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She was humming a merry tune as she walked through the encompassing darkness around her. She had found him after all this time. A year of searching was all it took too. A year of dark solitude, whispered nothings, and loneliness had finally led her to him.

She stopped her humming as she came to stop in front of a large golden gate, with eyes spinning madly and looking everywhere at once. A large statue stood in front of it. It was truly magnificent. Crafted from the very soul of the Wild Card.

Stepping forward, she stopped moving when a sword lunged out of the darkness, slicing right past her head. Slowly, a familiar figure emerged from the darkness, and the woman let a small smile grace her lips.

"Pharos...Or should I call you Thanatos? You are a loyal one, to stay by him when he is fading away." she said, reaching out to caress the Persona's cheek. "How has he been?"

A brief sense of calmness filled her, before leaving. "So he's understanding of what he did? He's willing to stay here for all eternity, never moving on?" Once again, the calmness filled her. Thanatos had yet to sheath his sword. "They miss you dearly. Her especially."

Here, the gate almost seemed to groan, and Thanatos stepped back, sheathing his sword. A quick sense of curiousness filled her. "They're all doing fine. None have forgotten what you've done, and are doing all they can to make it easier for you."

Silence overlapped the darkness again, and she stepped up to the statue. "Your seal is flawed, did you know that?"

Amusement rushed through her.

"I'm not lying. They believed that your consciousness faded away. It hasn't. You thought you'd have to be constantly aware of what was happening for the seal to function. You just made it weaker." She held a hand up, as if to touch the statue, before Thanatos drew his sword and placed it at her neck. "You let him guard this place, when you told him that he could've gone on." She faced the embodiment of Death. "You're admirable, Thanatos. Guarding him despite the fact you don't have to."

Confusion poked her in the leg, and she turned back up to the statue. "Why am I here? Oh that's easy to answer. I'm here to offer you a choice." She heard the scraping of sheath on sword, and placed her hand on the statue. "I'm offering you another chance at life. It's been a year. It's currently April 28th, 2011. I'm offering you the chance to go back."

A gust of worry filled her, and she chuckled before saying, "I've got it covered. I've got a plan. But I need to know if you want this chance."

Joy filled her lungs, and she gave a sad smile. Thanatos was still watching her with careful eyes. "Very well then. I need you to trust me though. I've pulled your body to the state that it was in when you started the seal. Just go with the pull."

A few minutes later, a gasp broke the silence of the darkness, followed by a large cracking sound, leading me to look at the statue, to see it crumbling to pieces only for another to take its place. I received only one small farewell from the woman who spent a year to look for me.

'The seal needed your mind. I love you, Minato.'

Looking at the statue, I could only whisper, "Elizabeth..." before letting darkness consume me...

My lungs burned. My eyes watered. My muscles screamed. I felt stretched thin. But it was both old and new to me. I had not felt pain in such a long time. I had not felt the air in my lugs, nor the water on my eyes in time unmeasured. Struggling to my feet, I took in my surroundings.

Street lights could be seen through the pouring rain. I was somewhere with civilization then, obviously. I was disoriented, and could barely stand straight. But I took peace in the knowledge I had my clothes on, but not my Gekkoukan High uniform, and Thanatos with me. I began stumbling my to the closest light, and let my tired body slam against the door and slide down it.

I barely registered the door opening a few seconds later, and a startled baritone voice calling for his son to call the medics...


Light filled my vision, my senses returning to me. Groaning, I sat up, immediately wishing I hadn't. Pain exploded in my arms and legs, dots filling my vision as the pain coursed through me. I heard a startled gasp, and a voice calling for a doctor. I had to get out of here, Thanatos was urging me get out. There were people that needed my help. Gritting my teeth, a used my arm to push the nurse away, and broke out into a run down the hall.

Grant me control. Take rest. I'll get us there.

'Thank you, my friend.' I said in my mind, as I let Thanatos to take over my body.

