Chapter 4: Simba's new life

Sakura and the others saw Syaoran wake up from his nightmare, "Syaoran! You're up!" Sakura said, but Syaoran was somehow crying.
"Syaoran, what's wrong?" Mokana asked. Wondering why Syaoran was sad.
"Dad...It's time to go home..." Was all Syaoran could say until he fainted again and Kurogane caught him. When Tracy looked at Syaoran, he noticed he was tired.
"Looks like we're setting up camp here for the night." he said as he got out a tent. Of course, the others agreed.

Later that night, while the others were asleep. Fai was not. He was just looking at the broken tree trunk, It was weird that there was just a patch of grass and a single flower.
He heard a single twig snap, he turned his head around and saw one of the lioness's from Pride Rock, "Hey, sorry about how my friend talking bad about your home." Fai said, still with his smile.
But the lioness was still quiet.

It took to what seemed to be a minute for the Lioness to finally ask "Why are you always smiling? Even when you came here?" Fay noticed what she said, and then telling her about that he was running away from his world.
But the lioness, who's name was Sarabi, went back to Pride Rock, she didn't want to make Scar mad. Fai knew what the others didn't. Find a suitible heir.

The next morning, Syaoran and the others were on the jeep again. But they were in a desert far away from the Pride Rock. There was nothing around there.
"Their's nothing but sand here Syaoran, why would you go here for?" Tracy asked, as he was driving the jeep.
Syaoran was still wondering what his nightmare was, and said "I feel like we should go straight until we see an oasis." and then looked around again.
"Well, I see nothing but damn sand." Kurogane told him, trying to tell the truth.

"Don't worry Kuro-Kuro, He might be telling the truth." Fai said happily, Kurogane was irritated. "Don't worry Kuro-Kuro." Mokana said happily. But was shooken by Kurogane. "Don't call me that!" Kurogane yelled at the white pork bun.
Sakura was still worried about Syaoran, she was worried that he'll faint again. So she kept looking at him every single minute, Syaoran then looked at her and asked. "What's wrong princess?" but Sakura quickly denied that she was worried. "It's nothing Syaoran, but why are we going through here?" she asked, but Syaoran saw something far away on his right.
"Over there! there's an oaisis!" Syaoran called out. Pointing to his right towards a lush oasis not to far away.

"I'm guessing we should go over there..." Kurogane said grumpily. And then Tracy turned around to the oasis.

At the entrance of the oasis, Tracy got out two walkie-talkies, one for him, and one for Syaoran. "Call us if you get lost, and we'll find you." Tracy said as Syaoran grabbed the Walkie talkie. And then, Syaoran, Kurogane, Fai, Sakura and Mokana all went into the lush trees.

When Syaoran and the others were inside, Sakura commented on the place. "At least this is better then the graveyard." she said. And then, the others heard singing. "Quick, hide!" Syaoran said as all of them hid in a bush. The singing got closer and closer, and the gang saw two creatures. One looked like a pig, and another one was a small creature, and they were...Singing?
As soon as the creatures went away they got out. "What were they doing?" Sakura asked herself. And the others continued to walk.

Later, Syaoran and the others saw a beautiful place along with a waterfall, and a nice view of the rest of the oasis. And at the edge of the place was a lion with messy red mane, and yellowish brown fur. "So...How are we going to say hi without making him mad?" Kurogane said, Syaoran just shrugged and walked towards the empty space far away from the lion. Sakura and the others did also, and the lion looked at them strangly, and then looking at the view again. Fai then walked towards the lion carefully.

"Nice view, huh?" Fai asked the lion, but the lion just ignored him. And Fai just went to the group and just shrugged. "No good huh?" Sakura asked, of course, Kurogane then looked at Mokana.
"Maybe we could feed him the pork bun?" Kurogane sugested. But Mokana then hid behind Syaoran, "Please tell him not too Syaoran." Mokana said scared. "Cut it out Kuro..." Before Syaoran could complete his sentence, a scream was heard. And the lion ran as fast as he can. "We should help him, maybe they're in trouble!" Sakura said as she got up and followed him Of course, worried about her. Syaoran and the others followed her.