like a second skin. "Haru-nii-san…"

Akira felt her heart race, but she persisted. The next few pages yielded nothing of interest. Then she came across her name, written in black and crossed out with large red sharpie lines, completed with some colourful names written underneath. The teen couldn't help but scoff at such disrespect, but decided that she wouldn't dwell on it for now.

It was well past midnight before she went to bed. However, Akira felt very accomplished as she snuggled under the covers ready for sleep to take over her. She had discovered some very important clues that would assist her in this little game of cat and mouse:

1) The owner of this diary or journal must be a female.

2) Whoever the owner was, she hadn't any romantic intentions toward Kyouya. His name wasn't even mentioned once in the 247 pages that she had managed to skim through. (Akira wouldn't admit this to anyone, not even to herself, but she felt quite relieved at this finding.)

3) But, this particular individual seemed very much in love with her older brother, Sakamoto Kasuka, although that was not what he was referred to on these pages.

Although her elder brother was a successful model, he was certainly no celebrity. It was difficult for runway models to develop fans because they just aren't advertised to the same extent like actors or singers. In fact, they are rather private and their information is well-guarded to prevent professional theft. So…Akira concluded as she fell asleep, this girl must either be a die-hard fan obsessed with appearances, or…someone who had met her nii-san before.