Hey guys gonna do a Tsubasa Chronicles/Lion king crossover.

Ch. 1 Into the Pride Lands.

The Tsubasa group just like always, fell down. But this time, it was really hard, they fell down into a lot of bones. REALLY HARD! "Yay! Mokana like that!" The little pork bun said happily. "Oh...are you guys alright?" Sakura asked. Kurogane was the first to answer, "Fine, I guess..." was all he said, "Aw. Is Kuro-tan angry?" Fai asked. "Aw. Poor Kuro-tan!" Mokana asked. "NOBODY ASKED YOU FURBALL!" Kurogane yelled and Mokana went hiding behind Fai, but Syaoran was looking at their current world, Obviously it did not look good. "Do you guys feel that this place is.." Syaoran said, "Haunted!?" Sakura asked, scared hiding behind Syaoran.

But just then, a laugh can be heard. Which made the other three look up. And up there were three creatures the five have never seen before, "Well well well, what do we have here, Banzai?" Asked the female creature, to the other creature who seemed phsycotic, "I don't know Shenzi. How about you Ed?" asked Banzai, to the crazy looking one who just laughed, "Ummm, we're here to find a feather, can you help us?" asked Syaoran, who didn't know that these three were with the bad guy.
"Feather? Oh please! Just find a bird and you got your feather!" Shenzi said with the other two laughing. "Come on! Let's go snack on that little puff-ball!" Banzai said, obviously talking about Mokana. "Mokana scared!" Mokana said hiding behind cover of Fai. But a roar was just heard. "Banzai! Ed! Let's go before Scar get's angry!" Shenzi said to the two.

By the time they left, Syaron said "Don't you think we should go and look around?" While looking around the current place, it seemed like a graveyard, "...I say we should get out of this place." Sakura said.