I was vaguely aware of what was happening, as Thanatos rushed down the stairs, jumping out the window on the first floor. He broke out into a sprint, ignoring the ambulance sirens behind him as he jumped up onto a fire escape, kicking in a window. The apartment was empty, and alarm entered me as I asked, 'Thanatos, what are you doing? This is breaking and entering!'

I'm getting us to where we need to go. He growled, before jumping towards the tv against the wall.

I'll never forget that falling sensation.

Teddie was standing outside of the castle, his mind worrying over his Sensei and his two friends. They encountered a Yukiko's shadow, and no matter how many times they got up, it beat them back down. At this rate, their bodies would give out and they would die. And he couldn't do anything to help them…

His senses flared as he felt another person enter the world, and panic began to fill him. Had another person been put in? This quickly? There was a window of time between the two girls! He turned away from the castle, while still paying enough attention to it to know if his friends were alright. When he turned, he saw a body fall from the sky, somersault, and spring towards the castle.

Needless to say, Teddie was shocked. The person, it appeared to be a boy, jumped towards one of the castle walls, and began to climb it like a spider.

"…What the…?"

Yuu grit his teeth, as he looked at Chie and Yosuke, they were down on their knees, panting. Both of them had injuries that were taking their toll on them. While neither of them were as badly injured as he was, Yuu could only realize in grim understanding that he was the last one standing. Yukiko's Shadow was laughing haughtily as shook her cage. They couldn't die…

A crash drew everyone's attention to a shattered window, as somebody rolled in. Standing up, Yuu was shocked to see it was another teenager, probably not any older than he was. But what really threw him was the hospital gown he was wearing.

I realized one thing throughout Thanatos' rampage. Despite the condition my body was in, I couldn't feel any pain. But I filed that away, I would ask Thanatos about it later. I felt control over my body leak back to me, and I took a look at my surroundings. The air felt like the same kind that was in Tartarus, and there was a very big shadow bearing down on three people, who were all staring at him with varying degrees of shock.

Looking at the grey haired boy, who seemed like he was on his last legs, I walked over to him. Offering my hand, I pulled him to his feet. "Arisato Minato."

I felt his eyes on me, before he panted, "Narukami Yuu…"

I let go of his hand, and turned to the shadow. "You seem to be having trouble. Let me take over from here." I grabbed the sword he had let go, and silently thanked the Kendo club. I took up the familiar stance, and faced the giant bird.

I heard a voice ring out through the castle chamber. "Sensei! There's a mysterious boy in the castle! I don't know if he's an enemy or…oh. He's already there."

Ignoring it, I looked at the shadow in the eyes. I felt Thanatos call out to me.

Bring me out! Let me tear it apart! I'll show it how weak it really is!

'Thanatos, I don't have my evoker. It was with my clothes.'

You don't need it. Just call me.

I had learned not to doubt him. Reaching deep within my soul, I felt him out and called him out.

I knew what happened then would stay in the minds of the teenagers. I had seen it with the Magician Arcana Shadow, but they probably had never seen such savagery. Thanatos materialized, and lunged at the shadow, sword drawn. It pierced its neck, before running through the wall. Thanatos reached around, and tore out the shadow's wings. They evaporated into blood red wisps. Then, he broke the cage apart, bending the metal so it would impale the shadow. Only when he pulled his sword from its neck, did the persona stop its assault. That didn't stop him from stepping on the smaller shadow standing next to it.

I stopped to watch as the shadow began to dissipate into blood red wisps. When I fully disappeared, I turned to the grey haired boy, Yuu I think he was, and beckoned for Thanatos to heal him, along with the other two.

I felt fatigue over take my body, and a feeling of falling over took me. I heard Thanatos in my head, saying, Rest. The grey haired one knows what shall be done.

Sleep over took me, and I knew no more.

Igor's eyes snapped open, and he lifted his head to look out the window. A small frown was on his face, and Margaret grew worried at her Master's expression. "What is wrong, my Master?"

The frown slowly grew into a maniacal grin, and he said to her, "It would seem that the Velvet Room shall have two guests, for the same quest. He truly is a Wild Card…"

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