"Oh my- oh, God, Bella- oh, oh, wow" Jacob groaned. "Who knew you were so good at this?"

"Well Edward certainly didn't" She replied proudly "It hurt a little at first, but my mom said it was normal, and I shouldn't worry"

"Good, God, Bells- oh, yes, oh yes, Oh my…" He gasped. "Did you practice or something? Cause you're way too good"

"No, never, who would I practice on? Not Edward" Bella replied "You're a much better practice dummy, anyway. Oh, Jake! Jacob, oh, my, my, my! You're so very strong, you've overwhelmed me."

"Well, I guess being a werewolf does have its advantages, huh?" He bragged "God, I love this. We should do it again sometime"

He got up off the table and licked his hand.

"I know! I never thought you'd be so good at making ice-cream!" Bella grinned "You're the best stirrer ever"

Jake nodded contentedly. They'd just finished eating Bella's first batch and began making another one.

"My arm hurts" She added

"I know"

"You creep! Pervert! Psycho! Get out of my house!" Bella shrieked- oh, she is so very normal, isn't she?

"But, but, Bella, I-" Jake stammered.

"Out!" With a final push, Bella shoved him out the door and locked it. Jake pounded his fist on the door.

"Bella! Please! I forgot my inhaler!"